Bangalanga Shrimp


Aug 17

Sometimes you just need a treat that smacks you in the mouth.



This is for people who like spicy hot food, though really, this is nothing like the spicy hot food from Sri Lanka. If you like Sichuan food, then this is something you’ll want to try, though remember, you can cut the “hot” by using less of the “hot” stuff and increasing the sweet chili sauce.

Additionally, some people have trouble with fried foods, and never forget that carbs fried at high temps creates a carcinogen known as acrylamide. If you want to cut down on your acrylamides, then don’t use the corn starch. The other option is to do what we do and keep a bottle of these mints on your table at all times (and take them after meals).

Wash the shrimp and then dry. Mix together the coconut milk powder and corn starch (if using it), because you’re going to roll the shrimps in this to coat them thoroughly.

Heat up the oil and while doing that, mix together all the other ingredients in a medium size bowl.

They simply fry up the shrimp, pat off the excess oil, and pour over your sauce.

You may ask, “What’s so healthy about this recipe?”

Valid question, and most of the time we’d answer, “It’s not what you do on Friday night that counts, but what you do the rest of the week,” though we’d be remiss in not mentioning the benefits of “spicy hot” food.

It’s damn good for your heart. Gets your blood flowing while bringing down your blood pressure. As long as you don’t fry in some ridiculously horrid vegetable oil (canola oil I do not allow in my home), you’re not killing yourself, and on the plus side, you are getting a bit of coconut (the medicine plant), and some great hot peppers which don’t require all the pesticides we use here in the West.

As we say in Hebrew, b’tayavon! (בתיאבון)