Aug 22

I am testing!

I am still testing.

And I’m still testing.

I’ve often mentioned the dumbing down of America starting in the eighties or just before the eighties, but for the life of me I could not remember the specifics until I did a little quest today. The student debt forgiveness under Biden is not enough. In fact, it’s a slap in the face. Our gov’t has been forgiving trillions in debt of the wealthy and this really is an insult. I’m pissed.

But here is what I found. It was from the San Francisco Chronicle which I had originally found in a library when I was researching Ronny Raygun’s cancelling of free college in California, as I was one of the recipients of that largesse. Here is an excerpt from that article that shows exactly why Americans have been dumbed down and how college students have graduated from an institution of higher learning only to wind up in involuntary servitude as they were crushed by the debt. Debt hanging over one’s head denies that person freedom. They cannot make waves in their crappy job, they must work overtime. Hell…look around the world and see countries where 30 days paid vacation is a fucking MINIMUM.

American companies don’t need to offer health care, vacation time, or anything because they’ve got kids working off a debt who need that job more than the job needs them.