The Next Generation of Nitric Oxide

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Sep 10

WARNING: This report describes — in explicit detail — how 70-year-old men regained the erection power they enjoyed in their 30s… using a newly improved version of America’s best-selling sexual performance enhancer.

More than 200,000 clinical studies confirm the Nobel Prize-winning molecule Nitric Oxide can trigger rock-hard
and long-lasting erections.

Trouble is… the current crop of nitric oxide therapies
don’t always work for all men.

Now, I’ve figured out why. It’s led to a new technology that’s
275% better at increasing blood flow to your penis… and…
is helping my patients have the best sex they’ve had in years.

My patients are using this nitric oxide breakthrough to have the best sex they’ve had in years.

Dear reader,

Since winning the Nobel Prize in 1998…

Nitric oxide has reigned supreme as the No. 1 treatment for better erections.

And for good reason.

More than 200,000 clinical studies confirm it is the key that unlocks superior sexual performance.

That’s because nitric oxide is a signaling molecule.
In other words, it tells your:

  • Blood vessels to OPEN UP… sending MORE blood rushing to your penis
  • Which TRIGGERS your erection
  • And keeps it HARD

Bottom line: Without nitric oxide it doesn’t matter how bad you want to have sex. If your penis doesn’t “get the message,” you simply can’t get an erection.

Which is why men spend billions of dollars every year on products that promise to increase levels of nitric oxide.

Men frustrated with previous nitric oxide boosting products now have a solution that gives them faster, firmer, and longer-lasting erections.

When they work, the results are instantaneous (it’s why the “little blue pill” can be such a godsend).

But they DON’T always work for all men.


In a nutshell, just because nitric oxide levels increase… that does NOT necessarily mean the “signal” always gets through.

Experts call it the nitric oxide “glitch.”

Well, after using nitric oxide at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine for 30 years, I’ve finally figured out a way to fix the glitch.

And it’s giving my patients — many of them retirement age men — the kind of sexual stamina they haven’t seen in decades.

I’ll explain how it works in a moment. But first you probably want proof it works.

275% More Blood Flow for Faster, Firmer, and Longer-Lasting Erections

One clinical study rounded up a group of 70-year-old men.1

They didn’t exercise. They didn’t eat healthy. And researchers reported their “nitric oxide availability was almost totally compromised.”

In other words, they suffered from this glitch.

As a result, before treatment their blood flow was awful… less than HALF of what you’d typically see in a man in peak sexual health.

Well, the researchers then fixed the glitch.

And what happened next in this double-blind, placebo-controlled study shocked everyone. Just 5 minutes after the first dose blood flow increased a whopping 275%!

To put this into perspective…

Their blood flow was then IDENTICAL to that of a perfectly healthy 31-year-old man!

What that means is it increased blood flow so much it…

Gives 70-Year-Old Men the Sexual Power of 30-Year-Olds

Think about that. 70 years old… to 31 years old. Better yet, they didn’t have to wait months, weeks, or hours for it to work.

Just 5 minutes after the first dose, 70-year-old men have the
sexual power of a 30-year-old.
  • Just 5 minutes.
  • Naturally.
  • Without drugs.
  • And after just one dose.
  • That’s incredible.

And remember what the researchers said? That the “nitric oxide availability was almost totally compromised,” in these men?

So, if they experienced 275% better blood flow, just imagine what this could do for you.

  • No more struggling to get an erection…
  • No more killing the mood by taking a pill and waiting half an hour or more for it to kick in…
  • And no more losing an erection before you get the job done…

That’s something that should put a smile on the face of you and your wife.

And it all happened…

  • Without drugs
  • Without dangerous side effects
  • Without doctor’s visits
  • And without any other drastic measures

But better bedroom performance is just the beginning when this glitch gets fixed, because…

Nitric Oxide is the Key to Curing Old Age

You see, nitric oxide is NOT just America’s No. 1 sexual performance enhancer.

Nitric oxide opens up blood vessels in every square inch of your body… increasing blood flow everywhere… delivering vital nutrients keeping every organ young
and virile.

Here’s a snapshot of what new research shows more nitric oxide can do for you:

  • Aides memory and brain function
  • Plays a key role in physical endurance
  • Supports healthy insulin levels
  • Keeps energy levels high
  • Optimizes kidney and liver function
  • Maintains brain volume
  • And supports healthy arteries, by keeping blood pressure and cholesterol within normal ranges

Simply put, without nitric oxide your blood vessels would collapse… your organs would quickly starve… and you’d die.

Which is one of the reasons why you feel worse and worse as you age. And which is why I recommend it for all of my patients.

You see, as we age nitric oxide levels decline rapidly.

It starts around age 35.

Until that point, nitric oxide levels are high… enough to keep your blood flowing and everything full of vitality.

As You Age, Nitric Oxide
Levels Fall Dramatically

But by your 70s, your nitric oxide levels have declined an alarming 75%.

You can see in the graph that as you age nitric oxide levels fall dramatically. And that’s when your body has to make a life-or-death decision:

How to ration the dwindling supplies of nitric oxide?

Should it go to organs critical for your immediate survival? Like your heart, lungs and brain?

Or should it go to the organs NOT critical for your immediate survival? Like your reproductive organs?

In other words, suffering this particular symptom of old age — flagging sexual performance — is completely unnecessary.

Obviously, this nitric oxide unleashing… blood-flow increasing breakthrough has far-ranging applications beyond just reinvigorating your sex life.

After all, every organ deep inside you can benefit from a boost in vitality more blood flow delivers.

