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Enzyme Therapy  

Pancreatic enzymes eat cancer cells. Did you know that? The pancreas is a very important organ in the prevention of cancer. This is one reason diabetics get cancer more often than people with normal, functioning pancreases.

It is theorized that with solid tumors, enzyme therapy slowly works to degrade the cell membranes of cancer cells, reducing growth and making other treatments more effective.

In Leukemia studies [Cancer Research, vol. 32, pp. 280-284, 1972] three out of five patients responded to enzymatic therapy in conjunction with their antileukemic drugs and went into remission. They also report that one patient with AML achieved remission by enzyme therapy alone. The enzyme (A. oryzae) appeared to activate autocytotoxicity, which is an immune response that selectively destroys cancerous cells. Top (I.Link)

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The dictionary defines Eschar as: scab formed after burning: a dry scab formed on skin that has been burned or cauterized. The root word for Escharotic means to burn.

Early patents for escharotics showed they had a base of zinc chloride which will burn your skin if applied.

The early escharotics, even before the opening of a patent office, had a blood root or poke root base. In the past 100 years, most have had a zinc chloride base with a few medicinal herbs thrown in for their anti-microbial properties. These have included bittersweet, galanga, cayenne pepper, bloodroot, ginger root and non active additives to act as wetting agents so the product does not dry out.

Escharotics have a long and successful history in America. Harry Hoxsey developed one for his patients (and was thrown in jail for healing them).

Recently we came across Cansema. This is touted to be the best escharotic on the market. In fact, the people who sell it will give you your money back if it does not work. Now there’s something you won’t see in again in the Cancer Industry. See Cansema. (I.Link)

Essential Oils

We are talking Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils here. There is a lot of garbage on the market designed to make money and give you garbage in return. If you do not know the company making your oils then you do not know if they are any good. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have life.

First off, many essential oils are powerful antioxidants. Dr Stewart writes in Healing Oils of the Bible: “An ounce of Clove Oil has the antioxidant capacity of 450 lbs of carrots, 120 quarts of blueberries, or 48 gallons of beet juice.”

There are three types of terpenes found in essential oils (one oil can contain all three types).

They are: Phenylpropanoids (also called Hemiterpenes), Monoterpenes, and Sesquiterpenes.

  • Phenylpropanoids: create conditions unfriendly to bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Most importantly, they clean the receptor sites on our cells so that our cells can communicate (our hormonal system depends entirely upon clear communication throughout the body). Oregano oil contains 60% phenylpropanoids.
  • Monoterpenes: Found in Peppermint and Frankincense (and others), offer so many healing properties here that it would drive us nutz to list them, but of their most important service to your body, monoterpenes can reprogram miswritten information in your DNA. For you with cancer, this is how the disease starts. One cell with damaged DNA produces another and onward. However, it is the group known as the sesquiterpenes that really give cancer a boot to the groin.
  • Sesquiterpenes: Among my favorites containing this terpene are Patchouli and Myrrh (although these are found in peppers and ginger and aloes too). These molecules deliver oxygen to your tissues. Cancer, viruses, and bacteria have a hard time existing in an oxygenated environment. Whereas monoterpenes reprogrammed the misinformation in your DNA, sesquiterpenes erase the misinformation.

So to sum up the properties of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:

  1. They create an environment detrimental to pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc).
  2. They create an environment of clear communication between all cells and all systems.
  3. They create an environment detrimental to cancer growth.
  4. They erase (deprogram) misinformation in our cells.
  5. They reprogram misinformation in our cells so they function and replicate properly.

And finally, there are the emotional and spiritual sides to the healing properties of these oils that only you can experience for yourself.

To read more about oils and their properties, here are two articles: Essential Oils – How They Heal (I.Link)& Essential Oils – Their Properties. (I.Link)

Essiac Formula

Nurse Rene Caisse, while making her rounds, came across one of her nurses bathing an elderly woman who had massive scar tissue on one of her breasts. Upon asking about the scars, the woman told her the story of her breast cancer; how she had been camping in a mining community in northern Canada, had come to Toronto only to learn that surgery would cost her more than she could make in years, and how when she went back home and an Ojibwa friend offered to heal it. Though skeptical, she drank the old Indian’s brew and her breast began to improve. The Indian showed her how to gather the herbs and prepare the tea.

Rene Caisse asked for the formula and began a journey of healing cancer. She states in her little book, The Story of Rene Caisse, that no matter how much flack she took from the established medical community, her reward came when she helped to reverse the cancer of her own mother.

After reading Caisse’s story, there were a few questions unanswered. She speaks a lot about how it was her goal to help heal cancer and how the authorities battled her at every step. She was afraid to give up the formula to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for testing because the NCI had buried other formulas in the past. Even penicillin was shelved for nine years before getting a study. True to form, the NCI finally got around to testing it: in one test Sloan-Kettering froze the liquid, which was like administering sterile water, according to Caisse, and in another test they used herbs over twenty years old.

However, this nagging feeling of unanswered questions has not gone away. She states she wanted to heal cancer. But nowhere, in her work, in her writing, did she ever give the formula away. I suspect she had other motives; that she wanted credit for the formula—a formula which had been given to her freely in the first place.

The formula did finally get out, and it has been modified and improved upon by many. Its basic ingredients are: burdock root, sheep sorrel, turkey rhubarb root, and slippery elm bark. One company (Flora, Inc.) makes Flor•Essence and adds watercress, blessed thistle, and red clover blossoms to the formula. This particular formula was designed by Dr. Brush, JFK’s personal physician, who used it to cure his own cancer (a deadly form of colon cancer).

Caisse’s research developed methods whereby parts of the formula were injected while the others were taken orally, and there are a few cancer centers using the formula.

The Essiac formula, when broken down, shows many of its parts to be anti-tumor, anti-mutagenic (burdock root) and immune system enhancing. The real benefits of Essiac are that it is a wonderful detoxifyer and regenerates the liver and pancreas. An interesting side effect of the tea is the reversal of type II diabetes.

The formula does not have to be taken hot or warm. For cancer therapies we are told four ounces once a day on an empty stomach (some have told us twice a day). As a preventative, two ounces has been recommended. If you have stomach cancer, we are told that you should dilute it with the same amount of pure water.

Additionally, you must thoroughly detoxify your system if you are to get the most from this formula. See Cleaning House. (I.Link)

Go here for more information:

Contact Aloe Vera Products of North America at (315) 492-8372 for free literature on the Essiac formula. Top (I.Link)

Food Therapies

Listed in Cancer Centers (I.Link)are centers using a variety of food therapies. Max Gerson began in the fifties saving lives using food alone. I know many cancer survivors who reversed their dis-ease using Macrobiotics. Vitamin therapies attempt to supplement our diets; we hear about antioxidants all the time. However, when we get our nutrition, our vitamins and minerals, from the food we eat, we get the best vitamins working in orchestration with everything they need. For example, you can buy vitamin E with selenium at most health food stores. Vitamin E is mixed with selenium because of the research that discovered that where vitamin E is found, so too is found selenium. Food therapy puts vitamin E and selenium into your body, along with all the other nutrients that all work together and in synergy.

Though there are many cancer diets and many nutritional theories out there to confuse you (actually it is up to you to find one and stick with it), there is a Standard Cancer Diet that we got from the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, Wynnewood, PA (610) 642-4810: it has been published in Nutrition, A Cancer Battle Plan. (I.Link)

Nutritional therapies have been attacked for years, the battle beginning in the fifties, in congressional hearings in which the AMA and American Cancer Society took the official stand: “Nutrition has nothing to do with disease.” This stand was upheld by these two organizations in 1977. Though Hypocrites himself stated: “Let your food be your medicine,” it has taken centuries for our physicians to accept what many of us have known all along: We are what we eat. Modern medicine, simply because of the numbers of people using food therapies and the amount of dollars spent visiting therapists stressing food therapies, has finally accepted some of the food therapies, pointing out lycopenes and cruciferous vegetables that help to prevent cancer. Today, however, we are warned by the medical community that we still must get the medicine we need . . . and eat properly. Food therapies, according to them, are to be used solely to augment the primary care chosen by your physician. If this is the case, and it doesn’t make sense to you, we suggest searching for another physician.

We know a few things about food therapies: they make the patient feel better and they do no harm. With cancer, realizing what nutrition cancer needs to grow, allows us to create a diet that refuses to feed the cancer. In China, the first therapy applied when a person is diagnosed with cancer is a fast: cancer cannot grow while the body fasts. We who allow our food to be our medicine know that what sits on the end of our fork is more powerful than any chemotherapy available.

