Masks, Memes, Thoughts, and Prayers


Oct 03

Perhaps many of you have seen the following meme (if not, you’re seeing it for the first time):

Yes, had he moved as quickly on the virus, we’d be in a much better place right now.

Where are we? We’re number one; in both cases and deaths. Not something to be proud of, but as the President has said: “It is what it is.”

Donald Trump is, as I write this, hospitalized with COVID-19, and everyone wants us to take the high road and wish him well.

Not I. His malignant narcissism and incompetence have taken the lives of over 200,000 Americans so all I have for him is this:

I cannot wrap my head around the hundreds of thousands of well-wishers sending him their thoughts and prayers concerning a virus that for seven months they told us was a “Democrat hoax.”

These people worship him like a god, and he doesn’t give a shit about any of them. The recent spate of tell-all books about him just confirms for many of us exactly who he is. Some of us, the many who live in the real world filled with facts, knew he was a con man, a fraud, and a sociopath long ago before his famous escalator ride into hell where he proved once again his racism when he told us Mexico is sending us drug dealers and rapists.

He’s a rapist and he refuses to submit his DNA for testing. Were he innocent, that would prove his innocence. He refuses to submit his DNA for the same reason he refuses to show us his taxes. He’s guilty as sin.

And yet his followers worship him like a god.

And he laughs at his followers. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself because he’s incapable of caring about anyone else and he laughs at and mocks the religious crowd.


“You do not have to do anything positive to help the cause of evil; it is often enough to do nothing at all.”

John Simpson

During that so-called debate in which we were once again made the laughing stock of the world by a huge third-grader with impulse control issues, this evil clown refused to denounce white supremacy. Instead, he attacked “the left and ANTIFA,” even telling the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” And believe it or not, words do matter.

Any other person would have been immediately arrested for attempting to incite violence, but again, this is what he does. He did not try to gain a single voter because he’s hoping to disrupt the election and have the Supreme Court take over, and this is why he’s moving so quickly to stack the court in his favor.

ANTIFA is not even an organization. It doesn’t have a web presence, it doesn’t have a leader, no uniforms, not even a secret handshake.

ANTIFA is a philosophy. It’s what we all were once when Fascism was rising in the world. We were all anti-fascism. Just as these young men from the greatest generation were . . . anti-fascists.

Photograph of American troops approaching Omaha Beach, Normandy, on D-Day. Dated 20th Century. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

The odds are, every person in that landing craft died within a few minutes.

The Greatest Generation gave life and limb so that we may live free, and today even our own president won’t wear a mask to protect those around him. And he’s gathered followers who refuse to wear masks. Should he die, his famous last words from that debate concerning masks . . . .

The Proud Boys exist. So do the Boogaloo Boys. And their goal is to start a race war. The FBI has stated very clearly that our greatest internal threats are from right-wing hate groups such as these.

We really haven’t learned much from history. There were anti-mask movements 100 years ago, and people died.

Today we have a science denier who pushed quack remedies in the White House instilling in his followers science denying and today he is in the hospital getting the best damn care science can offer. The news says he’s getting remdesivir, but who knows, he might also be getting vitamin D and vitamin C or even coconut oil because all three of these things have been showing promise. He’s getting some great care for the $750.00 he paid in taxes.

Super Spreader Events

Refusing to wear masks, people have been showing up for rallies and science is warning us that we must wear masks.

Did you know that Australia just had one of their lightest cold and flu season in their history? Yes, they’re just entering their spring season, and they had a very easy winter . . . because they wore masks and maintained social distancing.

The desire of the Republican party to move quickly on this SCOTUS seat left open by the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg (who by the way is an American hero; one of the greatest women in our history) and stack the courts (of course you all remember the time a seat was open for months and months but it just couldn’t be filled because an election was coming up) . . .

I fucking give up. If there is anyone in this country who cannot see how evil this political party has become then they are simply evil. It’s all about power and money and not about doing anything a democracy was designed to do.

Poetic Justice

The event in the Rose Garden to announce the nominee has been called a super-spreader event.

At least (meaning there are possibly more) six people who attended have tested positive for the virus. [As we publish this, eleven people from this event have tested positive.]

The president and his wife have tested positive. Two Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee have tested positive. Chuck Grassley from Iowa who met with one of them refuses to get tested. Rand Paul tested positive, so did Mike Lee and they still refuse to wear masks.

And as we write this, we have just learned that the count is up to 19 who tested positive at the (trending on Twitter) #rosegardenmasacre, including Chris Christie.

President Trump is hospitalized and is having trouble breathing.

We’ve come full circle. The Trump presidency, the pandemic, and the BLM movement are all in focus and we are all on the same page.

It’s time to turn the fucking page.


Trump is back in the White House. I had to write a parody article at a little site I found that would create a “fake” newspaper clipping and here it is:

The headlines, Trump is a Madman should be everywhere, but apparently insanity has become normalized. His Twitter account started blocking his crazed tweets as he became the largest source of COVID-19 misinformation on the web. Facebook even had to bust his ass, and Twitter finally blocked his account because he shared an email address to one of his critics.

He’s back in the White House spreading the virus. Because they’re not releasing any more information on how many have tested positive (after the Rose Garden Massacre, the numbers jumped from 8, to 11, to 19, and I think I’ve even read 25) and they’ve stopped contact tracing. One journalist who has worked the White House has estimated that up to 90 people who work in the White House (maintenance, cleaning, cooking, etc) have come into contact with the bug and could have tested positive. However, we do know that Stephen Miller, the Nazi Commandant has tested positive.

We hope they all rot in hell. This behavior is unconscionable.