And That’s Exactly Why You Haven’t Heard about This Yet

A “little blue pill” for your whole body would mean billions for Big Pharma,
which is why they don’t want you to know about it.

You see, Big Pharma insiders are working hard to create a drug that can fix this “glitch.”

And is it any wonder why?

“The little blue pill” made billions in profits.

And let’s face it, that is more-or-less a recreational drug.

But what if they made a “little blue pill” for your
whole body?

That gives 70-year-olds the blood flow of

In your heart… your lungs… your gut… your muscles… your skin… and everything in between?

Imagine the truckloads of money that would haul-in for the drug company that brings it to market!

Pharmaceutical industry insiders believe it could be the world’s first trillion dollar drug.

Which is exactly why they’re keeping a lid on it!

Well, the potential of this was simply too great to be overlooked.

And after working like “whipped mules” for months, my research team and I have discovered a workaround that fixes this glitch…

And combined it with the world’s most powerful ingredients proven to maximize nitric oxide output…

Highly researched and proven roots and herbs in a specific combination I’ve studied… tested… and perfected over the last 30 years…

To create a new formula that unleashes the full power of nitric oxide, and is, I believe…

The Biggest Nitric Oxide Breakthrough…
Since it First Won the Nobel Prize

And in just a moment, you’ll see why this is several generations ahead of current approaches.

You’ll also discover:

  1. How my patients are experiencing more powerful, longer-lasting, and fuller erections right now.
  2. The glitch fix that ensures my next generation formula — unlike current nitric oxide treatments — will continue working tomorrow… next month… next year… and beyond — even if — you haven’t had sex in years.
  3. And if you’ll commit to reading this entire letter, how you can begin to experience the full potential of nitric oxide, perhaps for the first
    time ever.

I’ll reveal all of this, and more, right now.

And let me assure you this requires…

  • NO drugs or doctor’s visits
  • NO dangerous side effects
  • And DEFINITELY no pumps, injections or penis implants

And it’s 100% natural!

So what exactly is this glitch? And how can fixing it give you superior sexual performance?

Here’s how it works…

What Doctors Don’t Know about Nitric Oxide That Leaves You Limp

Loss of erection power starts with what carries blood to your penis… your blood vessels.

Specifically, the INSIDE layer of your blood vessels called the endothelium.

You see, this is where nitric oxide is made (in fact, when it won the Nobel Prize in 1998, nitric oxide was first called endothelium-derived relaxing factor.)

But here’s the thing…

Remember when I said nitric oxide was a “signaling molecule?”

Well, before nitric oxide can signal the muscles OUTSIDE your blood vessels to relax, it must get to them… which means before nitric oxide can give you an erection three very important things must occur:

  1. First, your endothelium (located on the inside of your blood vessels) has to get the nutrients required to make nitric oxide.
  2. Then, any nitric oxide created has to travel through the thick wall of your blood vessels, and…
  3. Finally, the muscles surrounding your blood vessels must then absorb the nitric oxide.

Only then can these muscles relax… allowing your arteries to expand… opening the floodgates for more blood to flow into your penis and give you an erection.

Now, when you are young and your blood vessels are healthy 100% of the nitric oxide makes this journey from your endothelium inside… to your muscles outside… just fine.

But Simply Boosting Levels of Nitric Oxide is NOT enough!

You see, as you age various factors THICKEN your blood vessels.

When Nitric Oxide Struggles to Get
Through Thicker Blood Vessels, Your
Erections Suffer. But Finally, There is a
Solution to this Problem.

Unnatural additives snuck into our food supply… chemicals in our environment… toxins dumped into the air we breathe… and the stress of daily living…

They wreak havoc on your blood vessels, releasing oxidative stress. And just like damaged skin swells with inflammation…

This makes your blood vessels grow wider too.

Now obviously, swollen arteries choke off blood flow making it harder for you to get an erection.

But it gets worse.

This extra mass can also interfere with the signal produced by nitric oxide.

Think of it like the reception on your cellphone.

If you are close to a tower your cellphone works fine. But the farther away you get, the weaker your reception gets.

And all of a sudden, you can barely hear what the person on the other end of the phone is saying.

Nitric oxide works the same way.

The “signal” loses power the farther it has to travel.

How much?

You can see in the picture how little nitric oxide gets through when this happens. Researchers found typically 50% less by your 40s… 65% less by your 50s… and once you pass 60, less than 15% gets through.

If nitric oxide can’t get to the muscles surrounding your blood vessels, it becomes difficult to get an erection.

And if nitric oxide CAN’T get to the muscles surrounding your blood vessels… then… they don’t get the signal to expand, and even less blood goes through!

It’s a double whammy!

Combine this with the fact your body produces less nitric oxide as you age… and you can see why getting an erection becomes such a struggle.

This also explains why typical nitric oxide therapies don’t work for some men.

It doesn’t matter how much more nitric oxide they help your body produce…

If it can’t get to where you need it most, your days of satisfying sex are over.

And Loss of Sexual Power is Just the Beginning!

The failure of the body’s nitric oxide transport system starves your entire body of nutrient rich blood.

That means…

Failure of the body’s nitric oxide transport system starves your body of nutrient-rich blood.
  • Your heart must work OVERTIME to pump blood through constricted arteries, causing unnecessary stress and strain.
  • Age-related memory loss and weaker focus as your brain cells slow down.
  • Searing pain in your joints and muscles from lack of oxygenated blood.
  • A wrecked metabolism… as vital organs fight for resources and go “offline.”
  • And plummeting energy — as every cell in your body fights to stay alive.