Food therapies, as well as many cancer therapies (such as Oleander Soup), must be accompanied by detoxication programs, especially where the liver is concerned. One has only to look at the experience of cancer pioneer Max Gerson. About half of Max Gerson’s earliest patients died of liver failure because his treatment released more toxins than their already impaired livers could handle.

A study is presently being conducted and will be conducted well into the next millennium. The Good Doctor Nicholas Gonzalez has finally won the big prize. He has been allowed to compare the survival rates of his patients with the survival rates of conventional medicine. This is truly a rare occasion. For years, holistic medicine was not studied simply because it is considered a “shotgun effect.” Or “among thousands of  variables we don’t know which one cured the patient.” A patient healed from a terrible illness really doesn’t care what worked, but that it worked.

Had the test been “holistic,” using detoxification, food therapies, and other remedies the patient chooses, people like Dr Gonzalez have claimed for years that we’d see better numbers. He’s finally getting his chance. Stay tuned right here; as the results come in, we’ll pass them on to you.


I have often told people, if you get cancer, leave America. We do not have medical freedom in America, and the rest of the world doesn’t kowtow to the pharmaceutical industry. Where to go? Try China.

As of 2/12/2000 we heard of a new technique from Xijing Hospital in China, where they have successfully killed a tumor by inserting a superconductive knife two millimeters into a tumor, then by forcing high-pressure argon and helium gas through the knife point, they were able to lower the temperature of the tumor to -220 Fahrenheit. The operation took thirty minutes, the patient felt no pain, and in just 60 seconds the tumor was turned into an ice ball destroying all the cancer cells.


There has been more written about the wonderful benefits of garlic than any other food source known. Its history dates back 3,500 years: Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was the first to write that garlic was an excellent medicine for eliminating tumors.

Recent studies on garlic have shown it to be:

  1. Insecticidal—kills insects.
  2. Parasiticidal—eliminates parasites.
  3. Antibacterial—a wide spectrum antibiotic that doesn’t kill the good bacteria.
  4. Antifungal—eliminates fungal growth.
  5. Antitumor—eliminates various tumors
  6. Hypoglycemic—lowers sugar levels in the blood
  7. Hypolipidemic—lowers harmful fat levels in the blood
  8. Antiatherosclerotic—eliminates clogging of the arteries and plaque buildup, lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Additionally, garlic, containing germanium, helps tissues hold more oxygen, but is much less toxic than the expensive forms of germanium prescribed by physicians.

According to Dr David G Williams in his publication, Secrets of Life Extension: 10 Simple All-Natural Steps to Achieving Your Maximum Lifespan, in AIDS studies, garlic extract was responsible for normalizing T-cell proportions, reducing diarrhea, fever, candidiasis, and occurrences of genital herpes, and restoring natural killer (NK) cell activity. The report, by the way, was published only in Germany.

According do Dr Schulze, he’s had a number of colon cancers dry up and die simply through a thorough colon cleanse and large doses of garlic.

Garlic comes to us in many forms, yet most of them found in health food stores contain mostly vegetable oil, very little garlic, and has been overprocessed. It seems the best brand name garlic supplements on the market are Kyolic, which is pesticide free, aged for almost 20 months and available either freeze dried or liquid capsules.

I was under the impression that fresh garlic would be the best form, however, John Mastel, from Mastel’s Health Foods, handed me some literature on studies comparing the effects of garlic on immune system response and showed that aged garlic actually increased T-cell response at a slightly higher rate than fresh.

It has been discovered that the diallyl sulfide in garlic reduces the formation of nitrosamines (carcinogens) in the liver. [Cancer Research, 1988; 48:23]

From health professionals, you can purchase the strongest form of aged garlic (made by the same company that makes Kyolic) called Garlic SGP Formula 102. It contains 350 mg of garlic extract per capsule. You may order it from Progressive Laboratories at (800) 527-9512.

From Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc., we’ve just learned that Penn State researchers have discovered that the anti-tumor activity of garlic can be destroyed by one minute of microwaving to forty-five minutes of oven roasting. Cooking kills garlic’s anti-tumor properties. However, the good news is it doesn’t have to. For one thing, if you have cancer, avoid using your microwave entirely except to heat water. Next, chop up your garlic and let it set for 10 minutes before adding it to anything about to be cooked. This enables naturally present enzymes in the garlic to start a chemical reaction producing the compounds that fight tumors. Even better still, chop it up, let it sit, and add it only before serving.

There are cases on record where cancer was beaten with a good detoxication program and garlic alone. It’s not just for Italian’s any more. Top (I.Link)


UPDATE (2/1/08): From the GEIPE center: Based on recent observations, we have to conclude that non-invasive GEIPE therapy (self-remedy) is only effective in early stages and when tumor is just under the surface (like some breast cancers). This is due to the fact that most current, when passed thru surface electrodes, seems to go around, rather than thru, the cancerous tissue. Prolong treatments are not feasible due to the likelihood of skin burns.   We are thus focusing on Semi-invasive GEIPE method where exposed tip of a needle electrode is inserted in the tumor and it has shown encouraging results. Only medical professionals can administer this treatment.

With the above in mind, the following explains how GEIPE was thought to work while testing the non-invasive method of use.

Understanding how cancer starts, metabolizes, and spreads has lead to some very promising cancer therapies. GEIPE or Gentle Electrotherapy to Inhibit Pivotal Enzyme, offers us a look into the growth of cancer and subsequent inhibition of of that growth.

There is a “pivotal enzyme” in the growth of cancers. It is called Ribonucleotide Reductase. In a healthy person, or healthy organ, this enzyme is hardly noticed. In fact, of all the anabolic enzymes, its quantity in a cell is the least, that is, in a healthy organ. In an organ affected by cancer, the quantity of Ribonucleotide Reductase, or RR, can be nearly 800 times greater.

Many dollars have gone into researching means of inhibiting RR in cancer patients. However, nothing has come out, except perhaps a few yachts and some Ivy League diplomas.

GEIPE offers a means of suppressing the RR enzyme with a gentle, low-level direct electrical current. Ralph Moss, a journalist and health freedom fighter points to at least ten references in scientific literature where low-level direct current has been found to inhibit the RR enzyme. No one understands why this happens or how, but it seems to work. A primary article is: Kulsh, J. (1997) Targeting a key enzyme in cell growth: a novel therapy for cancer. Medical Hypotheses 49, 297-300.

At Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, a Dr William Pawluk, MD is offering this cancer treatment, both non-invasively and invasively in a clinical trial.

Sadly, the invasive method failed. The electrical arc just did not want to go through the tumor. No matter what they did, the electrical arc just went around the tumor and did absolutely no good.

Germanium (UPDATED 11/12/06)

Germanium therapy is one of the oxygen therapies in that this supplement supposedly fights cancer by making the body’s tissues hold more oxygen and boost the immune system through increased macrophage activity with Germanium, which also seems to stimulate interferon production, and is effective against tumors. [Journal of Interferon Research, 1984; 4]

Then reports came out of Japan warning us that germanium therapy damages the kidneys and caused 6 deaths.

After a little more research, we found that in Japan, they use Germanium Dioxide, an inorganic metal oxide that is, as discovered, very damaging to kidneys. As one reader wrote me, the difference between inorganic germanium dioxide and organic germanium sesquioxide is like the difference between cobalt and cobalamine in vitamin B-12.

For our purposes, we are now talking about Organic Germanium Sesquioxide which is non toxic in humans and is sold over the counter (until further notice).

For the best information available, we suggest you read the book Miracle Cure – Organic Germanium by Dr Asai, PhD.(D.Link) It is out of print but is listed online at this link.

Although germanium would be naturally categorized as an oxygen therapy, germanium also stimulates the immune system (is an immunomodulator), protects against radiation and heavy metal poisoning, lowers high blood pressure, relieves pain, and is a powerful antioxidant.

In her online book, Germanium – The health and life enhancer,(D.Link) Sandra Goodman PhD outlines the following five ways in which germanium affects the immune system:

  • Organic Germanium stimulates the production of immune (gamma) interferon. (From the patent application: “…viral infection inhibitory activity was detected in the serum of the mice 25 hours after Ge administration.)
  • Organic Germanium activates resting macrophages and converts them to cytotoxic (killer) macrophages.
  • Organic Germanium stimulates Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity.
  • Organic Germanium stimulates the production of T suppressor cells.
  • Organic Germanium augments decreased immunity and restores impaired immunoresponse in aged mice.

Additionally recent studies on Germanium show that they possess the power to  take over the hydrogen ion from cancer cells. Losing hydrogen ions can cause depression and even death to cancer cells.

