Dawn’s Amritam


Sep 05
Tequila Bottle

Amritam is a Hindu Immortality Drink from ancient Indian mythology. Our Margarita (Link Not Working) was originally created to give people an anti-inflammatory option with fewer carbohydrates, but the problem was Triple Sec is full of sugar. Dawn’s Amritam is our very first adult beverage with the best anti-inflammatory and heart healthy ingredients with no sugar whatsoever. Yes, alcohol turns to sugar in the body, but slowly so you don’t have to worry about it spiking your blood sugar. And the ingredients are delicious and healthy. And yes, there’s nothing wrong with an occasional adult beverage once in a while. You will make this in a pitcher (gallon) only and stored in the fridge. Believe me. This drink is amazingly anti-inflammatory and heart healthy. Those who’ve tasted it swear by it. It’s better than an Advil at night before sleep and has none of the long-term problems Advil (and other NSAIDS) have.

Find yourself a gallon pitcher or jug to mix this into, refrigerate and pour yourself a glass when needed. This drink is great for inflammation or just as a preventive for cardiovascular disease. Readers have written us that they have one a night instead of an Advil (or another OTC NSAID).


First the Lime Juice

8 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
32 oz Filtered Water
8 scoops Better Stevia and 2 rounded tablespoons Swerve Confectionery Sweetener (one more scoop of stevia if you don’t have the Swerve)

The Drink

15 – 20 oz Tequila (your choice)
1 teaspoon Orange Extract
16 oz Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate (highly anti-inflammatory)
1 Cup Pomegranate Juice Powder

I find it’s best to mix the Pomegranate Juice Powder in with the 32 oz of filtered water above in which you’ve already mixed the Stevia and Erythritol. An immersion blender on low is all you need. But it must be mixed well or the powder will just sit on the bottom.

For your heart, for inflammation, for relaxation.

You can pour over ice or blend with ice; that’s up to you.

And you can make it even heart healthier by adding half a cup of Beet Juice Powder.

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Low Carb Version

We’ve already cut the carbs in this recipe by making our own lime juice without using white sugar. But the pomegranate juice powder and tart cherry juice together add 570 grams of carbs to a batch. And since a batch is about 3 liters, that means that an eight ounce glass has just over 50 grams of carbs.

There is no way to decrease the carbs and maintain this drink’s anti-inflammatory and healthy benefits, but we can keep the carbs from spiking blood sugar.

We added a cup of Mangosteen Pericarp to the recipe, blended the heck out of it and discovered that it did not change the flavor. It changed the color. Suddenly it looked like a chocolate drink. The texture however, also changed. I’ve never used mangosteen pericarp in a drink before, and it’s a bit “gritty.” However, it’s been used for over a thousand years to treat type two diabetes and keep blood sugar from spiking. So we pretty much feel we’ve made this drink a bit healthier, with a net “usable carbs” of perhaps 2 or 3 grams. We have lost our diabetic friend who tests things for us by taking his blood sugar levels before and after trying our recipes, so we’re unsure how well this works. Though, because of things we’ve tested in the past, we’re pretty sure that what we’ve created here will not spike blood sugar levels.

You can get your mangosteen pericarp at Simply the Best under Superfoods.