Like I mentioned earlier, Big Pharma insiders are keeping silent on this to protect industry profits.

But now — there’s a remarkable formula that generates 360% MORE nitric oxide you can use…

Introducing the Next Generation of Nitric Oxide

The good news is I’ve created the first-ever, one-of-a-kind, at-home protocol that unleashes the full power of nitric oxide. It includes:

  • The four most powerful nitric oxide boosters, at clinically proven dosages of 9,000 mg per day.
  • The only herb listed for sexual function in the bible doctor use to prescribe drugs that prevents nitric oxide from breaking down, so the effects last longer.
  • EXCLUSIVE! A proven delivery mechanism, shown by studies to defeat the nitric oxide “glitch.”

This last point is what ALL the old formulas lack. And the result is, even if they do boost nitric oxide levels…

They CAN’T help nitric oxide cross the blood vessel wall barrier…

They DON’T relax the muscles surrounding your blood…

And they FAIL to help you get or sustain an erection.

It’s outrageous.

Which is why I’ve created a new formula called
Primal Max Red.

Just mix one scoop a day with your favorite beverage and you’ll get a whopping 9,000 mg of highly absorbable nitric oxide boosting ingredients.

Why not a pill?

Because even the biggest pills hold only — at most — 2,500 mg.

Here’s why that’s a problem.

In clinical trials of these ingredients (I’ll show you my research in a moment)… men need a minimum of 5,000 mg of these ingredients for satisfying sexual performance.

In other words — AT BEST — typical pill based nitric oxide supplements deliver only HALF of what’s clinically proven to work.

Sure, you could always just take two pills.

But keep in mind that would effectively double how much you spend on each dose…

…you’d still only get the BARE MINIMUM amount of nitric oxide used in the clinical trials.

And they still don’t fix the glitch.

Bottom Line: Most nitric oxide formulas fail to get nitric oxide where you need it most…
in your penis!

With just a scoop a day, you
could have the sexual stamina
of a 30-year-old.

But at a whopping 9,000 mg a dose, Primal Max Red delivers 360% more nitric oxide you can actually use.

Many of my patients are using it to perform in the retirement home like they did in their college frat house days…

With just a scoop a day… you could have the sexual stamina of a 30-year-old… and experience:

  • Quicker, more on-demand erections
  • Firmer erections
  • Longer lasting erections

This is the Ritz Carlton of male performance enhancers… it does ALL the work… you have ALL
the fun.

It’s that simple…

I’ll tell you how to get it Risk-Free in a moment. But first let me show you how Primal Max Red puts you back in your sexual prime.

Step 1: Nitric Oxide Raw Ingredients

Raw Nutrient #1: A Clinically Proven Dose of the World’s
Strongest Nitric Oxide Ingredient — L-Arginine.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t directly supplement with nitric oxide.

It’s produced in the inside lining of your blood vessels, your endothelium.

Which means if you want “on-demand” erections… you must have enough of the raw nutrients to create nitric oxide “on-demand.”

The first of those is L-Arginine.

It is responsible for 70% of the nitric oxide produced in your endothelium.

If you are deficient, L-arginine alone may be enough to power up your erections.

Here’s proof…

Researchers from the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center recruited 50 men who were unsatisfied with their sex lives AND unsatisfied with everything they tried to improve it.

In this randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled study, they tracked their blood nitric oxide levels…

And L-arginine increased their levels enough so that…

Just Two Weeks Later EVERY Man Was Back in the Saddle

Leading the researchers to conclude…

 “Oral administration of L-arginine in high doses seems to cause significant subjective improvement in sexual function in men.” 2

Key phrase: High doses.

The study gave men 5,000 mg of L-arginine per day.

But, like I said, the biggest pills can only hold 2,500 mg.

Which means you’d be lucky to get HALF the required dose of L-arginine from most nitric oxide supplements.

On the other hand, Primal Max Red contains a whopping 6,000 milligrams. That’s MORE than what was used in the study that I just mentioned — that helped spice up every man’s sex life.

Primal Max Delivers More Than the Clinically Effective Dose
of L-Arginine Needed to Achieve an Erection

Thanks to the Internet news like this travels fast. One user who goes by the name “J.R.” online took L-arginine and wrote, “I take about 6,000 mg then an hour later — boom.” 3

But please, don’t think of L-arginine as some kind of “instant cure” that works like that for everyone…

Most peddlers of nitric oxide drugs and supplements will gloss over this next point…

But I’m a doctor. I took a sacred oath to my patients. And in the interest of full disclosure you should know…

There Are Two Awful Problems with L-Arginine

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been recommending nitric oxide boosters for 30 years at my clinic.

During this time I’ve found that while L-arginine is critically important, it isn’t always enough.

You should have all the facts before you make a decision. So you should know these two problems about L-Arginine:

  • First, it doesn’t stay in your blood very long.
  • And second, it may not get to the blood vessels in your penis, where it can give you an erection.

It took years of research, but I’ve solved both of these problems. Here’s how…

Raw Nutrient #2: Nitric Oxide RIGHT NOW for Spontaneous Sex

Enjoy spontaneous sex
with quicker, firmer and
longer lasting erections.

It’s no secret the “little blue pill” takes 30-60 minutes to kick in.

That’s great if you want to pencil in sex for later.

But I’m married…

And from one man to another…

Experience tells me, if your wife wants sex NOW…

There’s no guarantee you’ll get it later if she has to wait.

I’ve solved this first problem by adding a specialized form of L-arginine called Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate that keeps you ready 24-hours a day.