Dr Asai’s work, from his book and found in the patent application (Patent # 4279892) showed that germanium definitely showed anti-tumor properties. There have been a few clinical studies using germanium (listed in Dr Goodman’s book)(D.Link) but most of the cancer studies have been done on animals. In humans, there have been some good anecdotal reports by Dr Asai, and others who’ve shown interest in this substance, but there have been no really significant cancer studies using germanium.

The one thing all clinical studies on humans have shown is that germanium improved the quality of life of the patients. Their pain was down and their attitudes were up. And in most studies, metastases were inhibited.

Germanium enriches our body’s oxygen supply. This is alkalizing. Additionally it acts as an antioxidant, and this to is alkalizing.

For cancer patients, doses of 500mgs to 1 gram daily are often recommended.

However, the most fascinating feature of germanium is its shape. Organic germanium is a crystal, and crystals contain subtle energies.

Organic Germanium in its solid form is a crystal, and, of course, one of the most fundamental properties of Germanium is its semi-conductor nature, its ability to donate and receive electrons easily. Many of organic Germanium’s healing properties may be due to its intrinsic electronic qualities. [ Germanium – The health and life enhancer,(D.Link) Chapter 14]

Top (I.Link)


Because the average American diet is devoid of enzymes, we have overburdened our endocrine system and associative organs (liver, pancreas, etc.). Many cancer centers we heard from, in addition to enzymatic therapies, also use glandulars to help us rebuild the thyroid, adrenals, and thymus glands.

The company with the best glandulars—also has a heavy background in research—is the Biotics Research Corporation. They produces neo-natal glandulars (from animals less than three days old). You should also know that the minerals Biotics produces are some of the only minerals on the market that actually come from vegetable sources. Since Biotics Research Corporation sells only to licensed practitioners, tell your physician or nutritionist about them if they recommend glandulars. Top (I.Link)


Graviola comes from the deep rainforest jungles along the Amazon. Its various parts, including the leaves, roots, fruit, fruit seeds, and bark, have been used for centuries by medicine men and women and natives of South America to treat asthma, liver problems, arthritis and heart disease.

Listed in an internal memo at the National Cancer Institute in 1976, the Graviola tree and its healing powers would be unknown to the American public until the year 2000, after millions of lives had already been lost to cancer and to cancers greatest helper, chemotherapy.

UPDATE: We were among the first to hear of Graviola, but the person who brought us this information was a bit too excited about it. Since then, we have learned from those herbalists studying it that the initial reports were wildly exaggerated. Yes, it does help to fight cancer, but it is not as powerful as originally reported.

We were told of over twenty laboratory studies showing Graviola to be  more powerful than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapy. However, unlike Adriamycin which can make you very sick, knock out your hair, and even cause death (in some cases, Graviola does no collateral damage. There are no side effects.

In laboratory studies, Graviola selectively hunts down and kills 12 different types of cancer cells (without harming healthy cells) including breast, prostate, lung, colon, and pancreatic cancer. Additionally, it actually boosts your immune system making the patient feel healthier and stronger and improves overall energy and outlook on life.

We almost never heard of this because it was a Pharmaceutical company that did the all the studies, and when, after seven years of trying to synthesize the active agents in Graviola proved fruitless, THEY TRIED TO BURY THEIR RESEARCH.

The only reason we know about Graviola today is that an employee of this Pharmaceutical company broke the silence. One individual from among all others (the ones portrayed in commercials who supposedly want to stamp out disease because they have cousins and mothers and daughters too), one employee of a pharmaceutical company really wanted to cure a disease; he wanted to cure cancer. One person.

Doctors and patients around the USA are now using this product with good results. We have received four testimonials from readers that Graviola cleared up their breast cysts completely.

To order Graviola, just click on the image. NOW Foods always makes the best for the least.

UPDATE: We’ve received three testimonials that Graviola had cured breast cysts. By cure, the people writing told us that they are completely gone. One used both Graviola and Iodoral.   (I.Link)  Top (I.Link)


Haelan Soy Drink is a fermented soy drink which is rich in isoflavones [shown to decrease blood lipids and reduce the formation of atherosclerotic plaque], amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals and many other phytochemicals [plant chemicals]. Developed for deep nutrition of people undergoing advanced medical procedures (chemotherapy, radiation), it has also been used by itself to reverse cancer. For some clinical results you can check out this article on the web:  Haelan Reverses Cancer Cell Growth. (D.Link)

Careful fermentation allows easy absorption by the human body. Haelan combines the nutritional strengths of soy proteins with the concentrated phytochemicals and nutrients needed by people who are currently dealing with serious health concerns. North American practitioners have also recommended Haelan as a pre- and post-surgical supplement.

Again, and as always, check with your health care practitioner before using soy products, especially if you have breast cancer that is estrogen receptive. Top (I.Link)


This new drug, made by Genentech Inc., is a unique drug that uses antibodies to disrupt the growth of a common type of breast tumor. It is aimed at the 25-30 percent of women with breast cancer who over express the gene HER2/neu. That gene seems to play a role in promoting tumor growth. By blocking its action, Herceptin seems to keep tumors from advancing. In those trials, 14 percent women taking Herceptin alone had some tumor shrinkage, with remission lasting an average 9.1 months.

The drug was more effective when taken with other chemotherapies. Forty-four percent of women taking combinations had tumor shrinkage, and those taking Herceptin with Taxol lived longer and had longer remissions.

Warning: The FDA has released (5/7/00) a warning: some lethal allergic responses to Herceptin have shown up. The odds are slight, just .06% of the patients so far, but you might want to be tested for sensitivity before starting this drug.  Top (I.Link)

Hoxsey Formula

The story of the Hoxsey Formula goes like this: Harry Hoxsey’s grandfather devised the formula after watching a cancerous horse cure itself by grazing on various herbs, among which are licorice root, cascara, burdock root, stillingia root, and red clover.

If you search for the Hoxsey formula online, you will find many different formulas with different ingredients.

Here is the original Hoxsey Formula:

Glycyrrhiza glabra, 12 g. (Licorice Root)
Trifolium pratense, 12 g. (Red Clover)
Arctium lappa, 6 g. (Burdock Root)
Stillingia sylvatica (toxic), 6 g. (Stillingia Root)
Berberis aquifolium, 6 g. (Oregon Grape)
Phytolacca decandra (toxic), 6 g. (Pokeweed)
Rhamnus purshiana, 3 g. (Cascara)
Rhamnus frangula (toxic), 3 g. (Glossy buckthorn)
Xanthoxylum americanum, 3 g. (Prickly ash)

Combine the dry herbs, place in 3 cups of water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Cool, strain and store in a dark glass jar.

How to use: 2-4 tbsp. tea in a third cup water adding 1-2 drops of saturated potassium iodide and 5-11 drops strong iodine (Lugol’s) solution. Take q.i.d. (four times a day), p.c. (after meals) and before bed. [Natural College of Natural Medicine Pharmacy]

There are some problems with the story, though. Harry Hoxsey’s family was originally from Illinois. How his grandfather’s horse found the licorice root, Oregon grape, and cascara while grazing isn’t explained, not is it feasible since licorice comes from the middle east, the Oregon grape is an evergreen shrub found in Oregon and Northern California, and Cascara is found in California west to Montana.

I’ve owned horses. I’ve never seen a horse dig up a root. A few of the ingredients are roots.

There are a few people who believe that Hoxsey got his formula from two readings by Edgar Cayce. However, Cayce’s formula has only three of the nine herbs listed above, two more (Wild Cherry Bark and Yellow Dock root) herbs that Hoxsey’s formula doesn’t, and both add iodine to their formulas.

Here is Cayce’s formula:

Fluid Extract of Stillingia, 1/2 ounce,
Fluid Extract of Poke Root, 1/2 ounce,
Fluid Extract of Burdock Root, 1/2 ounce,
Fluid Extract of Yellow Dock Root, 1/2 ounce,
Iodide of Potassium, 3 drams.
Sufficient simple syrup to make 8 ounces.
Shake solution well together.

The Cayce readings were given in September of 1924. Hoxsey came out with his formula shortly after that, but still this doesn’t answer how Hoxsey came up with his formula. Some have suggested that Hoxsey got the formula from Native American cancer therapies, but again, we’ll probably never know. All we can be sure of is that the original story is a myth, like the myth of George Washington and the cherry tree.

Though the American Cancer Society, the Golden Calf of charities that has done absolutely nothing to end cancer, has stated that “…There is no evidence that the Hoxsey herbal treatment has any value in the treatment of cancer in humans,” near the turn of this century, medical historian Patricia Ward found that six of the nine Hoxsey herbs demonstrated either anti-tumor or immune enhancing activity. Was Hoxsey’s formula successful?

