How These Rebel Asians Now Rank #1 for Health and Longevity…

Cardiovascular Care

Jan 19

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Shocking results from a World Health Organization study of 35 countries: 1

How These Rebel Asians Now
Rank #1 for Health and Longevity…

Even though they smoke twice as much as Americans, drink 4 times more booze, and exercise less than anyone else on Earth!

Discover the “7-day circulation miracle” clinical studies prove reverses
the damage of a hard-partying lifestyle for…

  • Perfect blood test results after just one week — with just one tiny spoonful a day.
  • “Significantly decreasing weight, BMI, and body fat,” in weight-loss trials, with a healthy diet and exercise.
  • And helped one long-suffering doctor go from a 95% artery blockage to “heart issues totally resolved”… with noticeable results in just 24 hours!

…without side effects, prescriptions or giving up things you love!

How do they get away with it?

They drink 4 times more alcohol than Americans.

Smoke twice as much as us.

And eat MORE meat than ever.

But incredibly, despite their indulgences…

According to a newly released World Health Organization study, people in a small, fun-loving Asian country (not Japan) have: 2

  • Excellent blood pressure
  • Low triglycerides
  • Strong circulation to their hands and feet
  • Healthy cholesterol levels
  • Powerful, resilient hearts

And now rank No. 1 in life expectancy.

With researchers predicting the bulk of the population will age in perfect health and “keep the party” going well into their 90’s!

How Do They Get Away With It?

It’s crazy…

How did they beat out previous champions? Countries like Greece, Switzerland and Japan? Which are famous for their healthy diets?

How do they thrive while rebelling against things our government officials and major mainstream medical organizations don’t want you to do? Vices that would be banned if authorities had their way?

What’s their secret? And could it help Americans too?

That’s exactly what I had to find out. So I visited them. And if you’ll commit to reading this letter… then I’ll share with you exactly how they do it…

It all starts with the results of a comprehensive study on 35 industrialized countries that proves you can live a long, healthy life and enjoy every second of it.

Specifically, I’ll show you what this small group of rebel Asians sprinkle on every meal that…

Reverses the Damage of a Hard-Partying Lifestyle

It’s a type of seasoning that is practically unknown to the western world.

Confirmed by new scientific research, it’s a godsend for all 100,000 miles of your blood vessels.

Take one double-blind, placebo-controlled study, where 100 people took this seasoning for just one weekNo changes in diet. No changes in exercise.

But every… single… ONE of them had perfect numbers by the end…

Meaning fasting blood sugar, total glucose, cholesterol and LDL levels ALL in the normal healthy ranges.

I’ll circle back and give you the full details of this study in a moment…

But to put this into perspective, if you started taking this seasoning today, and assuming you got the same results…

In Just 7 Days You’d Ace Your Next Blood Test!

What’s even more amazing…

These results were achieved with a very tiny dose.

Just half an ounce a day. That’s small enough to fit in a teaspoon. Yet, it still provides you a huge health boost — all because of the unique way it maximizes circulation and nutrient delivery from your head to your toes.

Calling it a “7-day circulation miracle” may sound a little over-the-top to some…

But when was the last time you heard of anything reversing the damage of a hard-partying lifestyle? That’s clinically proven to deliver beautiful blood tests results?

In just 7 days?

Over the next few minutes…

I’m going to share with you the exact details of this little-known spice… and also… how a tiny daily dose can put you on track for great health and longevity in just a week.3

And it’s all possible:

  • Without doctor’s visits or prescriptions
  • Without drugs
  • And without dangerous side effects

How Can I Be So Sure You’ll Experience
Similar Results?

First, I’ve seen similar results in my patients. I’ll introduce you to a few shortly.

And second, there is nothing special about this particular group of Asians.

They didn’t hit the genetic lotto.

A Stanford University School of Medicine study found they are just as susceptible to cardiovascular disease when compared to Americans.4

They don’t exercise more either.

In fact, the same World Health Organization found they are some of the most sedentary people in the world with one of the highest rates of physical inactivity.5

What about their environment?

It’s terrible.

According to the Environmental Performance Index they ranked nearly dead last — 173 out of 180 countries — in terms of air quality.

Add it all up, and everything indicates they should be dropping like flies:

  • They drink more
  • They smoke more
  • They eat unhealthy
  • They don’t enjoy a genetic advantage
  • They don’t exercise
  • And they live in a toxic environment

Yet, they live longer and healthier lives than anyone else on the planet.

Meanwhile, what about us?

Americans today exercise more… and smoke, drink, and eat less red meat than almost any time in history.

And what do we get for that?

Life expectancy in the United States has dropped three (3!) straight years in a row, with most people here never seeing their 80th birthday.

My Prescription: Have FUN
and Call Me When You’re 100

You don’t have to sacrifice to be healthy.

I’m a doctor and I’d never tell my patients to binge drink and smoke more.

But if you want a steak? Go ahead and eat it. If you enjoy a beer or two? So do I. If you can’t stand the thought of pounding out hours on the treadmill. Don’t do it.

Even the occasional cigar is OK.

If the health police heard me say that, they’d blow a gasket. They want you to believe you have to sacrifice ALL the little pleasures in life. That your very survival is at stake.

But they got it all wrong.

Living long and living well is NOT about denying yourself the finer things in life. And these Asians prove it.