Here’s the evidence: Researchers at Baylor University conducted a randomized, double-blind study to test concentrations of L-arginine in blood.

Twenty-four men were given arginine alpha-ketoglutarate or a placebo for seven days.

And compared to the control, the group who took arginine alpha-ketoglutarate had almost…

85% Higher Levels of “Free” L-Arginine4

More “free” L-arginine floating in your bloodstream mean that, when the time comes, you’ll have enough of the raw materials needed to perform at a moment’s notice.

Again, pills can only hold 2,500 milligrams TOTAL.

Which is why they usually leave out this crucial staying power ingredient.

But you don’t have to compromise with Primal Max Red.
It delivers one full gram of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate.

Now even the best formulas usually stop at these first two ingredients.

But that’s a huge mistake.

Because, like I said, there are TWO problems with

I’ve just shown you how Primal Max Red fixes the first problem — and increases the amount of “free” L-arginine floating in your bloodstream.

But get this…

Your body uses L-arginine for almost everything. To make proteins. Hormones. Neurotransmitters. You name it… if there is an important bodily function, chances are it requires L-arginine.

So even if you are satisfied with your sexual health, chances are L-arginine will still do your body good.

Which brings us to problem No. 2:

Your body may use up most of this L-arginine WELL before it reaches your penis. And that’s where the next two Primal Max Red ingredients comes in:

Raw Nutrient #3: Nitric Oxide “Failsafe” Puts Power Directly in Your Penis

After decades of working with patients, and tracking their bloodwork…

I’ve discovered hungry organs may gobble up all the
L-arginine before it gets to your endothelium.

So I’ve included a “failsafe” plan for this.

Here’s how it works.

When digested, L-arginine is quickly broken down in your intestinal tract and liver. It then gets metered out, going FIRST to all the organs needed for your immediate survival like your brain, heart and lungs.

But not L-Citrulline.

L-citrulline makes it through your intestines and liver intact.

This is important because… your body then converts L-citrulline into L-arginine.

The result?

It does NOT get devoured by other organs… and instead… feeds the endothelium inside your PENIS with all the L-arginine needed to pump out nitric oxide.

Does This First “Failsafe” Plan Work? YES!
100% of the Time

Researchers of the University of Foggia tested a “failsafe” plan that proved successful in helping to improve sexual performance.

Researchers from the University of Foggia5 in Italy tested it in a single-blind study with 24 men, average age 56.5. They all reported various sexual performance issues ranging from:

  • Lack of hardness
  • Infrequent sexual episodes per month
  • Poor satisfaction
  • Penetration issues

One group got a placebo. The other got L-citrulline.

The results?

Finding 1: Only two men reported improvements with the placebo.

This was to be expected.

What happened to the men taking L-citrulline?

Every Single One of Them Had TWICE as Much Sex!

That’s a 100% success rate.

The study also found, “L-citrulline supplementation on erectile function resulted from an increase in corpus cavernosum L-arginine availability,” which lead to, “increased vasodilation and penile smooth muscle relaxation.”

Enjoy TWICE as much sex.

Now that I’ve dusted off my old textbooks from medical school, let me put that in plain English…

The corpus cavernosum are the two large masses of erectile tissue that forms the bulk of your penis.

Which means, L-citrulline ensures L-arginine gets to where you need it most to get an erection.

With the researchers concluding, “Oral L-citrulline was able to improve erection hardness… and had no side effects and was psychologically well accepted.”

That last part, “psychologically well accepted” is the understatement of the decade.

You see, there’s another part of this story that’s really going to blow your mind…

These Men Were Taking the Most Popular Sexual Performance Enhancer Before the Study… But NOT Anymore!

As you can imagine, something that works 100% of the time… and results in twice as much sex… WITHOUT side effects… well… both the men in this study and their wives were BEGGING to know what it was.

The researchers told them it was L-citrulline.

And get this…

NOT one single man went back to using their old formula – the most popular sexual performance enhancer on the market today!

Yet most formulas don’t include it. And those that do rarely include L-arginine as well.

Which is why I’ve included a heaping 1000 milligram dose in Primal Max Red.

And I’m still not done…

You see, there are TWO ways for your body to make nitric oxide. And triggering this second one gives you an extra boost for the long haul.

Raw Nutrient #4: This Tongue Trick Keeps Your Penis from Petering Out

Now, this may sound weird but scientists have discovered bacteria in your mouth can create nitric oxide too.

I’ll explain how in a moment, but this is great news for one simple reason.

You have tiny blood vessels under your tongue called capillaries. Capillaries have small holes in them. What that means is whatever nitric oxide these little bacteria churn out goes directly into your bloodstream.

The result?

30 Times MORE Nitric Oxide

You Get Erection “Staying Power” When Nitric Oxide Levels Shoot Up Further and Stay in Your Blood Longer 7

…With increased levels lasting up to

Here’s proof:A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology 6 measured blood plasma nitrite levels in men.

Nitrites are another building block of nitric oxide.

What these men did is consume a certain drink known to stimulate bacteria in your mouth to create nitric oxide. Look what happened next…

What that chart shows you is the blood plasma concentrations of nitrites shooting up 30 times higher over the course of two hours.

For most men, that’s plenty of time for satisfying sex.

But if you look at the chart closely…

You’ll see the blood levels of nitrites are still more than 10 times HIGHER… a full 12 hours after taking a single dose.

Does this have any effect on your erections?

Consider this report posted in an online forum where men share tips for boosting sexual performance. It comes from a 48-year-old that goes by the handle “J.T.”