Harry Hoxsey had been a coal miner. In the 1920s he suddenly began curing cancer. The AMA was just beginning to rule medicine with an iron fist. The man who ruled the AMA was Morris Fishbein. Fishbein, supposedly a doctor, but even that is questionable, dogged Hoxsey for practicing medicine without a license and Hoxsey opened and closed some seventeen clinics in about ten years. In 1936 he opened a clinic in Dallas, Texas. This humble clinic grew to become the largest privately owned cancer clinic in the world at that time. To avoid being arrested for practicing medicine without a license, the clinic was staffed with licensed physicians and nurses.

In the fifties, Hoxsey was grossing 1.5 million dollars, treating over 8,000 patients a year. This was definitely cutting into the profits of conventional medicine, so the AMA (run by Fishbein), the FDA, and the NCI all ganged up on Hoxsey and tried to put him out of business.

Hoxsey fought back and sued the Journal of American Medicine for libel after an article had called him a fraud. Hoxsey won the case, but was awarded one dollar. The FDA then reviewed some 400 cases and determined that many did not have cancer and the rest had already had conventional treatments that had cured their cancer, so they concluded that no one had benefited from the Hoxsey therapy.

The US Government banned the sale of Hoxsey’s formula in 1960 and Hoxsey was forced to move his clinic to Mexico, where it still runs today.

In 1969 Harry Hoxsey developed prostate cancer, but his formula failed to cure it. He was compelled to have his prostate removed surgically, and died seven years later in 1974 of natural causes.

Was the Hoxsey Formula Successful?

Everyone seems to agree that his skin formula was successful, but it had nothing to do with his internal formula. His skin formula consisted of antimony, zinc and bloodroot, arsenic, sulfur, and talc. It was very caustic, and left scars, but it seemed to work on many skin cancers.

The ACS, NCI, Sloan Kettering, FDA all claim that the Hoxsey formula is worthless, however, on his death bead, Morris Fishbein admitted that’s he’d lied about the formula and that it had shown promise.

Interestingly enough, one of the board members of the AMA who fought to close him down, ended up a patient at one of Hoxsey’s clinics while Hoxsey was sitting in a jail cell.

From the book Medicine: What Works & What Doesn’t we get the following:

. . . a 1953 federal report to Congress confirmed Hoxsey’s charges of a “conspiracy” by the AMA, the NCI, and the FDA to “suppress” an impartial assessment of his methods. The AMA later admitted that Hoxsey’s external medication had merit.

Finally, from Wikipedia we found this:

Some years after the Hoxsey trials, Benedict F. Fitzgerald, Jr., Special Counsel to the United States Senate Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, “very carefully studied the court records of the three cases tried in the Federal and State courts of Dallas, Tex.” and had the following to say:

It is interesting to note that in the trial court…it was held that the so-called Hoxsey method of treating cancer was in some respects superior to that of X-ray, radium, and surgery and did have therapeutic value. The Circuit Court of Appeals of the Fifth Circuit decided otherwise. This decision was handed down during the trial of a libel suit…by Hoxsey against [then Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr.] Morris Fishbein… [Fishbein] admitted that Hoxsey could cure external cancer but contended that his medicines for internal cancer had no therapeutic value. The jury, after listening to leading pathologists, radiologists, physicians, surgeons, and scores of witnesses, a great number of whom had never been treated by any physician or surgeon except the treatment received at the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic, concluded that Dr. Fishbein was wrong; that his published statements were false, and that the Hoxsey method of treating cancer did have therapeutic value. []

Today, Hoxsey’s formula is available at the Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico (see Cancer Centers).(I.Link) The best responders are lymphoma, melanoma, and skin cancers.

Click Here to download an hour and 24 minute movie on the Hoxsey Formula. Top

Hydrazine Sulfate

The story of the development, and subsequent quashing, of hydrazine sulfate has all the drama and intrigue of an HBO movie. It is just one of the many drugs and formulas the National Cancer Institute buried for years. They also killed 50% of those involved in the experimental group of their phony study.

Subsequent patient studies show that Hydrazine Sulfate works (saves lives) greater than fifty percent of the time. Russia uses it freely today in many cancer programs.

Dr Joseph Gold, the developer of hydrazine sulfate, sent us a ton of information, for which we are forever grateful. Here is a short synopsis of the story.

Dr Joseph Gold is an MD. He was also a research scientist for NASA, a US Air Force officer. When he left the military with a Presidential Citation from Eisenhower for his work in the space program, he had one goal, to answer the question: Is there a chemical way to stop cachexia?

Cachexia: in a chronic infection/chronic disease, the patient’s temperature rises, the CD4 count drops below the CD8 count, and the appetite wanes until the patient develops pathological anorexia. The body still needs nourishment, so it begins breaking down its fat stores, the process of glycogenesis, and also begins to break down proteins to deliver these sugar precursors, the ones produced by glycogenesis, to the body. The metabolism of tumor/cancer cells is much less efficient than those of normal cells: normal cells metabolize aerobically, using oxygen, which is 15 times more efficient than cancer cells that metabolize anaerobically, through a process of fermentation. Fermentation, being less efficient, requires much more sugar than aerobically metabolizing cells. Additionally, the metabolism rate of a tumor is much higher than that of normal cells, so the amount of sugar needed is still greater. Eventually the patient dies trying to feed the tumor. Starvation is the major cause of death in cancer and AIDS patients.

Dr Joseph Gold looked at the chemical process of glycogenesis and determined that, if he inhibited the PEP CK enzyme (much too large a word for anyone to try to pronounce), he could stop the process.

Voila, he came up with hydrazine sulfate, a substance that is made cheaply, simple to use, fuels military rockets and shrinks tumors. In his early animal studies, Dr Gold showed that, in greater than fifty percent of cancerous animals, he was able to stop the process of glycogenesis, end the cachexia, and the animals began gaining weight. With sugars cut off to the tumor, the tumors began shrinking.

Gold had a highly publicized meeting with the NCI. They all shook hands and he turned over his papers, listing those things that should not be used during therapy—alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, etc.—and the recommended dosages. The NCI tested it, did not follow his orders, purposely sabotaged the study, killed off all the patients, and successfully buried hydrazine sulfate for twenty years by issuing a paper stating that it was, according to their study, worthless.

Trials in Russia show hydrazine sulfate to be extremely effective in more than 50% of patients with AIDS and cancer. It is because of these studies and others, conducted recently here in the US, that the NCI is under investigation. However, white collar murder is never prosecuted the way your ordinary street murders are.

The Hydrazine Sulfate Protocol—direct from the office of Dr Joseph Gold—is this:

Amount Given & When Given

One 60 mg capsule every day for the first 3 days. With or before breakfast.

One 60 mg capsule twice a day for the next 3 days. Before breakfast and before dinner.

One 60 mg capsule three times a day thereafter. Approximately every 8 hours beginning with breakfast.

This protocol is based on a patient weight of 55 Kg and above; for a patient weight of 50 Kg and below, half dosages have been reported effective. Generally it is reported that hydrazine sulfate is most effective when administered by itself (no other medications given one-half hour before or after administration of hydrazine sulfate) before meals. If adequate response is made on 2 capsules daily, patients have been reportedly maintained on this dosage schedule and not increased.

Best efficacy with hydrazine sulfate has been reported by maintaining daily treatment for 45 days followed by an interruption for 1 to 2 weeks, then re-institution of treatment; this interruption has been reported to prevent the development of peripheral neuritic symptoms. In addition, it has been reported that there is an incompatibility of hydrazine sulfate with ethanol, barbiturates, and tranquilizers. Patients receiving hydrazine sulfate should thus avoid alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers, and barbiturates.

Additionally, the patient must maintain a low carbohydrate diet (NO SUGARS). Remember, you are trying to starve the cancer, not treat it to dinner.

Warning! Hydrazine Sulfate is an MAOI (Momoamine Oxidase Inhibitor). What it does is inhibit an enzyme that breaks down monoamines (serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine), those brain chemicals that make us happy. MAO inhibitors have been used as antidepressants. However, MAOs have another job in the body: they metabolize tyramine, an amino acid. When taking an MAO inhibitor, tyramine is not broken down, and eating foods with tyramine can raise your blood pressure and heart beat dramatically and cause the worst headache you’ve ever experienced. This is a very dangerous condition, especially for someone already battling cancer. Most of the foods containing tayramine are not on the cancer diet plan, and you should be avoiding them anyway.

