Review of Magnascent™

History of Medicine

Aug 19

Magnascent™ is a form of Atomidine; an invention of Edgar Cayce. However, as of 2013, Magnascent™ has been granted a patent. The person who runs the company, John Brookshire, came to me years ago after reading an article we’d written on Atomidine, telling me of his dreams; that he planned on creating an iodine from one of Cayce’s readings, market it, but also help supply it to the world where it is needed desperately. In the past, it has helped cure malaria with no side effects (something that cannot be said of the quinine used still to this day).

Update – Video

The people at Magnascent™ have made a great video, and keep in mind that they love us and support us by supplying Magnascent™ to Simply the Best at a discount. Please shop at Simply the Best to support our work (that link will get you to the Magnascent™ page).

And now . . . the video!

John and his wife had to jump through a lot of hoops to get a license to handle iodine because it is one of the many ingredients in making meth. However, all that is in the past, and we have been updating our readers about John’s projects in our newsletter. (Sign up for our newsletter.)

And one more thing. I’ve had people write to me suggesting that John patented to make a monopoly on its sales. The truth is that it has a patent that makes sure only the real thing is sold on the web. There is a form of iodine trichloride out there that people “claim” is the nascent iodine that Cayce brought to the world, but it has a water base, and in no reading, whatsoever does Cayce refer to a water base. He refers only to alcohol in his readings about iodine. And iodide trichloride is toxic. Here is the safety sheet on it: Iodine Trichloride Safety Sheet.

Not to be Outdone

We’ve made our own video. It took four days because we don’t know what the hell we’re doing, but, anyway, here goes:

So…on with our review of Magnascent.

Atomidine (detoxified iodine or nascent iodine) is a creation of Edgar Cayce; he described how to make it while in a trance.

The first form (Atomidine) we have previously reviewed (see IODINE), was made using instructions from Cayce’s first reading on how to make this. However, Cayce, in a later “reading” made modifications to his original formula.

The first method was this: in a 3 gallon bath with 16 ounces of iodine (a 1% solution in alcohol, commonly referred to as a tincture) bathed for five minutes in an “electromagnetic field” of 10 amps of resistance.

Magnascent™ is created slightly differently from the above. In a one gallon bath, just one ounce of iodine (a 1% solution in alcohol) is bathed for 15 – 20 minutes in that electromagnetic field but this time, with 30 amps of resistance.

This second method, it is theorized, achieves a nascent state of iodine by breaking the diatomic bond (the bond between two molecules) and elevating the energy of the iodine atom.

We are privy to studies currently being conducted in Israel and Africa using Magnascent™, and have posted their results on this site. Future notifications will come via our newsletter.

In Israel, they had some amazing results on malaria in mice. When they ran out of the Magnascent™, they asked for more but got the first version, atomidine. They stopped the study because they simply could not replicate their earlier results.

In Africa, where Magnascent™ is also being tested successfully on malaria, but on humans, one person wrote to the manufacturer the following simple testimonial: In Africa the patients are taking 20 drops every 2 to 3 hours, up to 5 times on the first day. On the second day, they take 10 drops 4 times a day. Patients find relief by the third or fourth day.

We received a testimonial from a gentleman suffering from kidney failure. His doctors told him to enter a hospice. He is a relative of a missionary to Africa who’d seen the Magnascent™ work on kidney failure, and he decided to try it (What have I got to lose?).

He started using 5 drops 3 times a day and continued this for 4 or 5 months.

They were surprised to see him show up at the hospital for a check-up. There he was told, to everyone’s surprise, that his kidneys were operating like they had been two years earlier. His daughter, a hospice nurse, reports that his strength and energy levels have improved.

One testimonial we received is this:

Just good health info to pass on.  3 months ago my doctor tried to prescribe thyroid medicine to me.  I convinced him to let me try liquid iodine in my water morning and night before committing to the pills.  I just got my results in today and good news.  My thyroid went back up to normal…….no thyroid prescriptions.

Word to the wise:  We do not have enough iodine in our diets.


Magnascent™ is “medicine” just like “food is medicine.” The question is whether it can supply your need for iodine. If you have any doubts, we recommend Iodoral® (from our affiliate program with Swanson’s).

However, Edgar Cayce said that his iodine, his nascent iodine, is the most recognizable iodine by your body. Any other form would require more. Cayce said that 3 to 5 drops per day were all you needed of nascent iodine; all you needed for perfect health.

So Note:

From Edgar Cayce’s readings, we hear him say that, given all things being equal, given you’re in a sound state of health,  just 3 to 5 drops per day is enough to keep you in perfect health. Now many of you know we are a science based educational charity. What we post has its basis in science and we always post links to those studies (if they are still on the web).

