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Jul 01

BACO, Cancer, and the MP Virus


Many of you know, or should know, that Dr Sam Chachoua and I were pretty good friends. We spent many hours on the phone, most of the time me listening and him lecturing. After an assassination attempt, his health declined and for a while there I thought I was going to lose him, But then […]

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Jun 24

Fried Chicken


Once in a while, you know you want it. We live by the principle that it’s not what you do Saturday night that counts, but what you do the rest of the week. So have some fun, try a new recipe that tastes just as good as if you were visiting the Colonel’s house in […]

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Aug 07

Oral Chelation — The Other Side of the Story

Cardiovascular Care

by Garry F. Gordon, M.D.,D.O.,M.D.(H)From our book Bypassing Bypass, published in 2002 Recently, it has become generally recognized that atherosclerosis involves chronic inflammation and most heart attacks and strokes are believed to be due to blood clots, because of the resulting hypercoagulability. In this new paradigm, I believe that some carefully and rationally developed oral […]

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Crudité dip
May 02

Super Salad Dressing (and Dip)


Ingredients (as always, as organic as possible) 1 medium lemon – peel it by trimming off the yellow but leaving lots of white skin (you need these bioflavonoids). 2 round tsp Celtic Sea Salt 1/3 Cup Flax Oil (or Udo’s Oil [DHA 3-6-9 Blend], or even Hemp Oil) 1/3 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar 4-6 Cloves […]

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