Foods containing tyramine are (mainly) aged, fermented, or pickled, such as most cheeses (except cottage cheese, cream cheese, and fresh Mozzerlla), lunch meats, hot dogs, yogurt, wines and beers. Here is a pretty good list of foods that contain tyramine:

Dry and fermented sausage (bologna, salami, pepperoni, corned beef, and liver), pickled herring and salted dried fish, broad beans and pods (lima, fava beans, lentils, snow peas, and soy beans), meat extracts, yeast extracts/brewer’s yeast, beer and ale, red wine (chianti, burgundy, sherry, vermouth), sauerkraut, some fruits (bananas, avacados, canned figs, raisins, red plums, raspberries, pinapples), cultured dairy products (buttermilk, yogurt, and sour cream), chocolate, caffeine (coffee, tea, and cola drinks), white wine, port wines, distilled spirits, soy sauce, miso, peanuts, almonds, beef or chicken liver, herring, meat tenderizer, MSG (Accent), pickles, and pumpkin seeds. In general, any high protein food that has undergone aging should be avoided. Also, any over-the-counter cold or allergy remedy should also be avoided.

And, as always, check with your doctor or nutritionist if you have a question.

To purchase hydrazine sulfate: Hydrazine Sulphate 100 Caps (60 mg)   Top (I.Link)


Because cancers have such a high rate of metabolism, when they are warmed up a bit, they literally overmetabolize themselves to death. (Coley’s Toxins, since they induce fever, can be considered a form of hyperthermia.) Usually, hyperthermia is administered by applying hot packs to the area of the tumor. However, from Dr Donsbach’s clinic, Hospital Santa Monica, we discovered that they have begun a very unique method of hyperthermia. By focusing (low voltage) microwaves on the tumor, they heat the tumor eight or nine degrees, which not only makes the tumor overmetabolize, but damages the tiny blood vessels leading into the tumor and starves it at the same time. By the way, Dr Donsbach reports that, on the average, 55% of his cancer patients live five years or longer. Dr. Donsbach’s web site is:   Top (I.Link)


Imm-Kine is another patented formula by the founder and president of the Aidan Clinic in Tempe, Arizona, Neil Riordan.

First it consists of the cell walls of bacteria, or the DNA of bacteria. This establishes a “non-specific” immune response in the body. It is non-specific because the entire immune system is suddenly charged up to battle off bacteria, viruses, and fungi, all of which have been linked to cancer.

Then there is the muramic acid linked to mannose (plant sugars) rich polysaccharides. This further enhances immune function, though this time we get a tumor specific immune response.

Two things are found on the outside of tumor cells that are supposed to be found inside normal cells. In a tumor cell, these two things are flipped over and found on the outside of their cell membranes, thus allowing specific immune functions to target them.

The first chemical is phosphatidylserene. This is a chemical that is needed by every cell in your body, and in recent studies, has had positive effects on people with Alzheimer’s disease.(D.Link) It is an amazing chemical, found in liquid lecithin, in that it even helps to grow new brain cells, something that was previously thought to be impossible.

Phosphatidylserene is found on the OUTSIDES of things we do not want in our bodies: viruses, old and effete blood cells, and tumors. Imm-Kine specifically stimulates the immune system to attack these tumor cells.

Then next thing found on tumor cells is muramic acid. Imm-Kine gets its muramic acid into the macrophages and stimulates them to go after muramic acid, the muramic acid found on tumor cells.

There are reports that Imm-Kine is 3 to 4 times more powerful than MGN-3, and thusly, it should be used with caution and only under a physician’s care. It is NOT recommended for people with autoimmune disease (lupus, AIDS) or pregnant mothers.

However, as we’ve seen previously, tumor cells suppress immune function and use all sorts of tricks to hide from the immune system. This is one therapy that counters immune suppression by certain tumors.

Imm-Kine has also been shown to reduce the healing/recovery time in in athletes who over stress themselves.

Immuno Therapies

Immuno therapies are those that support the immune system itself in an effort to battle cancer. Many of the centers we’ve investigated employ some form of immuno therapy. Some use herbs, such as Echinacea, Pau D’arco, and Mistletoe (Iscadore from Switzerland), while others use those factors found in a healthy immune system already such as interferon (or the Koch serum which is supposed to force the body to create interferon), interleukin, gamma globulin, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF).

It should be noted that in this second type not all those factors used are found in healthy systems. Some factors are found in very unhealthy systems. Two of the most famous of these therapies are IAT or Immuno-Augmentative Therapy,(I.Link) invented by Laurence Burton (I.Link)and IRT or Induced Remission Therapy by Dr Sam Chachoua. (I.Link)

You should also know that the second type mentioned (using factors found in a healthy immune system) has some side effects also, but they aren’t as great as this latter, while the first method (herbal) has the least side effects, most of the time none. Both IAT and IRT have few if any terrible side effects, while interferon therapy, used by modern medicine, has a slough of terrible side effects, including flu-like symptoms, depression, anxiety, insomnia and soeep disturbances, and hair loss.

There is one more type, and Coley’s Toxins also fall into this one (as well as hypothermia). The patient is given something toxic cocktail that makes the patient’s body respond with a fever, and the fever fights the cancer. The theory behind this is that an introduced antigen stimulates the body’s own immune system to respond to it, and fight the cancer as well. This particular type of therapy has, as you can guess, some pretty bad side effects.

Here are a short list of immunomodulators to help fight cancer: Aloe Vera, Echinacea root, Astragalus root, Goldenseal root, Mitake mushroom extract, ABM Mushrooms, PCM4 (available at some drug stores and health food stores). Additional information on immunomodulators can be found at Your Immune System – The Rest of the Story. (I.Link)

Always keep in mind that a healthy body creates 40 million cancer cells daily, but the immune system cleans them up. Your immune system is your greatest defense against disease, and Health Care should focus on health; focus on a healthy immune system. Our system of Health Care in America is Disease Care. This is insane. Keep your immune system functioning and well fed, and you will maintain health.

If you are on chemotherapy or radiation, your immune system is being systematically destroyed. Fewer than one percent of the conventional oncologist we have spoken with tell their patients anything regarding their immune systems. The simple fact is that when undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, your body becomes a toxic waste dump (even without counting the crud brought in by the medicines, because as a tumor dies, the body must clean it up; the immune system must clean it up—an immune system that is shot, that is). Therefore, anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiation must detox and rebuild their immune system. See Cleaning House, The Correct Way to Detox.(I.Link) Top (I.Link)


Indirubin is a key player in PC SPES, an herbal remedy that has proven itself to be 70 – 80% effective in fighting prostate cancer. Recent research shows that Indirubin prevents cancer cells from spreading and can stop the proliferation of leukemia.

In 20 cases of chronic granulo-leukemna, 25% complete remission, 45% partial remission.

IN 314 cases of chronic myelocytic leukemia, 26% showed complete remission and 33% showed partial remission. [National Cell Biology 1(1):60-67,1999]

Indirubin is classified as a CDK (cyclin-dependent kinase) inhibitor. CDKs are the enzymes that control cell division. Indirubin has been used successfully to treat leukemia in China for years.

The only problem with Indirubin is that it is not sold anywhere. The sites we were told sold it can’t get it. 03/13/02

Dosage can be tricky because it changes according to a number of factors including your body type and size, severity of your leukemia, other medications your on, your diet, etc. You’ll need a good oriental physician or a naturopath. You can check with any acupuncturist to find an oriental physician. To find a naturopath in your area, go to


We’ve known for years that cruciferous vegetables (named because the flowers look like little crosses) fight cancer. The scientists have determined that the active ingredient in the destruction of cancer cells is called Indole-3-Carbinol.

In breast cancer studies, these indole-3-carbinols out preformed Taxol.

Studies show that they cause cell death in cancer (apoptosis) at a rate of 90% with no side effects, while Taxol caused apoptosis at a rate of 60% with many side effects.

Cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, and Chinese vegetables . . . . contain indole-3-carbinol that stimulates liver enzymes to reduce levels of hormones and immuno-suppressive agents. They also contain sulfur, which is an overlooked nutritional supplement. However if the gas from cruciferous veggies is too much, try Bok Choy with only two percent sulfur.

At Cornell University, rats that were given a substance that causes breast cancer were separated into two groups and both were fed the same, except that one group got 20% ground up Brussels sprouts. 70% of the group not getting the Brussels sprouts developed cancers, compared to 13% in the Brussels sprout group. Additionally, when those who had come down with cancer were given Brussels sprouts, their cancers stopped spreading. [Cancer Letters, 88]

It is also assumed that the indoles from cruciferous veggies fight breast cancer by either converting the cancer promoting type of estrogen to a harmless form or by preventing am overproduction of estrogen. [Environmental Nutrition, August, 1995]

Sulforaphane, another phytochemical in cruciferous vegetables, has been shown to neutralize carcinogens before they could trigger tumors, and isothiocyanates, the chemicals that give these veggies their sharp flavor, “have been shown to slow the progression of cancerous cells in rats.” [Health and Healing, August 1993, 3:8]

Vitamin companies are now making a concentrated form that flood our bodies with this safe, and effective cancer fighter. As a preventative, there should be nothing better.

