Profits Are More Precious Than People


Feb 18

I’m old and tired of profits being more precious than people in this country. I fought proudly in Vietnam only to find out afterwards that we were fighting and dying over there for corporate profits.

Reagan quashed Jimmy Carter’s energy initiatives to bolster profits for gas and oil, and now we’re facing an extinction event.

I am a retired scientist, educator, and journalist, and I’ve just spent over 20 years researching and writing a book about the greatest gift to humankind, which will vanish from history after I’m gone because nobody wants to take on the drug cartels.

I’ve written this piece a number of times and initially it was entitled: “The Story of the Century.” Sadly, the new title seems more appropriate.

But first, as a scientist, I must emphasize this point.

Scepticismus Primum
Skepticism First — Then Test

The Gift

It is an anti-pathogen that was invented in 1985 by William Blessing, an engineer with a high school diploma. It is called BACO, for Blessing Aquatic Company, and has been tested in the US, Germany, and in Belize, Central America where it cured 150 cases of HIV/AIDS.

The inventor broke a few laws of chemistry, and the molecule is quite possibly the most amazing molecule ever created. In solution, it exists in perpetual motion, darting about and bouncing off the container, going into the container, and even going through the container. In a small test at MIT that will never be released, a test tube of HIV culture was dipped into the solution, killing everything in the test tube. Yes, the molecules went through the test tube, killing the HIV culture.

Before we invaded Iraq, the Bush administration contracted with William Blessing to build a larger reactor that could make his solution on board a ship bound for Iraq. However, when they learned that Iraq did not have biological weapons, they went ahead with the invasion before the inventor could finish the machine.

The CDC, under the direction of Dr Julie Gerberding, requested the solution for testing, and in 2004 generated a 52-page summary, but refused to release it. Claes Nobel, grandnephew of Alfred Nobel, went to visit Dr Gerberding, hoping to convince her to release the study. He had cured his IV stage esophageal cancer in three days using this substance.  She finally told him that releasing the study would be “detrimental to markets.”

A Powerful Anti-Pathogen With No Side Effects

Profits are more precious than people. This we know. But billions of lives could be saved, especially considering that COVID-19, and still more zoonotic diseases, will be with us for years to come.

I’m no idiot. My research has been very thorough. But I am not about to post online that this can cure COVID-19 because every nut-job is doing exactly that, the latest cure being urine.

This substance needs to be tested, and the results need to be published, especially since every study thus far has been buried. The man who oversaw the study in Belize, Dr George Carr, along with the study itself, have been expurgated from all the Belize Health Ministry’s records. I have the only proof that he and the study ever existed. Because the WHO refused to publish it, he had the final report written up and sent it to the inventor, William Blessing. (See below.)

The study subjects were very poor farmworkers. At the time, there was an epidemic of AIDS among that group, and they showed up at the clinic only when they were too sick to work. While Dr George Carr was traveling about looking for subjects, he also cured malaria. Just one teaspoon of this substance was all that was needed.

After being treated for AIDS at the clinic, the subjects were told to return for testing. However, within the first few years, just 10 returned, and they were not only HIV negative, but two couples from the study had married and produced offspring who were also HIV negative. Because they were dirt poor and couldn’t afford to miss work, it took years for subjects to return. In 2008, when the 150th subject returned for testing, they ended the study. All 150 were found to be HIV negative.

Here is a video of Dr Carr’s summation of the study.

The clinic, Dr Carr, and this study have been expurgated from the Health Ministry’s records.

For years I have been in contact with labs around the nation, universities, political leaders, you name it, but nobody wants to take on the drug industry. Of course most believe I’m a nut-job, but still they ignore the evidence. Because it is such a cheap cure for malaria, we’ve contacted foundations that work to cure malaria. None have responded. I’m just going to assume they don’t want to be put out of a job.

The inventor received an offer of $20 million from a drug company, Glaxo-Welcome, but it was obvious that their intent was to bury it. He refused. All this is covered in the free book you may download, found at the end of this page.

This solution is harmless to humans, animals, and plants. It has many uses. For instance, on factory farms it removes the stench and turns excrement into quality manure in record time. It could end waterborne illnesses, and misted in meat packing plants could end food borne illnesses. It even kills harmful nematodes, allowing grass to grow in deserts. In fact, testing on farms showed that it increased yields. Misted in hospital ventilation systems it would cut nosocomial infections, and misted in ventilation systems of cruise ships would cut those infectious diseases that have been plaguing that industry.

Ironic that a billionaire could become a trillionaire producing this substance, but again, no one wants to take on the drug industry.

It Needs to Be Tested

Talking to Biden’s COVID taskforce is like talking to a brick wall.

The solution is sold online as a disinfectant only. The proof supplied is a copy of the first test completed at Creighton University showing that a 50:50 solution (in water) killed E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus.

I run a charity and I have been sending out thousands of dollars of this solution around the world to people who need it. If anyone wants to test it we will supply it. Because nebulizers can be hooked up to ventilators, it could easily undergo clinical testing in a hospital.

So, is there anyone out there willing to test this substance, or are the profits of the drug companies more precious than our population?

A copy of the book is yours free, just click: BACO A Blessing and a Miracle

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