“I measured my nitric oxide levels, you can buy a test kit from Amazon, just uses a drop of saliva and it gives results instantly. Monday night I received the test strips for nitric oxide, showed depleted, basically the lowest shade of measurable color.”

Then he used this ingredient along with other ingredients in Primal Max Red.

The results?

The results were off the charts!

“I first woke around 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday with a throbbing boner that was very stiff and basically had trouble going back to sleep. I measured my nitric oxide levels around that time and the color was at the top end of the range. The erection came and went several times until I got up in the AM.” 8
— J.T.

What delivers this impressive staying power?

Beetroot juice.

The study above used 280 mg. Primal Max Red has 1,000 mg.

That’s almost 4 times MORE beet root juice than what was used in the study.

Just one scoop a day delivers these four essential nitric oxide raw materials — in clinically proven doses — to stimulate nitric oxide directly in your penis.

But what goes up, must come down.

And as far too many sexually frustrated men know, sometimes erections fade LONG before an orgasm is achieved.

I’ve discovered a solution for that too.

That’s where my next ingredient comes in…

Step 2: Protect Nitric Oxide

The ONLY Herb Listed for Better Sexual Function in the Reference Guide Doctor’s Call “The Bible”

Published non-stop since 1979, the Physicians’ Desk Reference is the No. 1 reference guide for physicians.

The herb, yohimbe bark,
helps improve sexual function.

But get this. The ONLY herb listed for better sexual function in it is…

Yohimbe bark.

And for good reason.

Researchers reporting in the International Journal of Impotence Research found it helped improve “sexual function” in 71% of men.9

And that’s because it can play a powerful role in the natural balancing act between nitric oxide and something called “endothelin.”

What’s that?

You can think of it like the opposite of nitric oxide. Whereas nitric oxide opens up blood vessels… endothelin constricts them, reducing blood flow.

Defeats Nitric Oxide Enemy #1

Every day, our blood vessels are constantly opening and closing so that every bit of our body can get the nutrition and oxygen necessary to perform our best.

Blood vessels are constantly
opening like a lever that switches between railroad tracks.

Like an old-fashioned metal lever that switches between two different railroad tracks.

It’s a normal function of the body, and essential for optimal health.

Here is where the problem lies.

As our blood vessels get weaker, endothelin settles in like rust around the lever, slowing this normal process.

Once this happens, endothelin starts settling in on the “close” side of the lever, lowering the amount of blood that’s able to circulate in your body.

Well, Yohimbe essentially “knocks off this rust,” helping to harmonize the natural balance.

The result?

Endothelin levels lower back down to healthy levels.

It’s then easier for your body to continue to make nitric oxide. And your erections last longer.

In a clinical study, researchers gave a combination of L-arginine and yohimbe to men who felt their sex life wasn’t up to par for at least the last two years. They found it boosted
L-arginine for 25 hours afterward, sufficient to conclude its effectiveness as “an oral, on demand treatment.” 10

Take the case of “P.J.” Posting his results online, he reports…

…You’ll Have the Hardest Rock-Hard Erections Ever Daily. 11

“I took this combo for a week straight and when I had sex with my girlfriend, we lasted two hours nonstop. It’s expensive. But it WORKS! Trust me combine these two every day and in three days you’ll have the hardest rock-hard erections ever daily.”

— P.J.

And get this.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found combining L-arginine and yohimbe “substantially increased vaginal pulse amplitude responses” to an “erotic film”… with… the women reporting “significantly increased” sexual arousal.12

In other words, Primal Max Red can spice up you AND your wife’s sexual pleasure!

So now you’ve discovered how to maximize nitric oxide production. But it won’t do you any good unless you also address the 3rd component — defeating the nitric oxide “glitch.”

Only then will you have the opportunity to experience 275% more blood flow… just like that gave 70-year-old men the sexual power of 30-year-olds.

And to do that, you need…

Step 3: A Proven Nitric Oxide Delivery System

30% Healthier Arteries Mean Longer-Lasting Erections

Like I mentioned earlier — nitric oxide does nothing for you UNTIL it gets to the muscles surrounding you blood vessels.

This gets much more difficult for older men due to oxidative damage in arteries.

The answer to oxidative damage is anti-oxidants, of course.

But not the kind you’d find in a multivitamin.

Instead, I recommend a specific type of antioxidant called a flavonoid.

Research from the University in Granada, Spain reveals why. Flavonoids work specifically to support healthy, calm, free-flowing arteries allowing for normal blood flow.13

One of the best sources is Bee Pollen, which is why I’ve put it in Primal Max Red.

The second is a fruit that’s been used for thousands of years as a medicine.

Jewish scholars believe it may be the forbidden fruit described in the Garden of Eden.

Greek mythology says the fruit sprung from the blood of the God of Strength, Adonis.

Pomegranate juice is an antioxidant that’s great for your arteries.

And the Chinese don’t beat around the bush…

Bluntly, they made it the symbol of fertility, promising “numerous offspring” to anyone who eats it.

I’m talking about pomegranate juice. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that has:

  • Three times more antioxidants than
    red wine14
  • Three times more antioxidants than
    green tea15
  • Delivers more than 40% of your daily requirements of vitamin C

And with more than 100 other phytochemicals, pomegranate juice is a godsend for your arteries.

Here’s proof.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study at a prestigious California university, 10 patients were given pomegranate juice for up to three years.16

After one year, the control group had 9% thicker arteries… but the pomegranate juice group had up to 30% IMPROVEMENT in overall arterial wall health thickness because —
as the researchers put it — “the potent antioxidant characteristics of pomegranate juice.”

