Is Not Voting for Biden a Vote for Trump?


Oct 12

No. Logically and mathematically no, it is not a vote for Trump. In point of fact, only a vote for Trump is a vote for Trump.

But then we throw out the shades of grey in this argument.

Something we all know about (few love it, most accept it) is that we have a Two Party System.

In a two party system, one of the two parties has always won the presidency, except of course for our first President who ran as an independent. Although by some accounts, he was dragged unwillingly into the office.  I suppose it was right after that that someone was quoted saying, “Anyone who wants to be president should be disqualified by that alone.”

George Wallace took a few states in his run as an independent, and Ross Perot took some 6 percent (if memory serves) in his run, but the fact is, the presidency is won by someone in one of the two parties.

Now in local elections and in places where we have instant runoff voting (often referred to as ranked preferential voting) independents have a much better chance of getting elected, and this method, besides being more “fair” (as it is touted), actually increases turnout, discourages negative campaigning, provides more choices, promotes majority support and reflective representation, and most of all it minimizes strategic voting.

We all know what strategic voting is: voting for the lesser of two evils.

And we should all know Jerry Garcia’s quote: “Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”

However, and this is one big fucking HOWEVER, when you actually have evil on the ballot (concentration camps, inciting violence, gross negligence resulting in over 200,000 unnecessary deaths, numerous crimes, and a drive to end democracy), you have to consider these two similar quotations:

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

~Edmund Burke

or this

“You do not have to do anything positive to help the cause of evil; it is often enough to do nothing at all.”

~ John Simpson

Every voter in a two party system had better realize that in a presidential election only one of those two will be elected.

And over the years I’ve seen that Republicans and Democrats seem to approach this quandary differently.

I’ve often heard Republicans use this phrase: I held my nose and voted.

Whereas Democrats often register a “protest” vote, choosing a third party candidate.

It’s been said that Al Gore lost the 2000 election because of all the third party votes for Ralph Nader, but there was so much more wrong with that election (Jews voting for Buchannan because of a complex butterfly ballot, stopping the vote counting, voting machines flipping votes, not to mention the illegal removing and caging of voters by George’s brother) that not just one thing lost it for Gore, though you have to admit having the Supreme Court step in and choose our president would probably have been overruled by any previous court (those bastards).

And now, we have a president who is counting on his packed court to install him back into the White House where he can start campaigning for his lifetime appointment as Supreme Leader of the World.

Okay. I’ve calmed down now.

Back to the point at hand.

One of the two parties will take the White House.

One of them is pure evil.

If you don’t like Biden, fine. He wasn’t my first choice. But if you don’t vote for Biden, then you are doing N O T H I N G.

You can rationalize all you want how your little protest vote won’t reelect Donald Trump just like all those who rationalized their “non-action” in 2016 but the asshole got elected and it wasn’t just due to his supporters, voter suppression, and rigged voting machines, because a huge turnout, along with voting for the person in the opposing party (two party system) can beat a rigged election. And since 2000, we need to assume all our elections are rigged.

And you’d better fucking grasp that “doing nothing helps evil.”

If you decide your ego is more important than stopping the tide of evil swelling up in this nation, then just fucking admit it that your petty attitude is more important than the lives of millions, the future of humanity, and everything that will be decimated under a reinvigorated malignant narcissist/rapist/asshole in the White House.

If you want to stop evil, you must do something positive, just like those Republicans I mentioned above: Hold your nose and vote for Biden.

At least this way, you will guarantee yourself another vote in four years when you can make your “protest vote.”