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Minnesota Wellness Publications, Inc.

PO Box 1
Grandy, MN 55029
(763) 689-WELL (9355)

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Foundation for Alternative Cancer Therapies

PO Box 1
Grandy, MN 55029
(763) 689-WELL (9355)

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The address listed is a Post Office box, mainly because people send us things, our tiny post office is heated and we visit it daily to pick up packages. Packages sent to our physical address sometimes just disappear. Thus we ask if you are mailing us anything in a package, please use our Post Office box.

Minnesota Wellness Publications, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational charity, dedicated to creating the most useful, understandable, and informative information concerning your health and wholeness. We are listed with the Secretary of State of Minnesota as a sub chapter S corporation, non profit chapter formed under 317a. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. If we discover contrary information, we publish it. If we make a mistake, we fix it.

We sell nothing at this site except our publications and thus we can tell you the absolute truth about any subject, vitamin, therapy, supplement, or healing modality. Those who sell these things are forbidden by the FDA from telling you anything that hasn’t been proven according to their standards. Medicine is a monopoly protected by government agencies that were once designed to protect the people.

We publish a newsletter. Some editions in the distant past have been equivalent in size to an average sized book (50,000 – 80,000 words). Today, they are smaller and kinder. Research, our website, and our donations to people who are suffering costs money. We survive by donations and purchases of our books, and by income through our affiliates.

Today our newsletter goes out whenever we find something you might like to know, anything from a graphic with information we think you should see, an urgent notice that action must be performed soon, a new recipe, or a complete article we’ve just published at the site.

We have helped people find health care practitioners for two decades.

Doing what we do actually does require money. And when we busted a fraud selling a fake cancer cure on the web and raking in half a million dollars a month, he sued us for a million dollars. We won, but attorneys cost money and we’re still paying that one off. However, the good news is he was convicted of 18 felony counts.

Even though we are thousands of dollars in debt because of the work we do, we will not sponsor, become an affiliate for, advertise for, or give a positive review to any products that we do not feel represent the highest standards in the industry. In other words, we can’t be bought. We are all non paid volunteers and we will continue this project no matter what it takes.

Many of our readers suffer from diseases and from the treatment of their diseases that are so costly that both their health and welfare are in jeopardy. We do this work for them and don’t expect a cent in return.

We ask everyone who reads this to consider donating or putting our charity in your will. It is a very simple process. Without your help, we cannot exist. Another way to support us is to purchase from the links we provide. Not ALL the links provided return us funding, but many do, and we will try to make it clear which affiliate links support our work here.

Our only full time workers are disabled. No one gets paid one red cent except the person(s) hired to sell advertising or fundraise and they earn a commission, however, we haven’t hired an advertising sales person since 1996. Everyone is dedicated to healing the individual, the community and the planet.

If you doubt this, you may click here to read the letter our accountant wrote for us in 2004, or you may call her at 320-396-3870. Things have changed since then. We are now a charity and still no one gets paid a cent, but we’ve started procuring supplements and treatments for our volunteers to keep them healthy.

Volunteers who have helped us in the past are (in alphabetical order):

Shivani Arjuna, Melanie Banzer, Wendi Carlson, Suzanne Case, LeAnn Cole, Glenna Dietrich, Rick Ensminger, Janet Gillman, Lucy Jackson, Donna Long, Joanne Marshal, Peggy Meisch, Paula  Moerland, and Patti Peters.

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