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Jul 01

Chocolate — Low Carb


In another posting we told readers how sweeteners (water soluble) do not dissolve in chocolate (an oil base). But by accident, we’ve discovered a method of “holding” the sweetener in the chocolate. Yes, some will drop out to the bottom of the pan, but enough remains in the chocolate to sweeten it. The only difference […]

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Hot Mocha Coffee
May 11

Another Keto Mocha


Another mocha. We’re still testing it to see if it hardens in the fridge, but like most good mocha additions, it’s best to warm them before adding them to your coffee anyway. And there are a few options.

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May 10

Keto Creamer


Even if you’re not on a diet, this is a great low carb creamer with MCT oils, guaranteed to lift your energy and not stick to your fat cells. That’s what MCT oils do. And this is dairy free and vegan friendly. Ingredients 2 Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk ½ Cup MCT oil 1 Cup Swerve […]

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