Dr Williams, from his newsletter Alternatives, tells us that in one study I-3-C made cervical cancer go into complete remission after just 12 weeks!” This is quite interesting, especially when you consider that cervical cancer in its later stages, is considered incurable.

NOW Foods has a brand, and as we’ve said previously, NOW is the best of the cheapest. We get ours from Body Builders. (D.Link)

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

IPT  (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) is a simple medical procedure that uses the hormone insulin, followed by glucose, to deliver drugs better, and to make them work more effectively in smaller doses with reduced or no side effects.

IPT was discovered in 1926 – 1928 by Donato Perez Garcia, MD in Mexico. All diabetics have been warned that the insulin can potentiate (make more potent) any medication taken with insulin. Since 1928 four pioneer physicians have used IPT in a clinical environment with amazing results while 10 other physicians in five countries over the past five decades have realized similar results. (01/20/2001)

Imagine: chemotherapy with no side effects. IPT has shown itself to be successful in battling breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer . . . the list goes on . . . without surgery, radiation, or side effects.

IPT has many medical applications. In treatment for arthritis, patients are pain free for five years or more. Still more startling are the results they’ve realized in infectious diseases such as herpes, hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS.

Now for the good news. IPT is available now in the US. Yes, it came from Mexico, but if that scares you, just remember that science is science. If it works in Mexico, it will work in Peoria. The absolutely fantastic part is it is a perfectly legal procedure that uses approved drugs. Unlike some of the alternatives here, this is not an alternative, but an adjunct therapy that can be use in all fifty states. (In California, a physician can be sent to prison for using anything other than chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery on a cancer patient.)

There will be a battle though, since IPT research and education will not be funded by pharmaceutical companies and will significantly lower healthcare costs. So expect it to be lambasted at or by your local physicians.

The only thing “alternative” about IPT is that no one knows of it. We found only one web site dedicated to IPT, though we are told others are in the process of being developed.

What does your doctor need to use IPT? He needs training.

From the anecdotal/clinical results witnessed so far, we feel that IPT, if promoted and properly applied, will open the door to a new era in modern medicine. For example, due to the overuse of antibiotics, we are witnessing strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The current thinking is to produce stronger antibiotics. With IPT, all we need do is potentiate existing antibiotics. Though, as thoughtful and caring humans should do, we should take more care in how we use antibiotics in the future, opting to first assist the body’s own immune system to fight an infection before administering antibiotics and to keep agricultural uses of antibiotics to a minimum too. (The Center for Disease Control admitted in June of 2000 that these resistant strains of bacteria can be directly linked to the antibiotics fed to the meats on our tables.)

For more information on IPT, you must visit this web site:

At this site, you can find a physician in your area using IPT, more information, and search the site to find other maladies for which IPT has had some success. If you are a physician, you can find a training center.

Additionally, we’ve just learned that the physician who actually named this therapy and is somewhat of a pioneer in this area is Dr Steven Ayre, MD of Contemporary Medicine in Burr Ridge, IL. His web site is and is email address is [email protected]Top

Intravenous Vitamin C 

Cancer has an affinity to vitamin C because a vitamin C molecule is very close to a glucose molecule, and we all should know that cancer has an affinity to glucose, or Cancer Loves Sugar.(I.Link) If you haven’t read this, you really should.

Linus Pauling, two time Nobel Lauriat, theorized that if we could get enough vitamin C into the blood, that the peroxidization (vitamin C is metabolized into Hydrogen Peroxide) would be great enough to kill cancer cells.

The problem with any theory is it must be tested. All the early tests failed and that was that. However, all the early tests administered vitamin C orally. The problem with orally administered vitamin C is the kidneys easily get rid of the excess as fast as you can absorb it. To get the highest amounts of vitamin C into your blood stream, it must be administered intravenously.

Recent studies published in Canada [Canadian Medical Association Journal March 28, 2006] have shown IV C to be a very powerful alternative to chemotherapy. Interestingly enough, unlike many medical journals that publish articles about people whose tumors have shrunk during the treatment but succumbed to their cancer, the patient studies in the Canadian journal followed the patients long after their cancer had cleared up.

  • A 49 year old man with terminal bladder cancer refused chemotherapy, got IV C, cured his cancer and is still alive and cancer free 9 years later.
  • A 66 year old woman with aggressive lymphoma was treated, cured, and still cancer free ten years later.
  • A 51 year old woman with kidney cancer that spread to her lungs wasn’t given long to live. However the IV C showed just two years later no cancer in her lungs.

Dr Mark Levine of the National Institutes of Health, in the news lately (Jan 08) for showing how an increase in vitamin C can decrease your chances of a stroke, has also tested IV C on cancer.

In studies published in September, 2005 and March, 2006, Dr. Mark Levine and his colleagues at the NIH published key papers requesting that the role of high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy in cancer patients be reassessed. They found that when administered intravenously, blood levels of vitamin C could be 50 to 70 times higher than the maximum concentrations achieved with the oral dosage alone. Furthermore, they concluded that the intravenous administration could selectively kill cancer cells (or infectious agents) without harming normal cells. [](D.Link)

Dr Robert Jay Rowen, MD, [Second Opinion Health Alerts] tells us about Dr Chuck Mary ( who has had great success with some highly advanced cancers administering 300 grams of vitamin C daily.

Vitamin C does not kill cancer directly. It’s a very intricate and interesting process which I will try to explain. First we must discuss apoptosis.

Apoptosis in normal cells is a “form” of cell death (programmed cell death). When a cell’s DNA is damages, the cell will “commit suicide” in an attempt to keep the damage from reproducing and creating a cancer cell. Your immune system is constantly working to keep you healthy and by  cleaning up and getting rid of cancerous cells. However, before your immune system even has a chance to kick in (because a cell with damaged DNA can become cancer) apoptosis occurs. This is an “automatic” process, one we might say occurs at the lowest level of our immune system. This lowest level could be equated to a computer program that is built into your computer, or the BIOS or an EPROM (a chip with a program hard coded into it). Cells are programmed to replace themselves when the DNA becomes damaged. The program is found in the gene p53, the tumor-suppressing gene. Before rapid, uncontrolled replication can occur (cancer does this), the p53 gene instructs the cell to undergo programmed cell death, called apoptosis.

In a cancer cell we’ve got a bad program. The damage mutates the p53 gene, which now tells the cells to have at it and they continue to multiply even though the DNA is damaged. The whole system gets out of whack, because everything that is supposed to keep this from happening has mutated, including the genes that would normally turn this off. At this time only your immune system can save you.

Your immune system is only as good as your diet and lifestyle. All of us have cancer cells in our bodies. Every study ever done on corpses turns up cancer cells: millions and millions of cancer cells. A healthy immune system will keep these cells from growing out of control and becoming a clinically recognizable cancer.

Back to apoptosis: apoptosis in a cancer cell is not cancer death. Apoptosis in cancer cells makes the cancer visible to the immune system because, let’s face it, the immune system cannot kill something it cannot see. Apoptosis causes the inside of the cell to flip up and become the outside of the cell. Suddenly, phosphatidylserene, which is supposed to be on the inside of the cell, is found on the outside and this triggers the immune system. Phosphatidylserene is found on the outside of cancer cells, viruses, and old blood cells that need replacing.

With this in mind, now I can show you how vitamin C helps to battle cancer.

Laboratory studies show that vitamin C kills cancer. There are three types of tumor models: the sparse model layer, the dense model layer, and the hollow fiber tumor model. Most of the solid tumors in the body are of the hollow fiber tumor model, with the sparse and dense models being found on the outer layers of the tumor. Studies show that plasma levels of just 200mgs/deciliter (one tenth of a liter) will kill all the cells in the dense and sparse models, but hardly touch the hollow fiber tumor model. At 700mgs/deciliter we get about 50% to 65% live cells remaining in the hollow fiber tumor model.

So, we know that these large doses of vitamin C are cytotoxic, or deadly, to cancer. However, it is hard to maintain this high plasma level of vitamin C and the level sought in IV C treatment is 400mgs/deciliter.

