The Parable of the Two Maggots


Jan 17

This is an old story I found and wish to share. I did not write the original story. Oh, and the cover photo is just fun.

There was a fly circling some geese looking for a place to lay her eggs. She spotted the perfect goose with an open wound just under the edge of its wing. She landed and laid all her eggs on that wound.

In just a short while, the lead goose honked and took off. All the others followed, including the host with the fresh fly eggs.

But two of the eggs weren’t securely attached, and shortly after the goose took off, they fell to earth. One landed on a dead rabbit alongside the road. The other landed a few feet away, in the gravel.

The eggs eventually hatched and two new maggots were brought into the world. One with an abundance of food and the other having to search and search for food.

One day, the very hungry maggot got a whiff of that rotting rabbit carcass and started heading for it. He sure was hungry.

The scrawny maggot.

The smell got stronger and stronger as he got closer and closer, and then, lo and behold, he spotted his brother.

The fat, healthy and happy maggot.

He saw that his brother was fat, healthy, and happy. The little scrawny guy crawled up to his bigger, fatter brother and said, “My, you sure are looking fine. How did you get so big and strong?”

The fat little maggot smiled back and said, “Hard work and perseverance.”