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Jul 13



In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared War on Cancer. The chief weapon wielded in this new war was chemotherapy. It is now 2004 and it is time to end this senseless war. The war is lost.  It is a complete and utter failure with our weapon of choice killing little cancer with the hapless patient […]

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Mayonnaise in a pretty jar
Sep 13

MCT Mayo


This mayo is tasty and healthy. The MCT fats do not stick to your fat cells and are burned up as extra energy like carbs without raising your blood sugar.

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Apr 29

MCT Oils (Medium Chain Triglycerides)


In our discussion on Coconut Oil, we touched on Medium Chain Triglycerides. These are the oils that make Coconut Oil the “low-fat fat.” If you’re a regular of WebMD, you’ll be shocked to find that coconut oil is bad for you. The American Heart Association wants us to limit our saturated fats. Why? Because doctors […]

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