Pumpkin (Squash) Cheesecake


Nov 24

Of course, it’s lower in carbs than most cheesecakes because we use a sugar alternative (which is just slightly lower than sugar in carbs). However, the glycemic index of BochaSweet is ZERO; for erythritol it’s just ONE.

And the crust is made from flax and powdered chia.

We’ve published our Crustless Squash Pie recipe and our Cheesecake recipe, so just go to those to start this recipe.

However, our squash pie is designed to be high protein, and thus has quite a few eggs in it. You’ll want it a bit thinner to mix with the cheesecake, so just use two eggs. And for sweetener, if you want to use less BochaSweet or less erythritol/stevia, sure: cut them and add some real maple syrup. It’s just a nice form of sweetener and still has a lower glycemic index than sugar. We live across the street from a maple farm so there’s always some in our fridge.


First you’ll want to bake your Crustless Squash Pie. You don’t really need all that much, but if you want to double the recipe and fill a cake pan, as I did, go ahead.

You won’t be using all of this, so enjoy the rest with a cup of coffee.

Then make the crust and press it out over a greased pie pan (for the cheesecake) and bake for 15 minutes (as it says in the instructions). And then whip up your cheesecake filling.

Allow your Crustless Squash Pie to cool.

Next comes the mixing. We took equal amounts of both the squash pie (cooked) and the cheesecake filling and mixed them together well. What amount? Anywhere between 1/3 of the cheesecake filling to 1/2. Then we put globs of the cheesecake filling onto the baked pie crust.

Next we “swirled in” the squash/cheesecake filling over and around the globs. That’s it.

Then, again, follow the baking instructions for our regular cheesecake, and enjoy.

It’s really good.

The photo at the top is how it turned out.