That’s why I’m confident this will work for you too.

In fact, you deserve it.

After all, you’re likely a much more disciplined person than the people from this Asian country. So if this is safeguarding their health, just imagine what it could do for you.

Let me just say, if you are sick of depriving yourself and fed-up with the constant struggle of diet and exercise — then this might be the most important message you ever read.

The discoveries I’ve made have helped my patients and thousands of people just like you escape the aches and suffering of old age and enjoy a higher quality of life.

And, starting with this “7-day circulation miracle” I’ve created a new, one-of-a-kind, at-home tonic that is godsend for your heart and arteries.

It needs no prescription. It has no dangerous side effects. And, you’ll start feeling the results in just 7 days.

With this, I’ve had a lot of success with patients who visit me looking to improve their heart health and circulation.

In fact, it works so well, it’s now the first thing I recommend to patients who visit the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine for ANY reason.

Because if your circulation suffers, then whatever else you do will be less effective.

After all, your circulation is what delivers vitamins, minerals, oxygen, nutrients — you name it (even prescription drugs) — to every square inch of your body.

It’s the foundation.

And if that’s not working, well, nothing else really matters does it?

And the results speak for themselves…

Twenty Years of Suffering Reversed in 24 Hours for Traditionally Trained Doctor

I invite you to consider the story of one of my patients.

He’s a doctor trained in traditional medicine. He asked me to call him “Dr. D” for privacy reasons.

Back in 2001, he was diagnosed with a 95% blockage in the main artery of his heart.

But despite surgeons putting a stent in… and a medicine cabinet full of the typical approaches… he suffered for the next 20 years.

Then he read a letter I wrote about how to get a stronger heart. A letter just like this one. And immediately put my advice it into action.

In short order he lost 20 pounds.

Excited by that success he visited my clinic. And the decision changed his life.

Almost 20 years after his stent operation we put him on the full program, starting with daily doses of the heart tonic. In just 24 hours he said he could feel the difference.

A week later, his energy levels were higher than any time since his surgery. And his numbers were improving.

By the end of the program he lost another 20 pounds (for a total of 40 pounds lost). And reports, “my metabolism and energy are dramatically improved.” Tests shows his heart seems to be functioning as high as it ever was. And he just recently says this winter is the most enjoyable he’s had “in over 25 years.”

“Thank You Dr. Sears, From the Bottom
of My (Now Totally Healthy!) Heart.”

And remember, this is coming from someone who suffered for 20 years… and once had a 95% blockage in the main artery of his heart!

I have a file drawer of stories from patients who’ve seen results just like Dr. D using nothing more than my heart tonic.

But, to be clear…

Dr. D was NOT in the best shape. And he opted for some very advanced (and expensive) treatments.

But even as he paid tens of thousands of dollars for these higher-end treatments…

He followed my advice and continued using the heart tonic.

This brings up an important point…

Fancy therapies have their place. And there are no shortage of “specialists” who are happy to prescribe them (and pay off their mortgage with fees collected during your office visits).

But that doesn’t mean you should abandon simple, easy and effective options.

As a doctor with three decades seeing patients, I can assure you…

What you do on a daily basis matters much more than any one-time treatment. Because nothing else really matters unless what carries oxygen and nutrients to every square inch of your body is in good working order.

In other words, your circulation.

In fact, here’s just a snapshot of what new research shows optimal circulation can do for you:

  • Aides memory and brain function
  • Plays a key role in physical endurance
  • Supports healthy insulin levels
  • Keeps energy levels high
  • Optimizes kidney and liver function
  • Maintains brain volume
  • And supports healthy arteries

The best part?

This involves…

  • No prescriptions
  • No drugs
  • And no dangerous side effects

In fact, using my new heart tonic…

You can get all this from home, without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office.

I’ll show you how you can try it 100% risk-free in a moment.

But first, what is the Asian country that now ranks No. 1 in health and longevity? And how does the “7-day circulation miracle” help them thrive despite a laundry list of bad habits?

Where Booze, Beef, and Beautiful Arteries Coexist

South Korea.

Much like the neighboring countries of Japan and Taiwan, South Koreans not only enjoy a high standard of living, they are home to some of the healthiest people in the world.

How healthy?

The American Journal of Public Health reports South Koreans life expectancy skyrocketed from 52 years old in 1960 to over 78 years in 2005.6

That’s a gain of 26 EXTRA years.

The highest jump on record.

But their longevity increases didn’t stop there.

As I mentioned earlier in the World Health Organization study, most South Korean’s born in the next decade are expected to see their 90th birthday.7

And to really put their health in stark perspective… Only 3% of the population is obese (compare that to 30%! of Americans!)8

How Do These Rebel Asians Do It?

How are they achieving these results?

And could it do the same for you and your loved ones?

That’s the question I had to answer for my patients.

So I dug into the data. And looking at it through the lens of 30+ years of medical experience, two points became clear…

The first one has nothing to with your health.

But the second one has EVERYTHING to do with your health.

Let me explain…

You see, first, better sanitation, cleaner water, and a higher standard of living has modernized this once 3rd world country. As a result, diseases of poverty — like infant mortality and infections — have plummeted.

Great, but…

Do you have running water in your house? Access to soap? Clean living conditions? If so, you’re likely NOT suffering or at risk for any of these diseases of poverty. So this doesn’t have any bearing on your health whatsoever.

