Frozen Mocha on a Stick


Sep 18
Mocha on a Stick

Yes, I love the Minnesota State Fair and I try to go yearly. This year, lovely Dawn stopped by and I just had to take her to the State Fair. Other than the State Fair in Texas, the one in Minnesota is the largest in the country. First we had to get a Chicago Dog and a beer. Yes, hot dogs are bad for you, but I have about one hot dog a year, and that’s at the Minnesota State Fair and it’s a Chicago Dog (I was born in Chicago) and they come with everything, or as Buddha said to the hot dog vendor, “Make me one with everything.”

If I do have a “weenie roast” at my place, it will be either a kosher dog or an uncured hot dog.

After that we went to the International Bazaar where we can find colorful shirts and dresses (unisex) from Africa and India, as well as olives on a stick and hot sauces that can rip your heart out of your chest. We love the guy there who runs the booth. He always sells us his “latest newest” hot sauce.

On our way to the car, we had to stop off for the Mocha on a Stick. It’s not really a Mocha on a Stick, it’s coffee flavored ice cream made especially for the State Fair. And like everything from deep fried Twinkies to Alligator, it’s on a stick. Everything is on a stick at the State Fair including their Hot Dish on a Stick (did not go over well and tasted horrible, but we had to try it last year).

After 20 minutes of standing in line, we said, “To hell with this. Let’s go home and make them!”

So we did.

They were okay, but unlike ice cream, they weren’t creamy enough. And don’t believe the BS above when they say, “its cooling properties make it worth every penny.”  This is a science based site, and to be true to science, we must tell you that the overall effect of eating ice cream in the summer is a rise in your body temperature. Sure, it feels good at the time, but if you want to lower your body temperature in the summer, try come hot tea or hot, black coffee.

So, we found that just freezing mocha didn’t cut it. It was too watery, too icy, not creamy and smooth. ‘

Because we wanted to sell them at the Farmer’s Market, we had to come up with a better recipe, so yours truly got to work and created a mocha on a stick that was, yes, to die for.

We present the recipe to you, and forgive us for using our MultiLevel Marketing products, as well as our affiliate products, but this is how we made them and they are pretty darn good.Organo Cafe Mocha

10 Packets of Organo™ Gourmet Café Mocha

25 oz filtered water

25 oz of your favorite “strong” coffee (we used Death Wish Coffee [organically grown, fair trade])

½ cup Coconut Milk PowderChocolate Whey Protein

3 scoops of ogx™FENIX Rich Chocolate Nutritional Shake Mix (whey protein)

4 scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen PeptidesVital Proteins

Blend well with a blender or an immersion blender and then pour into Popsicle Molds.

That’s it. They were flavorful and creamy. They weren’t ice cream, but everyone loved them.