Caramel Apple Pie


Dec 04

This is low carb and crustless. Yes, our pies here are crustless because the crust of a pie is the most unhealthy part of the pie. You can make a healthy crust using flax and chia, but in this recipe, we put ground flax and powdered chia on top before we slather over it our low carb caramel sauce.

But if you want a healthy crust, go here: Healthy Pie Crust.

This is a pandemic recipe, so it’s going to have some brandy in it. All our pandemic recipes have brandy in them, even my pandemic turkey stuffing.

Hell . . . it’s a pandemic!


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Mix everything above well. Then grease up a pie pan with coconut oil and lecithin and fill it way up with pealed, thin slices of apples. The best apples in the world for pie are Jonathans (but only because in high school I fell in love with a gal whose ancestors developed that apple) because at State Fairs this is the apple they use to make caramel apples. The next best apple is a Granny Green. For most people, the tarter the better. But hey, choose your favorite apple.

Pour that concoction over it and bake at 350 for 40/45 minutes.

Now go make the low carb caramel sauce, but you’ll want to double the recipe: Low Carb Caramel Sauce.

When it’s finished sprinkle ground (or milled) flax over it mixed with powdered chia seed. When it’s mostly cooled down, pour your caramel sauce over it and refrigerate.

I’m going to try this again this week, but doubling the vanilla brandy.

Hey, it’s a pandemic!

Also, have you tried the new drink I’ve invented called the Biden/Harris?

Vanilla Brandy and Irish Cream on the rocks.

And like the new administration, this drink won’t solve all your problems, but it’s refreshing and sweet.