Which brings me to my second, and much more important, point.

While many other countries have drastically increased their standard of living too, they HAVE NOT experienced the same rapid increases in health and life expectancy.

Quite the opposite…

It turns out as most 3rd world countries modernize, they adopt modern bad habits too. The result? From the journal Globalization and Health,9 “Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980,” leading them to conclude, “rapid economic growth may actually cause health to get worse… followed by increases in disease and death.”

These are known as disease of affluence

The kind of diseases you, I, and the rest of America are very familiar with.

Now here’s what is interesting…

As South Korea has modernized, they have NOT fallen victim to these diseases of affluence.

In fact, in a study titled Understanding the Rapid Increase in Life Expectancy in South Korea, researchers found their hearts and circulation are actually getting stronger

Even though they’re smoking more, drinking more, and exercising less than anyone else.

In other words, something is protecting these South Koreans.

And after observing them firsthand, I believe I know what their secret is.

It’s been around for more than 2,000 years. But only recently have clinical studies revealed its artery protecting power.

And it doesn’t take much.

One Teaspoon… 7 Days… Perfect Test Results

A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food gave this side dish to two groups of people every day for a week.

One got a full cup. The other got about half an ounce… just a teaspoon.10

Other than that nobody altered their diet, exercised more, or made any other lifestyle changes whatsoever.

You’d think the group getting the larger serving would bring the biggest results.

But get this…

After just 7 days, both groups experienced fasting blood sugar, total glucose, cholesterol and LDL levels ALL in the normal healthy ranges.

Even more profound was that the people with the highest total cholesterol saw the biggest transformation…

In just one week!

To my knowledge, nothing else produces results like this so fast.

Both inside your body AND outside where people will notice with envy…

From Big Butts to Skinny Jeans in 4 Weeks

A World Health Organization study measured the body mass index of 190 countries and found South Koreans are thinner than almost every other country…

EXCEPT impoverished 3rd world nations like Afghanistan… Myanmar… and North Korea where people are starving.11

Now it’s no secret depriving yourself of food leads to weight loss…

But could this side dish help you get skinnier without the struggle?

A study from Ajou University — one of the most prestigious universities in Korea — wanted to find out.

So without any other changes whatsoever, they gave this side dish to overweight women in their early 40s. In just 4 weeks they reported “significantly decreased weight, BMI, and body fat.12

But what’s most interesting is WHERE they lost the weight.

You see, when the study started, all of the women measured in at the “high” end of the waist-hip ratio.

In non-scientific terms… they had bigger butts.

But by the end of the month, every single woman’s measurements had shrunk back down to the average range.

And when you consider all it takes is just one teaspoon of this side dish… It’s not hard to see how this might be the easiest thing you can do to make a huge impact.

This is incredible. Because typically this does NOT happen without changing your diet and lots of exercise.

Is it any wonder it’s widely called…

The Chicken Soup of Korea

I’m talking about Kimchi.

Just like you can ferment cucumbers to make pickles…

The main ingredient in kimchi is a special type of cabbage. That is then fermented with assorted other ingredients.

It’s a shame it’s almost impossible to get authentic kimchi in the United States (I’ve tried). And although you’ve probably never heard or tried this unique side dish before, don’t worry…

Fortunately, the secret behind kimchi’s health benefits isn’t necessarily the kimchi itself, but rather the collection of nutrients inside.

Here’s proof…

The 4-Week Blood Pressure Miracle

One clinical study published in the journal Atherosclerosis rounded up 126 men in their 40s.

Now, these were not ordinary 40-year-old men.

They were extraordinarily unhealthy.

They were picked specifically by researchers because they smoked, drank, and hardly ate any fruits or vegetables.

As a result, they had serious concerns with their blood pressure.

Why is that bad?

Well, according to the CDC, high blood pressure puts you at a greater risk of heart disease and stroke, the leading causes of death in the United States.13

About 75 million American adults (32%) have high blood pressure — that’s 1 in every 3 adults.

Anyways, for four weeks half the men got JUST ONE of the nutrients in kimchi. And compared to the placebo group their results were stunning…

Their blood pressure dropped back to healthy levels!

In the study report, the researchers confirmed “supplementation had beneficial effects on biomarkers of oxidative stress, as evidenced by decreased oxidative DNA damage.”

In plain English that means, the inflammation and oxidation from drinking and smoking was reduced. And the walls of their blood vessels were able to repair themselves.

Think about that for a minute.

These men were avid drinkers, smokers, and didn’t follow the conventional wisdom of eating five fruits and vegetables a day.

But in just four short weeks it was like they never had high blood pressure!

And that’s from just ONE of the nutrients found in kimchi!

Why is it so powerful?

Like a Fresh New Coat of Paint
for Rough, Old Arteries

Our heart and blood vessels work all day and night to provide our bodies with a constant stream of energy via the blood and the oxygen it carries.

Under normal circumstances, this system allows us to age gracefully with as few bumps on the road to 100 as possible.

There’s just one problem…

Our environment is anything but normal.

Over the last half century, so much has changed.

Chickens, cows, and other animals we eat are injected with hormones that wreak havoc on our bodies…14

Fish, shrimp, and other seafood are swimming oceans laden with mercury and other toxins…15

Vegetables and fruits are soaked in pesticides…16

And when you consume them, these harmful molecules enter your bloodstream and destroy the delicate inner lining of your blood vessels.

