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Nov 17

How I Ran the War in Vietnam — Part Two

History , Humor

The next couple of weeks are pretty much a blur for me today. I remember meetings and presentations and communications with home-base and with the pilots, but nothing really stands out except, of course, for the Spec 4 who stopped by once in a while saying, “Sir? I’m going to the whorehouse if you wanna […]

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Jul 15

“Real” Native History


Since the dawn of time, we’ve all been encouraged to “find a teacher.” Our most ancient epics contain the archetypal steps to glory, but before our hero can cross that threshold, he must “meet his mentor.” It has been said that what has been left out of our history textbooks could fill libraries and that […]

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May 02

The Spanish Flu

History , History of Medicine

The image above is from the hospital at Camp Funston, in Fort Riley, Kansas, or “ground zero” for America’s greatest pandemic. Go ahead and forget that “fact,” because you’re about to get one heck of an education. What is Influenza Commonly known as the flu, it is a viral infection of the respiratory system. It […]

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