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WellnessJourneys.org is owned and operated by Minnesota Wellness Publications, Inc. We are a 501(c)(3) charity, staffed entirely by volunteers, and we sincerely appreciate your tax-deductible donations to help keep this site and this research going.

We are a small group of people who have backgrounds in journalism, education, and science. We post facts that educate and help people make important decisions in their lives. If we are wrong, we make retractions and correct our mistakes. The quest for the truth is a journey, along which we bring empathy and ethics. We despise partisan politics. We should be working together. That’s the only way America will survive this pandemic and avoid the coming extinction event.

The chief editor is David Bonello, and here is a short bio: After his service in Vietnam (there are articles here covering that) he started his college career in pre-med, pre-vet-med, to be exact, but soon found he loved science but disliked doctoring. While in school he taught at an outdoor education center: climate change, water biology, conservation. He won the 2nd Annual Short Story Contest at the University of Minnesota Daily, dropped out of pre-med, and took up writing and travelling about the country on a motorcycle, visiting art museums and attending college in Texas, Fullerton, CA, and Chico, CA on the GI Bill. He returned to Minnesota with almost an MA, finished up his college working on a PhD in American Studies, and in the middle of that decided enough enough enough, and headed for Israel where he quickly picked up Hebrew, and taught ESL, art, science, astronomy, and worked with street gangs. He also built a humane society. And near the end of his stay in Israel, he taught Hebrew to new arrivals.

However, while there he discovered alternative-nutritional-complementary medicine and attended a naturopath who helped him heal an appendicitis attack as well as a malignant skin lesion. He attended journalism school there and instead of completing a dissertation, he chose a creative path, opting to write a newspaper column. Returning to the US, he went in search of naturopaths. Not finding many, he began researching and publishing the Wellness Directory of Minnesota, and that’s when he put his science background and journalism to work, and soon these pages came about.

If there is no name attached to a page, then that’s his. He suffers from PTSD (Vietnam), lives in the middle of the woods on a quiet lake, and prefers being anonymous.

Volunteers help with research and proofing, but in the end, these are his pages. He eschews “proper footnotes” because he says that even the liars, the frauds, and the phoneys use proper footnotes. Articles will point to sources, but he will not play the game of pretending to be proper. He’s a scientist and iconoclast, and he’s dreadfully aware that society is reaching limits and beyond that spells out extinction, and the world just carries on singing and dancing like so many grasshoppers (The Ant and the Grasshopper).

Everything within these pages (that is not fiction) about science is backed by science and if we get it wrong, we will admit to err and fix it. Science, unlike opinion, is open to change when new data presents itself.

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