Imagine an old building that’s been sitting out in the elements. The paint peels and feels rough to the touch.

That’s what happens inside your arteries.

And this excess inflammation and oxidation within your arterial walls not only weaken the strength of your blood vessels, but the inside of your heart as well.

But as you’ve just seen, the “7-day circulation miracle” found inside kimchi protects you from all of that.

What is it?

A unique antioxidant called lycopene.

But as powerful as it is, it only addresses ONE of what I call the three pillars of maximum cardiovascular health.

Which is why, along with lycopene, I’ve assembled 17 proven heart health boosters into a new ultimate heart support formula.

Introducing Assure II Heart Tonic

It’s exactly what I use in my clinic.

There’s nothing else like it available.

And now — for the first-time ever — you can get exactly what I give my patients to increase circulation three different ways… all in the comfort of your own home. It includes:

  • Seven of the most powerful natural nutrients proven in clinical studies to support the health of your heart, arteries and circulation.
  • The “open sesame” molecule that widens arteries… increasing blood flow… making it EASIER to flush out toxins, waste and other accumulated “garbage” standing between you and optimum blood flow.
  • EXCLUSIVE! One of the only herbs known to science that grows new arteries to bypass old, clogged ones.

This last point is what ALL other formulas I researched lack. And the result is, even if they can “clean-up” clogged arteries…

They DON’T support the growth of new arteries…

They CAN’T re-supply blood to areas of your body that are currently choked off, starving for oxygen and other nutrients…

Which means they FAIL to support circulation where you need it most!

It’s outrageous!

Which is why I’ve created a new formula called Assure II Health Tonic.

Just mix one scoop a day into your favorite beverage and you’ll get more than 6,000 milligrams of the most powerful circulation boosters known to man.

Why not a pill? Because…

Pills Can’t Deliver a Big Enough Dose

Even the biggest pills can only hold — at most — 2,500 milligrams.

Here’s why that’s a problem.

For the ingredients I’m about to show you — in all of the studies I’ve looked into — researchers used dosages starting at 500 mg. If you do the math, what that means is that you can pack — at most — five of these ingredients into a pill.

But through research… testing… and experimenting I’ve determined there are 18 nutrients my patients need to optimum circulation three separate ways.

It’s impossible to pack a high enough dose of these 18 nutrients into a single pill to get results.

In other words — AT BEST — typical circulation supplements deliver just a fraction of what works in clinical trials.

Sure, you could spend more money on these other options and take multiple pills…

But even then… they still can’t grow brand new arteries.

Bottom Line: Most circulation formulas fail to address all the problems faced by people suffering circulation concerns. And they fail to deliver a big enough dose of the most effective ingredients. They can’t. There’s simply not enough room in a pill.

But at more than 6,000 milligrams a scoop…

Assure II Heart Tonic Delivers More Than Double the Dose You’d Find in ANY Pill

Many of my patients are using it to ace their heart checkups for the first time in years. With just one scoop a day, you could live like those rebellious Asians from South Korea and still love your:

  • Blood pressure
  • Triglycerides
  • Circulation (even to your hands and feet)
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Powerful, resilient heart

In just 7 days.

This is the Rolls Royce of cardiovascular support formulas… it does ALL the work… while you have ALL the fun.

I’ll tell you how to try it Risk-Free in a moment.

However, so you make an informed decision, let me tell you about the rest of the ingredients. I’ve already introduced you to lycopene, and I’ll circle back to the other artery supporting ingredients in a moment…

But first let me ask you a question…

What Are Your Options
If You Have a Clogged Artery?

It’s NOT what mainstream medicine wants you to believe.

They say only surgical measures — like angioplasty, stents, or the more drastic bypass — are your ONLY options to open an artery that’s sealed shut.



Lots of it.

These procedures are huge income generators.

Angiograms start at $5,000 and go up from there. Stents will set you back up to $40,000.

But that’s still just pocket change…

According to an American Heart Association report, the average hospital charge for heart bypass surgery will drain your retirement savings by $117,094.17

And that doesn’t include the surgeon’s fee!

Any way you slice it, there is a MOUNTAIN of cash incentivizing them to cut you open. And that’s a big reason why you haven’t heard of…

Ingredient #2: Helps You Grow New Arteries
to Bypass Old Ones

Here are two questions mainstream doctors don’t want you to consider.

What if you didn’t have to unclog, clogged arteries?

And what if your body could naturally grow brand new arteries AROUND the old ones?

It would work just like bypass surgery. But without cost. Without the downtime. Without the slicing and dicing. And without the six-figure price tag.

Does that sound like science fiction?

It’s not. It’s a medical fact.

You can look it up.

It’s called angiogenesis.

And your body is naturally doing it all the time.

But get this…

One herb helps this process along.

And it’s so powerful it…

Re-Starts Heart Tissue
Doctors Thought Was Dead

In one animal study, researchers completely cut-off circulation to the legs of mice.

But mice given the herb expressed higher levels of all 5 growth factors necessary for angiogenesis. In most cases, these levels were more than DOUBLE what the control mice experienced. And autopsies proved this led to increased circulation… even though… blood supply was physically choked-off!18

And that’s just for starters…

Another study artificially induced heart attacks in mice.

