What Is Biophysics?


Jul 13

The modern health sciences are based upon biochemistry— bio meaning life and chemistry being the chemical makeup, hence the chemical makeup of life.

Biochemistry deals in those things that are quantitative; those things that are measurable and provable. However, all the things that make up life are not always quantitative (or quantifiable). How do you measure a thought? a feeling? the look in a child’s eyes on Christmas morning?

How do you measure the soul?

Those stuck in the biochemical paradigm will tell you that if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t matter. For years, acupuncture was thought of by western science as a curiosity, until we discovered the actual paths of subtle energy that flow through our bodies. These paths are called meridians. They were discovered six thousand years ago by the Chinese. We discovered them in the eighties using high tech devices that could read minute quantities of energy.

Though they are measurable, biochemistry still seems to ignore these subtle energies.

Yet life is energy. Energy is transmitted in waves, waves of information. Life is energy is information. When the body becomes ill, that information comes to us as symptoms. You can treat the symptoms, but that will not correct the energy imbalances.

The biochemical differences between a live human being and a freshly dead corpse are nearly zilch. Though it will take some time for the temperature to drop (in the corpse), the chemistry is the same, the cells are the same, the amount of liquid in both are the same, the mineral content is the same, but something obviously is missing from the dead corpse: a life force.

Don’t you find it amazing that our sciences acknowledge this force out one side of their mouth, yet ignore it out the other?

In Traditional Oriental Medicine, the life force is their main focus.

“We don’t live off the food that we eat, we live off the energy in the food we eat!” Dr. Carey Reams — PhD in Biophysics and Biochemistry

The biochemical difference between a cooked carrot and a raw carrot are nearly zilch. However, the raw carrot is alive. It still has a life force. The energy in a dead carrot is caloric energy only. The energy in a live carrot is both caloric and subtle; that subtle form the Eastern sciences call “chi”.

You can go to http://www.biophysics.org/education/resources.htm and read up on biophysics; there is much more to biophysics than what we’ve discussed here, however, our focus at this time is on life and life energy.

For our discussion, we are focusing on the life force in our foods, our thoughts, our prayers, and the living energies around us that refresh us, cleanse us, and nurture us.

Energy is Information

Acoustical energy hits our eardrums, and the brain translates the information it contains into sounds we can interpret. Light energy enters our eyes, and our brains translate the energy into the things we see in the world.

Food contains energy; energy beyond the caloric energy. Water contains energy. As we’ve seen from Dr Emoto’s work on the Messages in Water, not all energy in water is the same. Crystals contain energy. They are created by energy, and they contain energy. This energy is passed on to you. If you drink dead water and eat refined salt, you get very poor energy.

This is how biophysics affects us all. If you eat conventionally grown foods and drink city water, the biochemical differences between what you consume and what others consume if they eat organic foods and drink artesian well water are few. The biophysical differences are great. The information your body receives is totally different than the information one receives from organic foods and artesian well water. The qualitative differences are immense. When it comes to total health and wellness, the entire body, mind, spirit realm of wellness, the biophysical differences between our choices in life make a significant difference, even though on a biochemical level, they seem inconsequential.

This is what you need to know about biophysics.