Now for those of you taking mega doses of vitamin C orally, you should know that the most you will ever get into your plasma is about 10mgs/deciliter. To get these higher levels, you must have vitamin C administered intravenously (through a needle directly into your vein).

Back to cancer’s affinity to glucose: cancer draws in vitamin C thinking it is sugar. Cancer needs sugar, and a lot of it, to metabolize. So it draws in the vitamin C hungrily and greedily. When your oncologist tells you that the vitamin C will begin to protect the cancer, s/he is speaking out of ignorance. You might want to give your oncologist a short lesson in biochemistry (and nutrition—the one science your oncologist knows nothing about): at these levels, 400mgs/deciliter, vitamin C is no longer an antioxidant, it is a pro-oxidant. It causes oxidation or medically one would say: vitamin C is peroxidative.

At this point, the cancer is in trouble. It needs to “quench” this peroxidation, but lacks the enzyme catalase needed to convert the peroxide, and an aldehyde is formed that is toxic to the cancer cells.

With repeated treatments, over a period of time, we start to kill the cancer off: the layers on the tumor begin to peel away just like peeling away layers of an onion, until the hollow fiber tumor model is revealed and at this point, the kill rate on these cells lessens, but, the really good news is that the peroxidation causes these cancer cells (in the hollow fiber tumor model) to become apoptotic.

This is where immune stimulants come in; this is where Imm-Kine (I.Link)comes in. Imm-Kine will specifically attack apoptotic cancer cells.

Imm-Kine was originally developed at the Aidan Clinic. The Aidan Clinic has been closed, and the staff have moved to the Bahamas to run the Immuno-Technologies Cancer Clinic. (I.Link)

Now, we have to point out here that getting your plasma levels up to 400mgs/deciliter is a difficult procedure. As we state in our disclaimer, everyone is different. The same dosage in two people can produce very different results. Thus your physician will administer and then test and administer and retest.

One way to avoid any dangerous levels is by using another invention of the Aidan Clinic (I.Link)(Now being used at IAT in the Bahamas): IVC-Max.

IVC-Max was designed to make intravenous vitamin C work even better. They have documented their successes at the Aidan Clinic, and using the IVC-Max, to get the same “kill rate” in the hollow fiber tumor model that was realized at 700mgs/deciliter they had to use only 120mgs/deciliter.

This might not seem a very big accomplishment, but in actuality, it is a stupendous feat. For one thing, your physician does not have to worry about giving you a dosage you can’t handle and it takes less testing to get you to a safe level. Let’s face it, if only 120mgs/deciliter is doing the same work as the higher levels, your physician doesn’t have to test as often or be particularly concise; if it turns out that they have you at somewhere between 120mgs/deciliter and 400mgs/deciliter you’re set. So in the long run, with less testing, it will cost you a lot less and the entire event will be a lot less critical. You can sit back and read those year old magazines knowing you’re safe, you won’t go home and puke out your guts, your hair won’t fall out, and your cancer is going take a beating from substances natural to your system. Top (I.Link)

Inositol IP-6

Inositol is a natural phytochemical (plant chemical) found in rice bran. Several studies since the mid 1980s have shown it to increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activity, thus also exhibiting anti-tumor activity. Studies published in Cancer Letters (1992; 65:9-13) show that Inositol prevents tumors, reduces their size, and is non toxic in both megadoses and long term usage.

An article in Carcinogenesis (1995; 16(8):1975-1979) states that “The marker for prostatic cell differentiation, prostate acid phosphatase, was significantly (P < 0.05) increased after 48 h treatment at 0.5-5 mM InsP6.  . . . InsP6 [Inositol)] strongly inhibits growth and induces differentiation [often resulting in a reversion to normal cells] in human prostate cancer cells. . . .”

We’ve known about Inositol for some time now, however just recently a supplemental form has hit the market, patented by Dr. A. Shamsuddin, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Maryland where inositol underwent years of testing. The patented formula is known as Cell Forte with IP-6™ and is distributed by Enzymatic Therapy. (Enzymatic Therapy’s products are sold by health food stores, food co-ops, physician and chiropractor offices only. If you have trouble locating their products, you may call them at 800. 558.7372 for the store nearest you.) This particular supplement is a unique combination of inositol and inositol hexaphosphate.

There is another form of rice bran found online called RiSoTriene™. A wonderful antioxidant, this supplement also contains inositol as well as amino acids, lipoic acids, CoQ10, and is also a rich source of vitamin B. Just search for RiSoTriene with any search engine to find a source.

Some facts on Inositol: Inositol is needed for insulin and calcium metabolism, is essential for hair growth, the production of lecithin, growth of cells in the bone marrow, eye membrane and intestines, and aids in the movement of fat from the liver to the body. It also helps to reduce of blood pressure. Caffeine can deplete the body stores of Inositol.

Update: We have recently discovered a number of studies showing Cell Forte with IP-6 is beating chemotherapy. Yes, it is not a 100%, but it is beating any Chemotherapy’s statistics in colon, prostate, breast cancers, and a whole lot more. But please, do not run out and begin self medicating; find someone who knows what is going on, a good naturopath, a good nutritionist. Things like this work a lot better when you have a team on your side.  Top (I.Link)


Iodine is responsible for the production every hormone in your body. It is anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, and anti-cancer. Most Americans (96%) are iodine deficient which leads to cancers of the breast, prostate, ovaries, uterus, and thyroid.

Salt has added iodine, but, as written elsewhere on this site, the amount of iodine falls far short of our daily needs.

Iodine deficiency can lead to goiters, mental retardation, thyroid problems, ADD and ADHD, and infertility.

Editor’s Note: the following article was written by the wonderful people at Breast Cancer Choices. We could not possibly improve upon it. The original article is posted at:

You can also order Iodoral there, the form of Iodine that is currently being studied there. If you have breast cancer, check out their Breast Cancer Choices Iodine Investigation Project: A Patient-Driven Initiative.(D.Link) You could help save lives by joining in.

What if there was a nutrient which accomplished the following?

  1. Desensitized estrogen receptors in the breast.2. Reduced estrogen production in overactive ovaries.3. Reduced fibrocystic breast disease (FDB) which often  precedes breast cancer4. Caused more cell death than the chemo drug Fluorouracil .5. Prevented rats from getting cancer when they were fed the breast cancer
    causing toxin DMBA.

Evidence-based research supports the possibility that breast cancer may be an iodine deficiency disease.

As iodine consumption has gone down, breast cancer rates have gone up. But the
research goes far deeper, exploring the effects of iodine supplementation on breast
disease and breast cancer. This important breakthrough has been in the research
pipeline for years but only recently found momentum.  After sifting through 50 years of
iodine research and corresponding with researchers around the world, the editors report
that abnormal iodine metabolism, due either to bromide dominance in the environment
or a dietary deficiency of iodine, must be addressed as part of a preventive and or a
therapeutic strategy.

Iodine Deficiency Growing Worse

  • Iodine consumption by Americans has dropped 50% since the 1970s as breast cancer rates have risen (1).  In the US Goiter Belt,  where iodine in the soil is lower, breast  cancer is higher (2).
  • By contrast, the incidence and severity of breast cancer are less in Japan than in Europe and the US, attributable to the diet (3).  Japanese women consume 25 times more dietary iodine than North American women and have lower breast cancer rates (4).
  • Meanwhile, since the 1970s, in the US and several other countries, iodine- blocking bromides have been added to flour,  some sodas, and medications, exacerbating the iodine deficiency.
  • Fluoridated drinking water also depletes iodine absorption. Thus, as women consume less iodine and excrete more due to toxic elements, our risk for breast cancer grows(5).

Iodine and Benign Breast Disease

  • Blocking iodine in rats’ food supply led to progressive human-like fibrocystic disease (atypia, sclerosing, calcifications, dysplastic changes) as the rats aged (6). Supplementing patients with fibrocystic disease with iodine helped to resolve fibrosis and reduced breast size (7).
  • For women with painful breasts accompanying fibrocystic disease, iodine improved symptoms in more than 50% of the women who took 6.0 mg. of iodine for 6 months (8), and brown sea alga improved pain and nodularity in 94% of the women (9).  From the editors’ observations of the Iodine Investigation Project participants, depending on the kind of iodine agent used, painful breast symptoms have resolved in from 24 hours to two months.
  • Since benign breast disease increases the risk of breast cancer (10), and iodine improves fibrocystic disease, we at Breast Cancer Choices propose studies to see if iodine supplementation decreases the risk of getting
    reast cancer and the risk of recurrence.