Now, traditional doctors will tell you once heart tissue dies after an attack, it never comes back to life. The saying I heard in medical school is “dead meat don’t beat.”

However in this study, not only did new blood vessels grow in old dead tissue… but… in short order that tissue started pumping blood again!19

But does it work in people?


Three Times Stronger for Your Heart

In a placebo-controlled, double-blind study doctors gathered 62 patients deemed “hopeless.” They had congested heart failure. Some had liver problems. Others had barely functioning immune systems. For 20 days, half got this herb… while the other half got nitroglycerin.

Half got this herb. The other half got the typical approach. The results were astonishing…

In just 20 days, the control group improved 25%.

That’s fantastic considering these patients were practically on death’s door.

But the so-called “hopeless patients” using this herb improved a whopping 74%.20

In other words, their hearts were three times stronger than if they got the typical approach!

And not only that, but blood tests confirmed their immune blood level markers, liver function, and blood pressure all improved too!

What is this herb that helps grow brand new arteries around old clogged ones? Re-starting heart tissue doctors thought was dead? And in clinical trials is proven to give “hopeless” patients a stronger heart and a new lease on life?


The study gave the “hopeless” patients the equivalent of 60 mg of astragalus per day. But after using this with my patients, I’ve found a 650 mg dose works much better.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get in Assure II Heart Tonic.

But just because you can grow new blood vessels doesn’t mean you should give up on the old ones.

And that’s where the rest of the ingredients in Assure II Heart Tonic come in.

Now this may seem like an odd question…

But have you ever tried to use a garden hose that has a kink in it? It doesn’t work until you un-kink the hose. And then it’s like “open sesame” and water comes rushing out, right?

Well that’s exactly what this next ingredient does to your arteries…

Ingredient #3: The “Open Sesame” Molecule
That Supports Healthy Arteries

Since winning the Nobel Prize in 1998, nitric oxide therapy has reigned supreme as the No. 1 treatment for blood flow. That’s because more than 200,000 clinical studies confirm it:

  • Aides memory and brain function
  • Boosts endurance
  • Regulates insulin
  • Increases energy
  • Optimizes kidney and liver function
  • Prevents age-related brain shrinkage
  • Supports clean, free-flowing arteries
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol

Why is it so powerful?

Because it is a signaling molecule. In other words, when your body produces it… it “signals” your blood vessels to open up.

But here’s the problem…

As you age, your ability to create nitric oxide declines rapidly.

It starts around 40.

Until that point, nitric oxide levels are high… enough to keep your blood flowing and everything full of vitality.

But by your 70s, your nitric oxide levels have declined an alarming 75%.21

The result?

Your arteries don’t open as easy. Your circulation falls off a cliff, and nutrient-rich blood doesn’t get to where you need it. And you feel worse and worse as the years tick by.

Which is why I recommend it for all of my patients. I tell them…

Nitric Oxide is the Key to Curing Old Age

But there’s another problem with nitric oxide.

You can’t directly supplement with it.

You see, it’s produced in the inside lining of your blood vessels, your endothelium.

Which means if you want better circulation… you must have enough of the raw nutrients to create nitric oxide “on-demand.”

And for that you need L-arginine.

It is responsible for 70% of the nitric oxide produced in your endothelium.

And supplementing with it is a game-changer for your circulation. Just take a look…

Scientists writing in the American Heart Journal looked at 11 different studies. Combined, these studies involved 387 participants who were split into two groups, one group receiving the l-arginine and another group using a placebo.

After four weeks, scientists found that when compared to the placebo, those using the amino acid saw healthy blood pressure.22

Even more incredible though is that those who had the highest blood pressure had the most to gain from the amino acid.

As one scientist put it, “hypertension status showed greater [blood pressure] reductions in hypertensive participants than in normotensive ones.”23

And that’s just for starters…

Because numerous studies have shown that nitric oxide has had amazing benefits for controlling diabetes, exercise performance, muscle soreness (including angina pain), erectile dysfunction and heart health.

And it all starts with l-arginine. I suggest my patients start at 500 mg a day. Which is exactly what you’ll get in each serving of Assure II Heart Tonic.

Amazing: What You Get in Every Scoop

To recap, the three anchor ingredients of my heart tonic are:

#1: Lycopene, the crazy Asian secret to beautiful arteries

#2: Astragalus, the secret to growing new arteries

#3: L-arginine: the “open sesame” molecule

But that’s just for starters. Everything else in Assure II Heart Tonic complements lycopene to protect and strengthen your existing arteries.

Here’s a quick bit about each…

Ingredient #4: Ancient Secret
to Silky Smooth Arteries

The ancient Greeks called it Taraxacum which means “disorder remedy.”

The famous 15th century surgeon Master Wilhelmus called it Lion’s tooth because he claimed it was as important for a person’s health as a tooth was to a lion.

In fact, every culture with a written medical record hails its powers. Including modern ones…

As reported in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers gave this plant extract to 17 patients. And over the course of five hours everyone urinated more.24

In other words, it relaxes your blood vessels so they widen. Wider arteries flow more fluid… which then flushes out toxins that could aggravate your blood vessels.

The result?

In animal studies, compounds in this plant roots have been shown to support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.25

Which is why dandelion root is one of the most revered plants in history. The study above used a tea extract that delivered 200 mg a day. Every dose of Assure II Heart Tonic has 500 mg.

