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Jan 21
Gallon of Willard Water

We wrote years ago, “Willard Water® is a surfactant.” We were wrong. Willard Water® has surfactant properties.

As a kid, there was a show on Saturday mornings called, Mr Wizard. I loved this show, so much so, that I even remember episodes. I remember one in particular in which he floated something on a small amount of water to show “surface tension.” He then added a drop of dish-soap, and whatever it was that floated, suddenly sunk. Mr Wizard was teaching us about surfactants. The term surfactant comes from three words: Surface Active Agent.

The science of surfactants is fascinating (if you enjoy things like this), in that they have a head and a tail. The tails rejects water (is hydrophobic) and the head attracts water (is hydrophilic). A surfactant also exhibits two contrasting phenomenon: part is water insoluble/oil soluble and another part is water soluble/oil insoluble.

When you float some oil on top of water and add a surfactant, you can see all of these things we’ve mentioned. The oil will disperse.

As I said, surfactant science is fascination stuff. And so is the story of Willard Water®.

Here is the full story on Willard Water®:

While working in his laboratory, Doctor John Willard burned his hand, and looking for something to cool the burn, he placed his hand into a solution he had originally developed to clean Pullman cars. The pain stopped immediately. Years later, the same scenario was played out on “60 Minutes” when an individual who had suffered second and third degree burns in a welding accident had his burns sprayed with this same solution. A few weeks later, with Harry Reasoner, health officials, and a biochemist looking on, the welder showed off his healthy, pink, unscarred skin.

The solution is water-Willard Water®, though it goes by many different names: Catalyst Altered Water, Lignite Activated Water, Carbonaceous Activated Water, CAW Water, and LA Water. It is a solution with active ingredients that alter the molecular structure of water. It is not harmful, carcinogenic, or mutagenic in any manner, and Dr Willard has over 29 US patents and a few foreign patents.

Originally designed as a cleaner, Dr Willard’s water has been used at burn units, in veterinarian offices, on farms to water both plants and animals, and in homes throughout America. The testimonials on Willard Water® could fill volumes, but let’s get on to its actual properties, which come to us from Roy M Jacobsen’s book, Aqua Vitae.

  • It is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger.
  • It increases the absorption of anything mixed, or taken, with it.
  • It coats nerves to cancel pain.
  • It aids in healing injuries.
  • It is a powerful cleaning solution.

These are just a few of its properties, and another form, called Willard Water® XXX, has more of the lignite in it (which has been changed so as not to contain any harmful compounds) and is charged with minerals.
It has often been said that if you get sick, go see a veterinarian. Vets can use things to heal their animal patients that physicians may not use on you. Many veterinarians are using Willard Water® to scrub up for surgery, water their patients, and as an aid to any medication delivered orally.

At one time, Dr Willard was willing to, with the support of the University of Minnesota, put up all his patents to get enough funding to go through the rigors of FDA testing, but as the good doctor testified before a House Subcommittee, a representative from the FDA had told him, off the record, that even if Willard Water® passed all the tests, it would not be passed. The representative said his job was on the line because the FDA is controlled by the large drug companies, and passing a product from a small nobody would bring down the pressure.

Willard Water® works. It just plain works. People use it for their pets, in cleaning clothing, brushing their teeth, washing their hair, and drinking daily one ounce per ten pounds of body weight. It is cheap (you mix one ounce of Willard Water® to a gallon of purified or distilled water), it has an indefinite shelf life, heated or chilled makes it work even better, and it has proven itself to be perfectly harmless and non toxic. People claim it has healed everything from arthritis to feline leukemia.

There are many copy-cats on the market, but with over 20 patents, it is doubtful that Willard Water® can be copied with any success.

Just one warning: if you are taking medication with Willard Water®, talk to your physician. Everything responds better, faster, and stronger with Willard Water®.

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An Introduction — A Paper at Dr Willard’s own site.

You can find Willard Water® at Swanson’s for less $$$ than anywhere else.