Cardiovascular Healing With Polarity Therapy


Feb 02

Cardiovascular Healing With Polarity Therapy

By Lewis Harrison
From our book Bypassing Bypass, published in 2002.

Polarity Therapy, a system of energetic balancing created by Dr. Randolph Stone, is known for the quality of hands-on bodywork, healing exercises, energetically based low fat diets and herbal healing techniques. Polarity heals the heart on many other levels as well. The essence of healing the heart has to do with how one goes about creating and experiencing easy laughter and unembarrassed tears, wide-ranging interests and actions, philosophical independence, love and being in touch with oneself. Polarity offers a way of thinking that can facilitate heart healing and energetic balancing. Life can be very demanding and complex. There seem to be obstacles to comfort, peace of mind, and personal fulfillment around every corner. In order to achieve energetic balance you must have access to the tools that will make it easier for it to take place. This is accomplished by helping you (or your client) to define what you are ready, willing and able to act upon. The eight steps presented here make up a tool kit designed to help you energetically free yourself up from your personal obstacles and give you the means to move past them.

These eight steps are a solid foundation for Polarity Balancing.

They are not pat answers, exhortations or intimidating formulas. They are clear, concise, and are presented in a creative, enjoyable and easily followed step-by-step format that will make self-assessment and positive results a reality. Get ready for miracles.

  1. You deserve love and respect. We must take care of our spiritual needs, whatever they may be — prayer, attending religious services, reading spiritual literature, or gathering in community with people who have similar spiritual interest. Once you have a commitment to creating love and respect in your life, then all of the things that come to one who has made such a commitment begin to manifest spontaneously. More and more your life is filled with miracles.
  2. Your ability to receive love is determined by what you believe you deserve to receive. If your attention is not focused on having love in your life, then love is not something you will experience easily, even if it is abundantly available. Therefore, you must not only be ready and willing to experience love, but you have to be able to take love in when offered. If your self-esteem is extremely low and you don’t believe that you deserve to have love, then you won’t. The choice is yours.
  3. If you love, you always have enough of what you need. Most people struggle to obtain physical wealth and material goods because it makes them feel loved. A person who experiences love will have less of a need to gather material things as a means of feeling fulfilled. Therefore, if you have love, you also have faith and you have hope because, like love, faith and hope are free and unlimited. With love you always have what you need. When you are in a state of fear it is doubtful that you will ever have what you need.
  4. You are never given more than you can handle. Never lack faith or lose hope. It is only your resistance to reaching out to mentors, coaches, family and friends who are willing to give you support that causes you to lose faith and lose hope. You always reach your next step either smoothly and voluntarily, or by kicking, screaming and being dragged there. It is the belief that you cannot handle what you’ve been given that creates your struggle.
  5. You cannot control anything but through surrender. It is as if you are on a surfboard in the ocean, looking at the shore. A wave comes. You cannot control the wave. What you can do is keep your balance on the board and surrender to the wave. This is the distinction between surrender and resignation. If you just drifted in the ocean and let the wave throw you about until you landed on the shore you would probably land on your head and experience pain, discomfort and struggle. This is the result of “resignation.” Resignation is not the same as surrender. When you surrender you have the knowledge to control what you can and leave alone what you cannot. And, of course, you have the wisdom to know the difference between the two. Fulfilling your vision through love and respect requires that you surrender to the wave of life; that you learn how to surf on the wave of life like a master surfer; so that the wave brings you smoothly, peacefully and joyously into the shore to the fulfillment of your vision.
  6. Whether or not you choose to change, everything around you does change. It is for this reason that there is no benefit in trying to change or thinking about how you will change. If you sat in one spot and did nothing, you would change anyway. From the moment you began reading this sentence to the end of this sentence, you have changed. There is a freedom that comes with the knowledge that everything must change, that nothing remains the same. The old becomes the new and it is old sometimes before you even realize that it was new. Accepting change frees you up to focus on enjoying the process of creating your vision. As you explore who you are and develop your own vision, this process will create changes in a way that is loving and empowering without you even thinking about the need to change.
  7. Without a vision or a mission, life seems aimless. When a person has been through a rite of passage they transform from childhood into adulthood; not just an adulthood defined by years but by their emotional and spiritual emergence. At this time a person without a vision or a mission will actively experience tremendous discomfort and aimlessness. There is absolute spiritual, physical and emotional freedom for that person who has a clearly defined vision and an honest sense of who they are.
  8. When you experience unconditional love you are fearless. Love does not require getting anything from anybody, owning anything or anybody; it requires nothing but the ability to see God’s beauty in another human being. It does not mean that you are compatible with them in any way, or that you would even be in relationship with them in any way. And so, it is when you are able to love without conditions, without material ownership, without the insatiable desire for material gain, that you become fearless. There is nothing that can be taken away from you.

Given this foundation of love, we can now focus on the heart of love, that living, beating, life-giving heart residing within your chest.

Lifestyle changes and Polarity exercise is especially useful in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease—that is, disorders associated with the heart and the circulatory system. There are many different kinds of disorders in the family of cardiovascular diseases. Some are not very serious; others can cause disability and death. If you are determined to change your lifestyle, you can indeed address even the most serious cardiovascular conditions productively.

Exercise Your Heart Muscle

First, check with your physician to make sure that you can exercise safely and that you begin a regular exercise program. With your physician’s approval, you can then begin with the least-stressful, most-productive exercises, such as swimming and/or walking. Start walking 1 mile; then work your way up to longer distances, say, 3 to 5 miles each day. This is a simple solution to a very complex disorder.

How Barry R. Fights Angina

Now 50, Barry is well aware that in many ways his former lifestyle was typical of all the successful stockbrokers he knew. He was always under a great deal of stress on the job. He was 20 pounds overweight and too busy to exercise. Barry ate fried foods far too often and usually grabbed lunch on the run.

He smoked far too much and drank cup after cup of coffee at his desk. With dinner each evening he had a glass of wine. Except for an annual cold and occasional headaches, he had never really been ill, that is, until last year. That’s when he started to feel pains around his heart and into his shoulder whenever he ran to the bus in the morning. The first time he felt the pain, he suspected he was having a heart attack and grew rather terrified, enough to push him to set an appointment with a doctor. The physician, who was trained in Polarity Therapy, checked Barry thoroughly and reviewed his personal and family health history in detail, as well as Barry’s lifestyle and the balance between each of the seven chakras and the five elements of the energy body. He discovered that Barry had high blood pressure. The lab reports showed high blood cholesterol and high triglyceride levels. The diagnosis was clear: angina pectoris. Barry’s physician prescribed no medications but immediately placed him on a general health-building program. The doctor recommended that Barry:

  1. Eat a large salad every day.
  2. Go on a lacto-vegetarian diet, drinking low-fat milk and eliminating all meat, fish, poultry, and eggs.
  3. Use whole grains and beans as a source of protein and fiber as well as to reduce blood cholesterol.
  4. Walk at least one-half hour a day, three times a week. His doctor had already determined that there was no medical risk to this exercise program.
  5. Supplement his diet with vitamins C and E, lecithin, Hawthorne berry herbal syrup, omega-3 fatty acids, and plenty of fresh onions and garlic to reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

At first, Barry had difficulty changing his well-formed lifestyle and sticking to his new diet. He occasionally sneaked a greasy fried hamburger or a slice of pizza; but as soon as he realized that he was losing weight, he renewed his commitment to the program. He even gave up his morning coffee and evening wine!

The result? Ten weeks later Barry was “a new man.” His heart pains disappeared, he lost 20 pounds, his blood pressure was normal, and his muscles were toned and firm. In addition to all of his doctor’s recommendations, Barry began a stress management program: he received polarity energy balancing bodywork sessions once a week, he went through 20 minutes of guided visualization techniques each day, and played racquetball once a week. Barry still actively fights angina by keeping to his diet and exercise program.


At the moment you are ready, willing and able on a vision, it takes place spontaneously without discipline or willpower. The truth is that we are always doing something at every second and the things that we are most ready, willing, and able to do, we do without thought. It is an effortless process. It is important for a person who is committed to a joyous and struggle free life to take a few moments every morning and explore those things that are important to them while deciding to do those things that will create the desired results, and which can be done as easily as taking a deep breath. This is the essence of Polarity Therapy.


This article was extracted from Lewis Harrison’s new book: Hands-on Healing.
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