Iodine and Breast Cancer

  • For breast patients, iodine’s therapeutic mechanisms of action may be at least three-pronged:  Hormonal (11),  Biochemical (12-18), Genetic (19). That is, iodine desensitizes the estrogen receptors, alters the chemical pathways as well effects on the genes, resulting in less cell growth, and causing anti-tumor effect by causing apoptosis (programmed cell death) of malignant cells.
  • Iodine-rich seaweed exhibits an anti-cancer effect in rats and in the lab on human breast cancer cells. Adding seaweed to rats’ food delays the onset and number of rat mammary tumors (20,21). And in the lab, mekabu seaweed plant induced cell death in three kinds of human breast cancer cells. Mekabu had a stronger effect on the cells than the chemo drug, 5-fluorouracil (22).
  • Adding iodine to chemically-induced (DMBA) rat breast tumors stops the growth of the tumors.  Adding iodine plus medroxyprogesterone gave the highestlevel of response: the growth-suppressed tumors showed 100% times the iodine content than the full blown (nonsuppressed) tumors. The researchers suggest that the uptake of iodine was enhanced by medroxyprogesterone. (23). As David Brownstein, MD, phrased it, “You cannot give breast cancer to rats that have sufficient iodine.”
  • In small, preliminary patient studies, using the screening iodine-loading test, breast cancer patients excreted less urinary iodine than healthy people, implying iodine-deficiency (24,25)

Accumulating data has inspired several prominent researchers to call for the
immediate study of iodine as an adjuvant therapy for breast cancer (comparable
to the current use of Tamoxifen or Arimidex).

The editors at Breast Cancer Choices recommend patients read as much as they
can at  our Iodine Therapy in Medical Practice page. Secondly,  we recommend taking the
Iodine Loading Test  which will provide a guideline to your current iodine sufficiency
status. Then join the Iodine Investigation Project (D.Link)and participate in our confidential
database so we can follow your progress. Next, consider finding an iodine-literate
doctor (ILD) or one experienced in or willing to consider this non-toxic therapy

  • Iodine Protocol. (D.Link)Depending upon the results of your screening iodine-loading test,  most doctors we are familiar with currently recommend 50 mg or more of iodine daily in the form of Iodoral tablets (a combined iodine-iodide formula), but others recommend an iodine-only formulation or Lugol’s iodine solution.
  • Where to Get Iodoral: Iodoral tablets are available from your health practitioner or from Iodoral Iodine Supplement.
  • Iodine Companion Nutrients. Many Iodine Literate Doctors suggest selenium (26),  vitamin C (27), and magnesium(28) enhance the therapeutic value of iodine. Niacin was also recommended at the February 07 Iodine Conference. Thyroid function should be closely monitored and may require an adjustment of thyroid medications.
  • For those experiencing uncommon detox side effects such as constipation, acne or rash,the Amazon Discussion Group has used 1/2 teaspoon Celtic salt dissolved in a large glass of water, taken twice a day. Drinking additional water and taking extra vitamin C may help even more.  For the rare few experiencing stomach upset on high iodine dosages, your doctor can prescribe iodine suppositories made up at an iodine-literate pharmacy such as Belmar Pharmacy.

What to Expect: The Breast Cancer Choices Iodine Investigation Project is currently
following patients taking iodine to prevent recurrence. Most patients report no side
effects.  Some report a range of non-breast improvements such as change in thyroid
status, need for less thyroid medication, weight loss, ovarian cysts resolving, fibroids
shrinking, improved energy, mood and mental clarity.

But be aware  some iodine takers report what we believe to be iodine detoxing bromide
into the bloodstream causing symptoms of bromism.

According to a Department of Defense commissioned report, bromism symptoms can
manifest as lethargy, depression, “dark” thoughts, “brain fog,” constipation, leg and hip
pain, acne, rashes and other symptoms. These side effects are usually reversible in 24-
48 hours by discontinuing the iodine and allowing a short period of washout before
restarting at a lower dose. Again, as stated above, Celtic Sea Salt in water has relieved
detox symptoms quickly by speeding up bromide detox through the kidneys.
Iodine Protocol.


Since bromide excretion seems to be higher in breast cancer patients than undiagnosed persons (29), it is important that each patient develop a strategy with her physician to clear the bromide. Ways of eliminating bromide detox symptoms by taking 1/2 teaspoon of Celtic salt in water are currently being used.

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The statements above have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.  The
supplements discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Do not
take iodine without the supervision of an Iodine-Literate Doctor who is qualified to interpret lab
work in the context of supplementation.
This website is intended as information only. The editors of
this site are not medically-trained. Please consult your licensed health care practitioner before
implementing any health strategy. The information provided on this site is designed to support, not
replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician. This
site accepts no advertising. The contents of this site are copyrighted 2006 by Breast Cancer Choices,
Inc. Contact us for reprint permission.

Editor’s Note: Iodine therapy has shown promise in prostate cancer, and we personally know three people who reduced their painful breast cysts using it. One of our favorite products is Magnascent, a form of iodine developed by Edgar Cayce, but this form is NOT strong enough to do the job Iodoral has been doing in cancer studies. Magnascent has received rave reviews by cancer patients using Iodoral while supplementing with five drops daily in water.

Click here for a list of Iodine Literate Practitioners. (I.Link)

Our site is filled with articles on Iodine, from the history of iodine, to reviews of forms of iodine invented by Edgar Cayce, to instructions for making one of the forms. Here is a short list:

The History of Iodine (I.Link)

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Review of Dr Brownstein’s Book, Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It (I.Link)

How to Make Magnascent   (D.Link)                              Top (I.Link)


This is an extract of European mistletoe, that also falls under the category of immunotherapy because iscador stimulates the immune system by enhancing natural killer cell (NK) activity. It also has a direct effect on the tumor by destroying cancer cells. It is free of side effects, and even acts as a supplement providing essential nutrients to your system. Thousands of patients, many with terminal or inoperable cancer, have been successfully treated at the Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland. Iscador is now being used throughout Europe, but at the Lukas Klinik you will find a complete therapy based upon artistic exercises developed by Rudolf Steiner. The aim of therapy is to heal all aspects of being. They have been using these therapies and iscador for 65 years. If you’re thinking of vacationing and healing at the Lukas Klinik, their phone number is, and don’t bring your Visa® or MasterCard®, they take cash only. Top (I.Link)

Jason Winters Tea

Like the Essiac formula, this tea is a blood cleanser. Jason Winters traveled around the world on a desperate journey to heal his terminal cancer. Near death, he finally came across the right combination of the right herbs, healed himself, wrote a book, gave lectures, and helped others heal their cancers. Then, like most people who have healed themselves and who want to heal others, Jason Winters was forced to leave the country or risk prosecution. Yes, it’s against the law to help others heal cancer in America.

Again, we want to always emphasize, detoxify the entire body. See Cleaning House.(I.Link) Top (I.Link)


Jiaogulan (pronounced JOW-goo-lawn) is an adaptogen (helps the body deal with various stresses) that maintains homeostasis and harmonizes all functions. The Chinese who use it live a pretty active lifestyle, and oh yes, the researchers also found they live to an average age of 100. Jiaogulan is a potent antioxidant (gypenosides are the active molecules) that protects the body from DNA damage, liver disease, atherosclerosis, and is a potent anti-inflammatory. In further clinical studies, jiaogulan increased Natural Killer cell activity (NK cells destroy cancer cells). Additionally, it was discovered that jiaogulan protects the liver from toxic chemicals. And if you’ve been paying attention, the liver is one organ that fights cancer. This is one herb that would be very useful if you were taking chemotherapy. Jiaogulan Herbal Products, Inc., PO Box 45, Badger, CA 93603, phone 888.465.3686,

For those who don’t like drinking tea we have:

Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet starves cancer. You can read about it here: The Ketogenic Diet. (I.Link)

Laetrile (Vitamin B17/ Amygdalin)

Ralph Moss left the Sloan-Kettering Institute when they refused to publish their findings on Laetrile. It didn’t work on all cancers, but it had stopped metastases 100% of the time. Many people take Laetrile in its natural state: bitter almonds and apricot pits.

Here is how it works: cancer loves sugar. (I.Link)The sugar in the apricot pits surrounds a phytochemical called: nitriloside. The cancer draws in the sugar, eats it, and releases the nitriloside. Now cancer cells contain great quantities of beta-glucosidase, an enzyme. When beta-glucosidase meets with nitriloside, they create hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde. Both are poisons. Since they’ve been released at the cancer site, they kill the cancer.

Nitriloside rich food include apricot kernels, lima beans, sprouts, lentils, black-eyed peas, walnuts, pecans, brown rice, and black berries just to name a  few.

For more on this subject: (D.Link)Top (I.Link)

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