Treatment of Irregular Cardiovascular Rhythms

Cardiovascular Care

Feb 02

Treatment of Irregular Cardiovascular Rhythms

By Jaentra Green Gardener
Published in our book, Bypassing Bypass in 2002.

Jaentra Green Gardener

Three Heart Balancing is a method developed by Jaentra Green Gardener and a group of healers to accelerate the body’s healing through vibration. We vibrate the body through a variety of ways including music, pulsating touch, and body positioning and use the body’s own basic rhythms, including heartbeat, breathing, cranial-sacral, peristaltic, and lymph. The Wave is our term for the “new” relationship between those rhythms; a relationship that awakens the body’s internal healer. The Wave flows through the body to straighten out crooked places, smooth jagged edges, and bring all systems into alignment.

The first of the three hearts is the third eye, the center of our intuition. The middle heart is the physical heart center. The third heart is the seat of Qi (or Chi) located two inches below the navel. If there is a disturbance in one heart, there is an imbalance in the other two. If we heal one heart center, we heal and balance all three.

When people come to us, the first thing we do is activate the Wave to awaken the internal healer. Since the heart is the main driver of all the other rhythms in our body, the Wave’s first agenda is to make the heart rhythm healthy and the heart strong. Once the Wave is activated the body aligns itself with the gravitational field of earth. This natural alignment further speeds up the healing of the heart.

The Wave does two important things to help the body heal. It slowly and systematically rids of body of infections. Often the body stores infection by walling it off behind a group of cells. The Wave will break down those walls and put the infection out for the body to overcome. The other healing miracle of the Wave is to burn through scar tissue. Scar tissue is rubbery tissue that forms due to accident, injuries, surgery, or emotional assaults. The Wave dissolves the scar tissue slowly. For people with heart disease releasing infection and releasing rubbery or dead tissue from the heart is life saving.

To me, the root cause of all diseases and accidents and injuries is broken heartedness. Abandonment and betrayal is experience at the center of human existence. No one is immune from the experience of profound disappointment. Even after we emotionally process these experiences, our bodies still remember. Each new hurt is compounded by the activation of our bodies’ old memories that are still unresolved.

Emotional Starvation, a key human experience, becomes healed through human interaction and love; human interaction and love aimed at healing carries God’s love. God’s love is the primary source of healing for the heart. As a human race we are all evolving together, opening up more to accepting love as our divine birthright, a love that does not disappear.

When someone comes to us for healing, this person is actually opening up and asking for broken heartedness to heal, no matter what the symptoms or present problems are. I neither want nor do we encourage people to tell me their stories. My job is not therapy; it is helping that person create health through the Wave.

When it comes to heart disease, and the physical heart, I think of the hands and arms as extensions of the heart. The arms embrace people we love and push away people we don’t. The hands can caress in tenderness or clinch into a fist. With this image, we can heal an ailing heart through the use of the wave. An irregular heartbeat can be re-patterned by encompassing it with the healthy rhythms of the healers and co-healers. Some clients cry out old grief issues in between sessions, while some require a few sessions to be fully healed of old trauma. But when it comes to healing hearts, every time I give a healing, I receive a healing, and my heart becomes healthier.


Jaentra and her husband Clyde
call themselves “co-healers,”
and are located in the St Paul area.
They can be reached
by calling 651.290.2880 or at their website: