Finally, Conquering the Common Cold (or Flu)


Dec 16
Woman sneezing into a tissue.

The reason there is no cure for the common cold is that by the time the immune system has defeated the bug, the devastation left behind, the billions dead immune cells, overwhelms what’s left of the immune system. The body must clear itself, and the stuff you cough up, the phlegm, consists of all those valiant but dead warriors.

The secret to conquering the common cold (or flu) is in beating that little bug right away. However, he’s a strong little cuss.

The flu bug is a wimp compared to the cold bug. Time and time again, depending on its virulence, I’ve personally killed off the flu in 4 to 8 hours, one time it took three days.

But then I discovered Del-Immune V™ (click to learn about Del-Immune V) and Covalent Silver Solution or it’s name (the only real covalent silver solution) BACO.

I’d beaten the flu in 12 hours using BACO (and some beta-glucan from mushrooms, echinacea, and a megadose of vitamin C). I’m sure that BACO could do the job alone, but I also know a bit about the immune system and giving it total support just makes a lot of sense. The dead cells have to be cleaned up and the system has to be brought back into balance.

Right after updating the article “How to Beat the Cold & Flu Season” with the addition of Del-Immune V™ (click to go to Simply the Best), something I had planned to do in an upcoming newsletter, we were attacked by the media predicting Armageddon in the form of the latest version of the Swine Flu. My mailbox was full. People everywhere were in a near panic. So, I sent out a quick note to those on our mailing list telling them about Del-Immune V™. Then a week later, I caught the damn flu.

At first symptoms, I washed down four capsules of Del-Immune V™ with BACO (one tablespoon), and then upped my vitamin C (and did the mushrooms and a squirt of echinacea under the tongue) and sure enough, six hours later all the symptoms were gone. (I now use 10 capsules of Del-Immune V.)

Then two weeks later, wouldn’t you know it, I found myself coughing, throat itchy, eyes, watery, nose plugged up, and sure enough, I was coming down with a cold.

I performed the exact same routine as when I caught the flu and went to take a nap. Three hours later I awoke coughing my lungs out. When that passed, I fell asleep for two more hours, awoke, and the only symptom I exhibited was a bit of dizziness (although I’m told by some that this is my natural state).

I then indulged in a barbecue with friends, who at first refused to hug me or shake my hand, but as the night progressed, everyone was pretty sure I’d shaken the bug. And I had.

I was flabbergasted. I’ve been trying to beat the common cold for decades, have had a few successes when caught really early, but these symptoms had hung around some 18 hours before I gave in and admitted I’d caught a cold. I even went off to a coffee shop for a morning treat and to check my email thinking to myself that I was imagining the symptoms. But, upon arriving home, I had to admit it and then I began the regimen just mentioned.

Our friends at Simply the Best right now are the only ones to carry BACO (Covalent Silver Solution). They also have Del-Immune V™ at one of the lowest prices on the web and you can save on shipping when ordering both. I swear by this stuff, but if it doesn’t work for you, just send back the remaining portions for a full refund. They’ve got to stand behind this stuff, because I’ve promised them that they work.

And if you have any testimonials, please send them along. We do want to hear from you.

Just one thing about testimonials.

Best practices tell us you must agree to use your name, though a name and an initial will do, and also, if you have one, a selfie. The FDA wants to clamp down on fake testimonials, and with all the frauds you’ll run into on the internet, who can blame them? The testimonials below were sent to us years back.

For example, Al writes: It was some time ago I was around my step son over at his house and he was a sad sack with a stomach virus. I had my gallon of filtered water with 1 oz. of the silver I got from Simply the Best.  While I was around him I drank about 8 oz a day and never got sick. But his wife did get the same as Rick had. That old silver works.

Should you decide to use BACO and Del Immune V™ to beat your cold, you will have to re-balance your immune system after the battle with supplements. So it is still recommended that you read the article How to Beat the Cold and Flu Season for a complete program that will bring back your immune system.


My computer guru told me he’d come and work on my system when he got over the flu. It seems one of his grandkids had brought it home. I ran down to his office and brought him six ounces of BACO and a bottle of Del-Immune V™. Here is an email to me that evening:

You know I have been taking 1 tablet every 2 – 3 hours all day and a sip of the water [Covalent Silver Solution] each time. I feel just fine now.

I read a lot of articles from your web site, I am just amazed at how much info is out there.

Another from a reader who got the BACO and Del-Immune V™ a bit too late wrote this:

Patient: 14 year old. On Sunday night 6/7 started to feel sick and fell asleep. I gave him 3 Del Immune pills and some covalent silver but her [sic] threw them up very quickly. It was not until Monday afternoon 6/8 that he was able to keep down 10 ounces of covalent Silver and 3 Dell Immune pills. Woke up on 6/9 feeling much better and wants to eat food. Still not feeling 100% and gave him 3 more Dell Immune pills. His fever is gone, there is color to his face and he is up and about. I feel it definitely sped up his recovery.

I gave 10 ounces and 6 pills to a neighbor whose son was feeling symptomatic as 30 of his classmates were out sick with the flu. I’ll let you know if he comes down with the flu or not.

Update: the neighbor kid never came down with the flu.

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