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We are a small group of people who have backgrounds in journalism, education, and science. We post facts that educate and help people make important decisions in their lives. If we are wrong, we make retractions and correct our mistakes. The quest for the truth is a journey, along which we bring empathy and ethics. We despise partisan politics. We should be working together. That’s the only way America will survive this pandemic and avoid the coming extinction event.

Wellness Journeys
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Our address listed is a Post Office box, mainly because people send us things, our tiny post office is heated and we visit it daily to pick up packages. Packages sent to our physical address sometimes just disappear. Thus we ask if you are mailing us anything in a package, please use our Post Office box.

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Even though we are in debt, we will not sponsor, become an affiliate for, advertise for, or give a positive review to any products that we do not feel represent the highest standards in the industry. In other words, we can’t be bought. We are all non paid volunteers and we will continue this project no matter what it takes.

Many of our readers suffer from diseases and from the treatment of their diseases that are so costly that both their health and welfare are in jeopardy. We do a lot of this work for them and don’t expect a cent in return. We are all paid volunteers.

Volunteers who have helped us in the past are (in alphabetical order):

Shivani Arjuna, Melanie Banzer, Wendi Carlson, Suzanne Case, LeAnn Cole, Glenna Dietrich, Rick Ensminger, Janet Gillman, Lucy Jackson, Donna Long, Joanne Marshal, Peggy Meisch, Paula Moerland, and Patti Peters.