Ingredient #5: More White Blood Cells
for Maximum Inflammation Support

Another valuable weapon in the fight to keep your arteries healthy is Cat’s Claw.

Researchers from the University of Lund in Sweden tested its effects with 27 men (average age, 50).

After 2 months they measured their white blood cell count and were shocked.

Not only did white blood cells increase, but overall inflammation dropped too.26

That’s because Cat’s claw helps mobilize your immune system to support the natural process that balances the inflammatory process. This in turn can support the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.

In other words not only do you get an increase in your body’s defenses against free radicals… but… their day-to-day circulation.

The study mentioned above supplied 700 mg of Cat’s claw. Assure II Heart Tonic contains 1,000 mg.

Ingredient #6: Therapists Love This Nutrient

L-carnitine is popular among physical therapists who work with people who’ve just had a heart attack.

Why? It helps your heart muscles tolerate exercise.

In fact, the Mayo clinic looked at over 3,600 heart patients who supplemented with L-carnitine and found 65% of them had a steadier heartrate!27

The best food source for L-carnitine is steak.

It has three times more L-carnitine than pork. Sixteen times more than fish. And 27 times more than chicken!

A typical 8-ounce steak contains 200 mg. But many of my patients can’t eat steak every day. And that’s why every scoop of Assure II Heart Tonic delivers a powerful 200 mg serving of L-carnitine.

Ingredient #7: The “Fighting Irish”
Secret to Tough As Nails Arteries

For generations, Irish people have made teas, various kinds of breads and even alcoholic beverages from a locally sourced berry.

They even credit it for their grit and determination in the face of thousands of years of foreign occupation.

Well, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study researchers from the University of Reading put this legend to the test.

For 10 weeks, they gave one group this berry and compared to the control, they ended up with healthy blood pressure.28

But most surprising was this dramatic shift in their mental perspective on life…

After the study, everyone reported a new sense of calm. Like all of the challenges of life just got easier… and fear of the future was replaced with confidence they could tackle anything.

Could you see how this would be helpful? Especially if — like the people of Ireland — you had to fight off an enemy hell-bent on total domination?

What is this fruit that the Irish have so highly valued for centuries, even millenniums?

Hawthorn berry.

The study above supplied 500 mg of hawthorn berry a day. You get twice as much — 1000 mg — in every scoop of Assure II Heart Tonic.

Ingredient #8: Mystery Antioxidant
That’s Stronger Than Vitamin C

In 2014, the world was introduced to a new “superfruit.”

That was the year the World Cup was in Brazil. And people who flew in for the event got to experience something Brazilians use there on a daily basis.

This fruit has been used in ice cream, jams, yogurt, and of course, to make a juice.

They say it’s 50 times more effective than an orange for dealing with oxidation.

Intrigued by the claims, researchers writing in the Journal of Cardiology wanted to put this “superfruit” to the test. So they gathered habitual smokers with high levels of oxygenated stress.

For 7 days, half drank juice from the superfruit. The other half got vitamin C.

The result: The “superfruit” group saw their oxidation “decrease significantly,” whereas the vitamin C group didn’t change whatsoever.29

However, that wasn’t what shocked the scientists.

You see, both servings had the same total amount of vitamin C. Which means vitamin C wasn’t the differentiating factor, but it was something else in the fruit.

What was it?

The researchers couldn’t pinpoint one thing. But rather chalked it up to the unique mix of antioxidants found in this superfruit… called Camu-Camu.

I start my patients at 400 mg of camu-camu. Which is what’s in a daily serving of Assure II Heart Tonic.

Ingredient #9: Pharmacy in a Fruit

I uncovered cupuaçu during my excursion through the rainforest of Brazil. People in the Amazon refer to it as the “pharmacy in a fruit,” because of its numerous health benefits.

The secret is in the seeds. A close relative of cocoa, cupuaçu seeds contain an array of powerful antioxidants called flavonoids. Flavonoids are what make dark chocolate healthy too. And cupuaçu has more of them than almost any other food.

Here’s why that’s important…

Researchers writing in the journal Nutrients found that those who ate flavonoid-rich diets have ideal blood vessel wall function… meaning they are able to stretch and keep blood pressure in a stable, healthy normal range…30

Even more interesting was a discovery by the American Cancer Society.

They studied the Kuna tribe in Panama who consume a flavonoid-rich diet and — according to the researchers — had “no known history of cardiovascular disease inside the tribe.”31

Studying my patients’ diets, I found many of them missed out on the benefits of flavonoids. Not that it’s their fault. It’s almost impossible to get a wide spectrum of flavonoids in the typical American diet.

Which is why Assure II Heart Tonic contains a heaping 500 mg dose of cupuaçu.

And finally…

Kimchi, the crazy Asian secret to beautiful arteries, also contains a slew of vitamins missing from most American diets.

That’s why Assure II Heart Tonic also delivers at least 100% of the daily recommended value of magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin C, and four separate B vitamins… ensuring you’re not missing anything.

This Collection of Nutrients,
Many Unknown to Mainstream Medicine,
Are All Circulation Champions

To recap, just one convenient scoop a day of Assure II Heart Tonic delivers a heaping helping of:

  • Seven of the most powerful natural nutrients proven in clinical studies to support the health of your arteries.
  • The “open sesame” molecule that widens arteries… increasing blood flow… making it EASIER to flush out toxins, waste and other accumulated “garbage” standing between you and optimum blood flow.
  • EXCLUSIVE! One of the only herbs known to science that grows new arteries to bypass old, clogged ones.