A man with a fifth grade education in a trance is not exactly science. However, the society formed around his readings called, ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment), though they do engage in some questionable practices, have researched his readings and so far, everything he’s said that they’ve tested has been verified. ARE runs (at last count) two hospitals (though I must admit that the last time I looked into this was prior to the year 2000) that employ his therapies. And one thing about medicine and psychology is that when something works, it’s used. It’s funny how certain practices are challenged as not being scientifically tested enough, but when they work, they’re used. Those practitioners using these “untested therapies” feel that their work is, in the long run, a clinical study.

So there you have it. If Cayce said that 3-5 drops daily is all you need, you pretty much can take this to the bank. And since Nascent Iodine (Magnascent™) is the form of iodine “most recognized” by the body as well as “most assimilated” you don’t need to take it orally. Sure, 5 drops in the morning in a glass of water is a great way to wake up. I’ve had people tell me that they don’t need their morning coffee when they do that. But since your body recognizes it, you can, if you want, put it on your skin.

  • between your toes; fights fungus/athletes foot
  • in your ears; fights ear fungus
  • on your scalp; relieves itch
  • on your face; helps clear up acne
  • on your toothbrush; fights gun disease
  • and just on your skin; it’s absorbed within minutes

Think of Magnascent™ as medicine. Taking it daily is just a very smart routine. But if you do catch a bug, you’ll want to do the 5 drops in water three times a day. If you are super ill, try this 4-5 times a day.

If you want to supplement with Iodoral® go right ahead, but as experts in the field have said, as well as John Brookshire, the maker of Magnascent™, “It’s not how much you take but how much you retain that helps.”  Adding Magnascent™ to your daily regimen will help you maintain sufficiency because it is not a salt and is not quickly passed into the toilet.

Magnascent™ gives you energy. It fights inflammation and infections from a variety of sorts. It’s perfect for a first aid kit, to use on cuts and scrapes, especially if you don’t have soap and water nearby. It fights fungal infections, on your feet, in your ears, and was first used in shampoos to stop hair from falling out. And if your scalp itches, just a few drops massaged in will stop the itch. I know a woman who thanked us for saving her hearing. She’d come down with an inner ear infection that wasn’t responding to antibiotics. She put a few drops in her ear (she said it burned after a bit) and then followed with a drop of Ron Salley’s Miracle Skin™ HealonPF. She said that before two weeks were up, the doctor told her the infection was cleared up.

I’ve personally seen good results with Magnascent™.

To purchase Magnascent™ click here: Magnascent at Simply the Best.


Thyroid problems are more prevalent in women than men.  In fact the national Women’s Health information Center estimates that one U.S. woman in eight has a thyroid condition at some point in her lifetime.  If you think of your body as an engine with food as its fuel, then your thyroid is the part that controls how rapidly the fuel turns into energy.  Some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism (low thyroid) include sluggishness or fatigue, sensitivity to cold, forgetfulness, dry skin and brittle hair/fingernails, and unexplained weight gain.

Here is a testimonial from a woman who uses Magnascent™.

Your product is absolutely wonderful! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to produce this miraculous product…finding (this product) and that it “WORKS SO WELL” ….well, grateful, thankful, doesn’t seem to say enough. I shared some of my Magnescent Iodine with a friend, (who also has used other iodine products) and she found it worked just as well for her too! We are both telling those who will listen about this wonderful product! I wish more people would realize that using natural age old remedies work so much better than what mainstream medicine has to offer.

John’s Iodine Study

John and his wife June are true humanitarians. They made a video of how to make their product for a group in Africa where their patented product is being made to save lives. They are always providing product for studies and to save lives.

Recently a study on malaria was completed and here are the results performed at the CG Donki Medical Clinic in India (pictured here):








Men (12yrs – 70 yrs) 230 10 drops (4mg)
in 100 ml of water
148 82 -ve in
210 cases
Women (12 yrs – 70 yrs) 180 10 drops (4mg)
in 100 ml of water
110 70 -ve in
140 cases
Children (5 yrs – 12 yrs) 75 5 drops (2mg)
in 100 ml of water
60 15 -ve in
58 cases

Note that these results were after just one week and no one had any side effects. However, we have heard from the people doing the study that something very interesting happened to those who were treated with the Magnascent, and that was, the following year, they did not catch malaria. You see, when you live in these places, you can catch it over and over. You can get cured and then catch it again the following season when the mosquitoes come out. But for some reason, the Magnascent™ acted as a preventive measure.

The complete study can be found here (by clicking and reading or right clicking and saving to your computer: Magnascent Study.