Profits Are More Precious Than People . . . And Life on Earth


Apr 23

This is not news. This piece was once entitled “The Story of the Century,” but the overall conclusion is not new at all, and should be known by every thinking creature, because it is the story of every century.

“When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die.”


Jean Paul Sartre

And what are our soldiers fighting and dying for? Not freedom. I fought proudly in Vietnam only to learn afterwards I was fighting for corporate profits.

Just look around. Scientists are predicting the collapse of our society followed by an extinction event in a very near future, but what are the moneyed in the world doing? They are making record profits, expanding record bankrolls.

Here is a photo of a home being foreclosed during the depression. This image should tell us all where average human beings fit into the scheme of things.

Banks Never Lose

Here is the Story

In 1985 an engineer with just a high school diploma gave the world the greatest gift imaginable. If you think antibiotics were a boon to mankind, what would you think of a a substance that has killed every pathogen it has been tested on, that no pathogens can build resistance to, and is safe for humans, pets, and plants? Great stuff, eh.

The only problem is this: NOBODY WANTS IT.

Since the start of the pandemic, my organization has been in touch with universities, epidemiologists, politicians (governors, representatives, senators, the office of the president and his task force), and we have gone blue in the face offering enough of this solution to test against any pathogen, including the one that is killing Americans right this moment.

But profits are more precious than people. It’s best that we all die rather than stymie the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

I’ve worked on this story for nearly 25 years and I can prove two things:

  • The effectiveness of this substance.
  • That our lives are not worth shit in the big scheme of things.

One thing they don’t teach in journalism school is when you write an unbelievable story, no one will believe it.

However, because I am a scientist I must stress: Scepticismus Primum;
Skepticism First — Then Test

The Substance

The molecule breaks laws of chemistry. It is a single atom of silver bonded to multitudes of oxygen.

The molecule, in solution, exists in perpetual motion, darting around the solution, bouncing off the container, going into the container, and even passes through the container.

Most important of all, it has killed every pathogen it has been tested on.

And it is safe to drink, safe to give your pets, and safe to put on your plants.


For over ten years I gathered the mythology surrounding this substance, which was referred to, most often, as covalent silver solution. Then, having located the inventor, I began interviewing the principals and debunking a lot of the mythology. I did not interview those who had tried to bury the studies conducted on this substance.

I’m sure to some I must sound like a conspiracy nut, but the burying of this substance is no conspiracy: it is capitalism at its very worst. It is capitalism that puts profits over people.

Though most of what I’ve uncovered has been through interviews (there were studies on this substance that were never put to paper) the studies that should make you angry are those that have been buried.

Here is a list of where the substance has been and the people who knew about it.

  • First tested at Creighton University, it killed E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus on contact.
  • At Texas A&M it was discovered that the molecule penetrated its container, and even went completely through its container.
  • At MIT they found that it went through a test tube, killing a culture of HIV.
  • In Belize, in a study was conducted by the World Health Organization, 150 people were cured of full blown AIDS.
  • It was also learned in Belize, that one teaspoon of this substance cured malaria.
  • When our government thought our troops might be met with biological warfare, Condoleeza Rice contracted the inventor to build a machine that could produce this substance on a ship heading for Iraq. We invaded before the machine was finished.
  • In 2004, the CDC under the direction of Dr Julie Gerberding, a 52 page study was written up on this substance but she refused to release it.

This last one is interesting, because a man whom many respected in this world went to see her to convince her to release the study.

His name is Claes Nobel, the man who officiated the Nobel Prize ceremonies for decades, and was a philanthropist in his own right. He passed away in 2020.

Claes Nobel knew about the substance because he had come to the inventor, William Blessing, asking if it would help him. You see, Nobel suffered from fourth stage esophageal cancer. Blessing sent him a bottle, which he breathed in, swallowed, splashed, sprayed, and cured his cancer in three days.

Nobel went to see Dr Julie Gerberding trying to convince her to release the study and was finally told outright that releasing this study would be “detrimental to markets.”

At lease somebody finally told the truth.

Isn’t she sweet? Just think, she could very well be responsible for 6 million deaths due to COVID-19.
This is what a humanitarian looks like.

I’m Done

For too damn long I’ve been contacting foundations, charities, philanthropists, you name it, trying to basically give away the process (yes, the inventor’s family needs to be paid) but no one wants it. No one wants to take on the forces of the pharmaceutical cartels.

That in itself is amazing because a billionaire could become a trillionaire in just a few years.

In the history of this substance, the inventor had received just one offer, and it was from a drug company. However, it was obvious they wanted to bury the substance and he turned down their $20 million.

I’m done. I run a charity and we’ve given away tens of thousands of dollars of the stuff and that’s it. The FDA can go fuck itself because the only place it is sold it is sold as a disinfectant. It’s a great disinfectant. And here is the first study that was conducted on it, proving it to be a disinfectant.

W. D. Branson was a friend of the inventor who lived near Creighton University.

In Belize, a study conducted by the World Health Organization with Dr George Carr in charge. After the study concluded, the WHO refused to release the study, so Dr Carr made sure the inventor got a summary of the study.

You should note that those treated were very poor farm workers and they did not show up for treatment until they were too sick to work. In the first couple of years, just two returned for testing. Then a few more, and a few more. They kept the study open until 150 had returned for testing and then closed it. Additionally, when Dr Carr drove about trying to find people for the study, he cured thousands of cases of malaria, which the WHO wanted nothing to do with. Just one teaspoon cured malaria.

I want you to meet Dr George Carr in this video, in which he states that we have a cure for AIDS.

We have been in touch with the Ministry of Health in Belize and Dr Carr, the experiment, all the research, and even the clinic where the study was conducted have been expurgated entirely from history. There is no record of any of this study left on the planet, except for what we’ve collected and posted here. These are two communications with the inventor.

I should not have to remind you that these images are copyrighted.

The Many Uses of this Substance

This substance, known as BACO, can be taken orally, via nebulizer, and intravenously, after being filtered. BACO stands for Blessing Aquatic Company, which went under with the death of the inventor. My charity will supply it to anyone who wants to test it. While the inventor was alive he found many uses for his substance. I could go on and on and on, but here is a short list.

  • Physicians, nurses, care givers can spray it on themselves and not bring this virus to others, or infect their families and loved ones. Even disposable masks can be safely reused if sprayed with this solution.
  • Misted in hospitals, it could stop the spread of COVID-19, as well as other nosocomial diseases commonly found in hospitals.
  • Misted in meat packing plants it could stop the spread of COVID-19, as well as kill E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria, to name a few of the pathogens found in our meat supply.
  • Misted on farms removes the odor of animal excrement and turns it into quality manure in record time.
  • Sprayed in deserts, it kills harmful nematodes allowing grasses to grow.
  • Sprayed in fiends it increases crop production.
  • Misted in air vents in hotels and on cruise ships could end transmission of illnesses such as legionnaires’ disease.

We will not tell you this cures COVID. There are too damn many nutcases out there peddling their quack nostrums and now they’re drinking their own urine, for chrissake.

We will however, supply anyone who wants to test this, whether in a lab or in a clinical setting. Nebulizers are easily attached to ventilators and it can all be handled safely.

Every physician and nurse I’ve talked to about this substance has told me that it deserves to be tested.

Make This Go Viral

I’m done. I’m old, I’m tired, and I’m done. I’m ready for my dirt nap.

Until humanunkind gets it’s shit together, we are but a virus on this planet. Besides, if we can’t learn to live together, then perhaps it’s best we all die together.

Your free copy of the book that took 25 years to produce, is in the link below.

BACO — A Blessing and a Miracle

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