Each of these ingredients, on their own, could provide powerful relief.

But combining them together in Assure II Heart Tonic is one of the most sure-fire ways I know to flush out of your arteries…

Which in turn removes the biggest obstacle to better circulation.

With results you can see and feel — in some cases — in as little as 7 days.

I’ll tell you how to try it Risk-Free in a moment.

But first, I’m a doctor. And I want to make sure you have all the facts… and more importantly… all the tools to keep your heart ticking like a Swiss watch for a worry-free retirement.

Which is why you get a…

Free Gift With Every Order: The Supplement
I Think EVERYONE Should Take

When you order Assure II Heart Tonic, you get a free jar of what I consider the single most important supplement you can take if you are concerned about your heart health.

And it’s something you’ve likely never considered.

Let me explain…

It’s no secret Big Pharma spends billions on advertising.

Turn the news on any given night, and you’re sure to see dozens of commercials hawking the latest drug to fix whatever ails you. It’s partly how the American public became so well-versed in cholesterol, triglycerides, and high blood pressure.

But there is something they are not telling you about… that experts agree SHOULD be on your radar…

In fact, the most famous heart study ever conducted — the 70-year ongoing Framingham Heart study — reporting, “higher levels were associated with increased risk of new-onset heart failure in both men and women.”32

But the Damage Doesn’t Stop At Your Heart…

Since your arteries flow blood to every organ in your body, high levels can have dire effects everywhere.

Researchers at Moscow State University say its “toxic for the nervous and immune systems.”33

And Johns Hopkins found it destroys your brain because it “impairs DNA repair in hippocampal neurons.”34 In fact, a 2014 study showed patients with high levels had a 4.2-fold increased rate of clinically diagnosed dementia.35

What is it?

An amino acid called homocysteine.

I’ve written a special report that explains everything you need to know about homocysteine. And the twin ways your body keeps it in check. You’ll get that report free.

But more importantly, when you order Assure II Heart Tonic you get…

My Homocysteine Support Formula FREE!

There are solutions that support your body’s ability to keep homocysteine in the normal range. But they are all natural. And that’s why you’ll never see a Big Pharma ad for them. Since they are natural, they can’t be patented.

And since they can’t patent them, they can’t sell them for a profit to the public. Which is why they don’t advertise it and you’ve never heard about it.

But I don’t believe profit motive should stand between you and a healthier and happier life.

Which is why every order of Assure II Heart Tonic gets my Homocysteine Support formula FREE. It contains a combination of nutrients is clinically shown to keep homocysteine levels within normal ranges.

Normally, Homocysteine Support sells for $29.99 a bottle. But it’s yours free with every order.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably as excited as I am about this unique formula. And what it can do for your quality of life… even while you enjoy things you’ve been told are strictly “off-limits.” Like…

  • Eggs
  • Steaks
  • BBQ
  • Salt
  • Booze
  • Liquor

Even the occasional cigarette or cigar.

The ingredients in Assure II Heart Tonic are that powerful.

And while many of the clinical studies of these ingredients show results in weeks…

And I’ve seen patients feel the effects in just hours…

After a lifetime of abuse, damaged arteries don’t just heal overnight.

And while you’ll experience stronger circulation from day one, all of the clinical studies show as your arteries heal, you’ll get better and better results with continued use.

In your first month of use, you’ll notice you’ll have more energy, more restful sleep, and you might even feel a little bit younger too.

However, if you want the dramatic results experienced by many of the people in the studies I presented to you today, I recommend at least the 3-month supply.

Lock in Your Lowest Price With VIP Auto Delivery and Save Over $807 Annually

As a VIP Auto Delivery member, you’ll get 3 jars of Assure II Heart Tonic (a 3-month supply) shipped right to your door for just $84.95 a jar.

That’s a whopping 15% savings off the retail price.

Plus, you’ll get 3 BOTTLES of Homocysteine Support FREE, an $89.87 value. And shipping and handling is FREE!

Every 3 months, just before you run out, we’ll ship you a new 3-month supply, and your credit card will be charged. (You can cancel at any time.)

The price will never go up as long as you’re on VIP Auto Delivery. Meaning the VIP Auto Delivery Program saves you over $201 in three months… over $400 in six months… and annually, you’ll save over $807 dollars.

Compare the costs and save a bundle!

If you bought each of the individual ingredients in this letter, it would cost you more than 3 (three!) times than Assure II Heart Tonic.


Just look at the monthly cost of the so-called “best” of these nutrients found online, that contain the exact same serving amount found in Assure II Heart Tonic:

Cat’s Claw… $14.99

Hawthorn Berry… $13.85

Astragalus… $26.99

Cupuaçu… $19.98


L-Arginine… $15.17

Camu-Camu… $17.96

L-Carnitine… $28.49

Lycopene… $19.85

Add in the trace vitamins and minerals, and that well exceeds the 3-month Best Deal Assure II Heart Tonic price.

But the prices above are for just a ONE-MONTH supply.

In other words, taking the Best Deal today is like getting two months of Assure II Heart Tonic for FREE!

