Two Award Winning Sandwiches


Feb 02

Both of these recipes require that you have first prepared two other recipes from this site first, of course, if you are going to make the authentic version (which is the only version we ever make).

The two recipes are:

  1. MCT Mayo
  2. Taste of India Pickles

Since you have to make the pickles (they are sun pickles; just 4 days in the sun and you’ve got pickles) in the early summer, late spring, you can get away with some short cuts. However, we should point out that the difference, to your connoisseurs out there, is substantial.

However, you can use store bought mayo (or MiracleWhip®) and any dill pickle (or the juice from your chili peppers). It’s still a damn good sandwich, it’s just not as good, nor as healthy (anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic) as the original.

First the award winning (yes, the original recipe got a blue ribbon at a county fair way back when I was still a soldier in the army) . . .

Ham Salad Sandwich

Ingredients (as always, as organic as possible)

Sugar Free Petite Ham (raised humanely) see the picture →

Two Cheeses:
Sharp Cheddar
Monterey Jack/Pepper Jack (my choices; but up to you)

Hot Chili Peppers
MCT Mayo
Juice from Taste of India Pickles)

Warning: These are both “bachelor’s recipes,” which means: no [exact] measuring.

Mezzetta Hot Chili PeppersThe original chili peppers I used in 1971 are the same I recommend today. They’re the Mezzetta Hot Chili Peppers. I chose them specifically for their “crunch” value.

However, if these are too hot, you can always use some mild banana peppers. And for you people who do like hot and spicy, you can always add a habanero or two.

In this recipe, I use half a jar of these, pulling off their stems and squeezing the juice out of them before I put them into my food processor.

Food Processor: For those of you who don’t have one, we have an affiliate program with “Chef’s Catalog,” a company that handles the best of the best kitchen gadgets in the world. Their kitchen tools last a long time. So, check them out: Food Processors at Chef’s Catalog.

So now that you’ve chopped up your peppers in your food processor, it’s time for the ham.

I use about a two pound ham, cut into smaller pieces then whipped up in the food processor with the peppers. I then pour all this into a big, wide bowl for mixing. It will all fit into smaller bowls when finished.

I grate both cheeses, between a quarter and a half pound of each and stir.

Fold in the mayo (as much as you prefer) and here is the “secret” which isn’t much of a secret if I tell it to you, but here goes:

Drizzle some Taste of India pickle juice over the recipes. (Maybe about a quarter cup.) Make sure you shake up the bottle to mix all the spices (you’ll notice that the turmeric settles to the bottom).

The original recipe, back in 1971, was created by pouring the pickled chili pepper juice into the recipe, and it took the blue ribbon. If you don’t have the Taste of India Pickles made up (with cumin, fenugreek, turmeric, black pepper, garlic, and Celtic Sea Salt), you can use the juice from your chili peppers. But to a connoisseur, the difference is amazing.

Serve this sandwich to a friend, and watch their eyes light up.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

I’ve just invented this recipe (Feb 1, 2019).

Ingredients (as organic, free range, chemically free as possible)

Cooked Chicken (I used a complete breast and a thigh of a medium sized chicken)
Onion (about a third of a cup)
Garlic cloves (2-3; chicken loves garlic)
1 Large sized Taste of India pickle
Cheddar Cheese (optional, about half a cup to a cup)
MCT Mayo (about half a cup)
¼ Cup Tarragon 
Celtic Sea Salt (about 2 teaspoons; chicken loves salt)
Juice from your Taste of India pickles (just about a quarter cup)


Cut up the onion and place it with your garlic in your food processor and give it a spin. Then add the chicken and blend it all together.

Fold all that into a bowl, and stir in the cheese (it’s an option; we’ve made it both ways…very good). Then stir in the mayo and sprinkle with salt. 

Put the tarragon in your hands and rub them together, sprinkling the crushed leaves all around, and then, finally, pour in the juice for one last stir and serve.

I finally got some fresh tarragon and it’s perfect. 


  • Peggy says:

    MCT MAYO: This is the best! Spicy and sweet. It was easy to make and SO worth the effort!
    TASTE OF INDIA PICKLES: Taste wonderful and healthy to boot!
    These two sandwiches are the bomb! They are the best ever!

  • Stephanie says:

    The Ham Sandwich is absolutely to DIE FOR and is SOOOO fun to make! David taught me how to make the Mayo from scratch (which is amazing on its own) and with the Ham Sandwich recipe, I can finally NOT feel guilty about an extra scoop! The taste of India pickle juice really tops it off too!!! I highly recommend it!!! 🙂

  • Ava J Bellomy says:

    The ham salad sandwich is quite literally the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten!
    Way past delicious.

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