BACO — A Blessing and a Miracle


Jul 19

The authoritative treatise on the original mulitvalent silver solution, from its beginnings in a church in Louisiana in 1954 to today.

What is BACO? Here’s just a tiny hint: it looks like water, tastes like water, and is almost as safe as water (too much will give you the runs), and one teaspoon cures malaria. Yes, you’ll want to read about this stuff.

We are giving away copies for FREE. Yes, you heard that right: FREE. Although, we would love you to honor us with a donation.

You see, in this book you will read about people who were associated loosely, peripherally, and/or fraudulently with the solution and its inventor. One of them took people for tens of thousands of dollars.

You will read about this character, to whom I introduced a woman who wanted to help get BACO to the world, and who gave this con man (with my help) her life savings.

Yes, I feel guilty and she knows how badly I feel because I try to get her money whenever she needs it.

She gave this guy $20,000.00 and and now she’s filing bankruptcy, having suffered a stroke.

Please, we’re asking for donations to pay back this wonderful, trusting, loving spirit who only wanted to get BACO to the world.

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All Donations Received Will Go To This Kind-Hearted Woman

Update 8/14/19: You’ve all been very generous and kind and we thank you. I am personally matching all of your donations.

And now for your free copy.

Today is July 19, 2019. The book has had its first editing and first proofing. It’s not finished being edited and proofed but we need to get it out to the public. So consider yourself lucky and if you find a typo or spelling error or something really egregious write me:

Here is the end product of a 25 year long endeavor:

Oh, and if interested, there is only one place right now to even get BACO: Simply the Best.


If anyone out there knows of someone who might want to invest in BACO or even purchase the company and process of making it, please send them to us.

763-689-WELL (9355)

If someone doesn’t come forwards soon, BACO might vanish forever.