Now, try the 7-day circulation miracle Assure II Heart Tonic. Satisfaction guaranteed or it’s FREE!

In addition you’ll get two special easily downloadable e-Reports, Supercharge Your Tired Heart and Outperform People HALF Your Age (a $19.95 value) and The Nitric Oxide Revolution (a $19.95 value). Along with those e-Reports, you’ll get a FREE subscription to my daily email broadcast, Doctor’s House Call.

FREE e-Report #1: Supercharge Your Tired Heart and Outperform People HALF Your Age (a $19.95 value)

In this special e-Report, you’ll learn:

  • How your telomeres are responsible for the aging of your primary organs including your heart, brain, skin, eyes, and more
  • The key nutrient that switches on your “anti-aging” gene
  • The list of best wines that improve your longevity
  • Not a fan of wine? The foods that house this “anti-aging” nutrient
  • How to replace statins with a supplement that actually HEALS your heart
  • The 6 “Must-Have” nutrients for a starving heart to be whole

And much more. in this special e-Report.

Yours FREE with the purchase of Assure II Heart Tonic.

FREE e-Report #2: The Nitric Oxide Revolution (a $19.95 value)

In this exclusive e-Report, I’m going to share with you:

  • How low blood oxygen levels is impacting more than just your heart
  • The symptoms associated with poor blood flow
  • The amazing science behind nitric oxide and how it holds the key to starving off diseases of civilization like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and heart disease
  • The foods richest in the amino acids that make nitric oxide
  • The best (and most unlikely) fruit for increasing blood flow
  • The best vegetable for increasing blood flow
  • Other activities you can do to naturally increase your body’s blood flow

And more to be found in this special e-Report.

Yours FREE with the purchase of Assure II Heart Tonic.

Now, I know you’ve been led to believe feeling great while eating steaks, fried chicken, and drinking shot after shot of liquor is a fantasy that doesn’t exist.

Truth be told, a lot of people believe that their situations, especially when it comes to aging will get worse before it gets better.

And I’d hate for your skepticism to get the better of you… and for you to miss out trying Assure II Heart Tonic for yourself.

For this reason, I’m happy to take ALL the risk.

100% Beautiful Artery Guarantee

I promise that by taking my Assure II Heart Tonic, you will have…

  • Stable blood pressure
  • Balanced triglycerides
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Greater circulation
  • More energy

And make you feel like you are years, even decades, younger.

But if you’re not thrilled with the results you’re getting with Assure II Heart Tonic, all you have to do is simply send me back the empty jar, or jars, within 90 days from the date of purchase.

The Best Offer Best Savings
Cancel Any Time

After that, you’ll receive a full refund of your purchase price.

If neither of those are good options for you, you can fill out the already enclosed savings certificate on the next page and mail it to me in the already postage-paid envelop I’ve provided.

Before I close off, I want to let you know that good heart health shouldn’t have to be as hard and limiting as the “experts” make it out to be. I’ve enjoyed wonderful heart health for decades now and I still get to enjoy all the foods (and alcohol) I’ve always loved without having to trade that in for something I know wouldn’t enjoy and would make me less happy overall.

Many Americans have been living unhappy for a long time and I believe that my Assure II Heart Tonic can give them the confidence and more importantly, the happiness to enjoy living life abundantly like we were meant to.

That said, why not order today?

You have nothing to lose — and an opportunity to see… and feel… the power of better circulation in just 7 days.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS

P.S. One more thing I want to tell you.

When you order in the next 7 days, I’ll send you another special gift.

When patients first hear about my approaches to heart health, they’re shocked.

They can’t believe how I’ve discouraged long bouts of cardio.

The truth is… and every new patient I take on hears it from me firsthand…

“There is a better way to keep your heart strong.”

I explain to them how the conventional wisdom regarding exercise is not only misleading, but by following that approach will quickly lead you to the emergency room.

It’s all revealed in The Ageless Heart Manual.

Outside of coming to my clinic and scheduling and appointment with me, everything I’d go over with you in person regarding your heart and exercise is in this special bonus report.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t work out more than 10 to 20 minutes… a week!
  • The awful truth about cardio (how long bouts of exercise can leave you at a HIGHER risk of heart attack).
  • The biggest mistake beginners (even intermediates) make with their exercise routines.
  • Exercises that strengthen your whole body from your neck, to your back, to your knees.
  • The scary connection between long-term cycling and impotence (do this instead)

Simply put, you can now put the days of pounding the treadmill behind you, as you achieve optimal heart health by doing 80% less than what conventional wisdom says.

All while experiencing a slew of benefits beyond just heart health, proven in clinical studies to result in:

  • Less neck, low back, and knee pain
  • A better, deeper, and more restful sleep
  • Feeling stronger
  • Slowing, stopping, or better managing of diabetes
  • Improved weight loss
  • Less morning muscle stiffness
  • Less joint achiness

I do not sell this special report on its own and is only available to you by making your order within the next 7 days.

By ordering now, you’ll learn how my patients have improved their heart health without having to attend cycling classes, treadmill classes, and some have even cancelled their gym memberships because everything they need to know at home, as outlined in my special report.

It’s a 19.95 value. But it’s yours FREE by ordering in the next 7 days.


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That’s a total savings of 10% per jar!


I’ll receive 1 jar (a one-month supply) Assure II Heart Tonic for only $99.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling.

Get Trial Offer

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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