Strawberry Jam — Low Carb


Sep 27

Sure, bread is a starch and high in carbs, but do we need more carbs in a jam? Besides, what makes toast with jam bad for us (in weight loss circles) is the butter. Yes, butter is healthy, but the moment you mix carbs with fats, the fats run off to get stored.

Here’s the recipe:



Blend up your strawberries in a blender, add the sweeteners, then add the Konjac Flour, and blend a little longer, put into containers and store in the fridge. This can be frozen.

Here is what we’ve learned about the Konjac Flour.

One half teaspoon in three quarters of a cup (6 oz) of any liquid (we experimented with water) makes your liquid into a jell like substance. We originally learned that one teaspoon in half a cup of water makes a solid substance.

We are going to experiment with our local wild grapes this fall.

Mixing Erythritol With Stevia

Over ten years ago we learned: When you mix erythritol with stevia, they cancel out each other’s aftertaste. The only time you will notice it is if you drink water (maybe other things too) right after eating something with this mixture in it. Otherwise, and we’ve been told this by nearly everyone who has tried it, it tastes like sugar. 

Here is a page to help you make this combination at home: Erythritol/Stevia Mixture.