But Does That Correspond to a Better Sex Life? Yes!

In a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, scientists conducted a randomized control trial on the effects of pomegranate fruit juice verses a placebo on the impact of erections over a two-week period.17

Scientists were shocked by the results.

Compared to the placebo group, those who drank this fruit’s juice had longer-lasting erections. And out of 42 participants, 32 saw a noticeable improvement in their erectile function score.

That’s more than 76% of the participants!

Said differently, it’s powerful enough to restore erectile power by itself. So just imagine what happens when you combine every single one of the potent ingredients in Primal Max Red together.

Amazing: What You Get in Every Single Scoop

To recap, Primal Max Red is the first ever formula combines:

  • The four most powerful nitric oxide boosters, at clinically proven dosages of 9,000 mg per day.
  • The ONLY Herb Listed For Better Sexual Function In The Reference Guide Doctor’s Call “The Bible”… that protects nitric oxide so the effects last longer.
  • EXCLUSIVE! A proven delivery mechanism, shown by studies to defeat the nitric oxide “glitch.”

And this does much more than supercharge your sex life.

Like I mentioned earlier, more blood flow is a godsend for every organ in your body.

I’ve been researching the health benefits of nitric oxide for 30 years. At the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine,
I recommend it to almost every single patient… no matter their health concern.

And I’ve put more than three decades of my findings into a comprehensive new dossier, The Nitric Oxide Revolution.

It outlines every top nitric oxide breakthrough I’ve ever come across… and its power to supercharge every aspect of health.

You’re already getting the best nitric oxide boosting ingredients known to man in Primal Max Red. And this e-Report reveals the top nitric oxide foods… therapies… and an exercise routine proven, in clinical studies — to send nitric oxide levels skyrocketing a whopping 1,250%.

The best part is you don’t need prescriptions… doctor’s visits… or drugs to send your nitric oxide levels — and overall health — to a whole new level.

People have paid thousands of dollars to access my healing protocols.

But I understand not everyone is able to visit my clinic in South Florida. And as a medical doctor, I feel it is my duty to get the word out about the incredible potential nitric oxide therapy holds to drastically improve quality of life.

Which is why I want to give you The Nitric Oxide Revolution ABSOLUTELY FREE when you agree to try Primal Max Red.

But before I get to that, I want to make sure you have everything in your power to supercharge your sex life.

Which is why, every order of Primal Max Red also gets my…

Testosterone Boosting Formula for Free

Enjoy the passion you’ve
been missing for a long time.

If you want the kind of sex you’ve been missing for a
long time…

That heat of the moment, “rip your clothes off” kind of sex… the passion like you had in your younger days…

You need two things.

First, nitric oxide to power the “mechanical” side of things… and get your erection going…

That’s what Primal Max Red is for.

And second, testosterone to fuel the energy, drive, and unstoppable force that makes men, well, men.

As you know, testosterone is your primary masculine hormone. It’s what makes you strong, smart, quick and aggressive. It’s also what makes you a potent and virile lover.

An Ivy League professor says, “Testosterone is what’s responsible for ‘the grrr factor’.”

But as you’re well aware, maintaining healthy testosterone gets increasingly difficult as
we age.

Time magazine calls the phenomenon “male menopause.”

If you’re struggling with fatigue and never quite feel “up to it”…

If you’re getting a little flabby around your stomach and your pecs are sagging…

And if your sexual encounters haven’t been quite up to par lately…

You’re more than likely suffering from it.

And you’re not alone.

Starting around age 40, men’s testosterone levels fall 1% each year. And they drop even faster once you hit your 50s and 60s.

Of course, there are modern inventions like testosterone replacement, which are expensive…

Not to mention can carry risks.

Which is why every order of Primal Max Red also gets a free bottle of my testosterone boosting formula, Primal Max Black.

It supports your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone not one… but two different ways.

This is how it can naturally boost your testosterone levels… free from side effects.

And I know we’re talking mostly about sex here…
but testosterone has other benefits too.

Like giving you all the body you’ve been missing since your 20s…


  • Carving lean, sculpted muscles
  • Reducing excess fat and flab
  • And delivering enhanced strength and stamina

All of which can only create an even better sex life — making you feel like the man you want to be, all around, every day.

Your extra strength and energy will allow you to sweep your wife off her feet — and pleasure her all day long.

It’s all possible thanks to Primal Max Black’s first-ever combination of roots and herbs that could change your sex life forever, which include…

Primal Max Black Ingredient #1:

The Secret Used by 7-Time Winner Mr. Olympia to Fuel His Bodybuilding and Better Erections

Orgies with other bodybuilders, pre-competition sex, and other interludes I’m too embarrassed to publish…

For normal people, they’d be drained in a day.

But for Mr. Olympia, this went on for almost a decade.

What kept him fueled?

An amino acid. One that helps your testes release testosterone like water from a faucet.

Here’s the proof…

Researchers from the University of Florida in a randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover study tested this amino acid with 11 men.18 

While the scientists were shocked, the bodybuilding community had known this for years.

Those who took the supplement had a 400% increase in their human growth hormone (HGH) when at rest. On top of that, HGH had another big increase of 200% following exercise.

Best of all, they got these results in as little as 90 minutes.

What does HGH have to do with having lots of sex?


This amino acid stimulates the pituitary gland to increase production of human growth hormone (HGH). Human growth hormone stimulates the testes to create testosterone.

The more human growth hormone stimulated, the more testosterone your body makes, and the more testosterone your body makes, the longer your libido lasts and the stronger your sexual strength will be.

In Mr. Olympia’s case, it not only gives you the fuel to workout, but it gives you the extra energy for any kind of “post” workout you might have planned.

What is this amino acid that has been used by bodybuilders for years to make their physical gains?

Aminobutyric Acid, or GABA for short.

And I made sure to put it in my Primal Max Black formula so you’ll feel ready to go whenever you need it.  

Primal Max Black Ingredient #2:

The Sex Fruit that’s Banned In Ireland
Tribulus extract fruit helps for more satisfying sex but it’s banned in the country of Ireland.

There is a fruit out there that grows over more than half the world… 

Has been used in ancient Indian and Traditional Chinese medicine…  

And yet, is illegal in the country of… 


Bodybuilders aren’t happy about this, some trying to figure out how to sneak it past customs.  

For the same reason bodybuilders want it, is the same reason why you should want it too. Why? 

Because of this fruit’s amazing ability to both free up testosterone levels and make more
of it. 

Here’s the proof…  

At the University of Rome, researchers conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on 180 men.19 

After three months, the group who took the fruit saw a 95% difference in intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, sexual desire, and were overall satisfied. 

As amazing as the results are, the way it works is just as impressive. 

This fruit is high in the chemical compound saponins.  

Saponins work in your pituitary gland, releasing more luteinizing hormone, which is required for testosterone production. 

Essentially, saponins approach testosterone creation from two angles.  

Making it two-times more effective. 

What is this banned substance? 

Tribulus extract fruit. 

Which is why it’s in my Primal Max Black formula.

Primal Max Black Ingredient #3:

So Much Testosterone it Makes Your Balls Bigger
Eskimo men practiced unique traditions, such as polygamy and swapping wives because of their sex drives.

Prior to meeting many explorers which influenced their cultures.

Eskimo tribes practiced unique customs and traditions.

Some Eskimo men practiced polygamy, swapped wives, and even shared them with their neighbors.

While we can have our opinions about their practices, there is one undeniable truth:

They had lots of sex.

So much so that it’s hard to imagine how they got their energy levels.

The answer for their healthy sex drives comes from their food.

Specifically, an oil they consumed with almost every meal.

This oil has been the topic of much discussion and over the last few decades it has proven to be chockful of benefits, including getting more stamina during sex.

Reasons being as this article shows below.

An article from the American Journal of Ethnomedicine gave this oil to 48 rats over 30 days.20

At the end of the experiment, all the rats had higher plasma testosterone.

How can a simple oil do this?

This oil is a high source of essential fatty acids.

Based on research from an Ivy League university, essential fatty acids can increase testicular volume by converting excess cholesterol into testosterone.

In other words, this oil makes your testes bigger.21

All of this to say is that if you want to improve your libido, sexual mood or stamina, as the Eskimo men did for generations, this oil is a must-have!

Which leads me to tell you about the next ingredient in my Primal Max Black formula.

Black Walnut Hull.

Black Walnut Hull has the same essential fatty acids, but double the amount when based on serving size, making this an important ally in raising and maintaining healthy levels of testosterone.

The next ingredient is another great ally in raising your testosterone levels.

Primal Max Black Ingredient #4:

Keeping the Signals between Your Brain and Penis Crystal Clear for Immediate Erections
Muira Puama bark is known as
a “potency wood” that helps
men make it through an
evening like you’d find in Paris.

There’s a reason why Paris is known as the “City of Love.”

Parisians are no strangers when it comes to
displaying this.

Certain streets are filled with swinger clubs magnified by neon lighting.

Stories of group sex and blindfold foreplay are casual topics talked about there.

It is what New Orleans’ Bourbon Street would look like on steroids.

And for a place with so much activity.

They aren’t strangers to experimentation, especial with sex enhancing supplements.

Over the last century, a famous supplement from Brazil, known as “potency wood,” has gotten the reputation of helping men make it through an evening like you’d find in Paris.

And based on clinical trials, “potency wood” has lived up to its name. 

Researchers from a prestigious California university tested the effects of this supplement, mixed with other ingredients, on a control group of aged rats for two months.22

After two months, the researchers found that the smooth muscle tissue surrounding the arteries and veins of the aged rats had reversed.

This is important for testosterone production, and here’s why.

Arteries and veins are the body’s highway for nutrients, hormones, and cells. If these highways are damaged over time, less blood gets to your penis.

Making it harder (no pun intended) to get your erection up.

By reversing the age-related damage of your body’s highways, the signals between your brain and your penis become super clear, making rock-hard and firm erections pop on demand.  

“Potency wood” is like a fountain of youth for your erections.

Giving you steady flow of blood to sustain rock-hard erections all night long.

What is this supplement I’ve been talking about?

Muira Puama bark.

Better known as “Viagra of the Amazon.” 

And an important part of my Primal Max Black formula for helping your body produce testosterone. 

Primal Max Black Ingredient #5:

Epimedium extract helps improve
testosterone function.

For all the stories of myths and legends in China…

This story is one of the more fascinating.

Legend has it that there was a goat that liked to have sex.

Lots of sex.

As often as having it 100 times a day.

All thanks to a special plant it would eat.

Despite being a legend, herbal doctors throughout China made sure to keep this plant on hand to help their patients deal with sexual-related situations.

And in a country with billions of men with sexual needs, having this plant certainly comes in handy.

While tests in the West have been limited on this plant…

Recent studies like the following teach us more about this fascinating plant.

Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco studied the effects of the plant extract on three groups of rats; a control group, a 1 mg/kg group, and a 10 mg/kg group.23

After four weeks, the researchers learned an important lesson.

A little bit goes a long way.

The group served just 1 mg/kg was showed a significant improvement in there intracavernosal pressure, as well as an improvement in their serum testosterone.

Not bad for such a small amount of this plant extract.

What’s it’s secret?

A special flavonoid called Icariin.

Icariin increases testosterone by stimulating the follicle stimulating hormone which in turn, encourages the testes to ramp up testosterone production.24

It’s because of this that goats have benefited, rats have benefited, the people of China, and now you.

Which is why I made sure to add this plant, better known as Epimedium extract, in my Primal Max Black formula.

That way, you can experience the same enhanced libido, testosterone function, and overall increased sexual function that comes along with taking this plant extract.

Primal Max Black Ingredient #6:

More Sex Faster
Black pepper is high in
manganese and helps testicles
make more testosterone.

Could a common Korean spice…

Help you have more sex faster?

Studies say yes…

The Research Journal of Medical Plants tested the effects of this spice on 36 mice. They were divided into four groups, with only one group getting the garnish.25

After 90 days, the group that got the garnish had the lowest courtship latency.

In other words, they needed less rest in-between climaxes compared to the other groups.

You may be wondering how a simple spice can do such a complicated thing.

Here’s how it works…

Black pepper is high in manganese. Manganese stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone which signals the testicles to make more testosterone.

Something else to consider regarding this spice is how well it works with other ingredients.

This spice increases the bioavailability of many nutrients.

When taken with an herb, a vitamin, or just regular food, you get more overall benefits.

Which is why this spice was a must-have in my Primal Max Black formula.

What is this spice you may be wondering?

It’s black pepper extract.

Which made it a no-brainer to include in my Primal Max Black formula.

Primal Max Black Ingredient #7:

There’s a War Against Your Erections. Here’s How to Win It…
Low testosterone can be
devastating and you can’t enjoy
sex like you used to.

I’ve sounded the horn for years.

And now the chickens have come home to roost.

Soy has slowly infiltrated itself into our society and its impact on testosterone has been devastating.

Its estrogenic effects have contributed to men becoming weaker, more depressed, and for our purposes, ruined their sex lives.

Even in the age of online dating and hook-ups, men aren’t having sex like they used to.  

Some men even admit it doesn’t feel good anymore.

This is soy at work.

What’s worse, soy’s effects build up slowly.

Before long — if not already — your libido, sperm count, and desire for sex will be impacted.

Here is my solution to that.

There is a substance — highly concentrated in certain foods — that can deplete soy’s nasty effects.

Here’s evidence…

Researchers from the University of Turkey tested the effects of this substance on 38 rats divided in four groups over 53 days. Group 1 had the placebo while the other groups got varying doses.26

At the end of the trial, serum testosterone was unchanged in the control group, which was what they expected.

What they weren’t expecting was what they found next.

The rats who took the smallest amount of this substance, rather than the largest amount, had the best sperm density and highest serum testosterone levels.

Why’s that?

It turns out this substance defeats soy by keeping your estrogen and testosterone in perfect balance.

Making this substance key to keeping your sexual vigor and high libido well into old age. 

What substance am I talking about?

Diindolylmethane, or DIM for short.

Making it an essential ingredient in my Primal Max formula.

Primal Max Black Ingredient #8:

The Roman Orgy Herb That Helped an Emperor Conquer an Unending Army of the World’s Most Ravishing Women!
The Romans used Fenugreek to
help fuel their insatiable appetite.

For all the excesses ancient Rome is known for…

Nothing compares to their orgies.

And in a land of debauchery…

Roman emperor Charlemagne knew NO equal, reportedly sleeping without tens of thousands of women.

And growing in his garden was a certain herb that fueled his insatiable appetite.

One modern science confirms can turn any man into a living legend.

Researchers from the University of Sydney conducted a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study for six weeks. They recruited 60 men between 25 and 52 and had half of them take either the placebo or the herb every day.27

The researchers were shocked by the results.

Of the group that took the herb, 81% saw an increase in their libido and had greater energy levels.

Even better, more than half of that group said their sexual performance increased.

Making this herb a must-have in every man’s supplement cabinet.

What is this herb?

The Romans called it “faenugraecum,” but we know it best as Fenugreek.

And is one of the ingredients in my Primal Max Black formula.

Primal Max Black Ingredient #9:

How This “Spiky Leaf” Gave Italy’s Most Famous Playboy the Stamina to Sleep with 6,000 Women
Classic Italian dishes like
risotto helps to keep a man’s
testosterone in check.

How can someone like Italy’s most famous playboy sleep with more than 6,000 women by the age of 63?

For the answer, just look at his diet…

Classic Italian dishes like risotto, frittata, and tortelli are often times mixed with a green “spiky” leaf plant that not only gives it more flavor but helps to keep a man’s testosterone in-check.

Here’s how…

As we age, our body has less free testosterone available because of a protein known as sex hormone binding globulins, or SHBG for short.28

These SHBG proteins will usually attach themselves to testosterone cells, preventing them from being used to fuel our erections, libido, and even our sexual mood.

But this spikey leaf contains a special substance called ligands.

Ligands help keep SHBG in check…

Ensuring you have enough free testosterone well into old age without having to worry about losing your libido and sexual arousal. 

What is this spikey plant?

Nettle Leaf.

And it’s an important player in the overall health of your testosterone production which is why I put it in my Primal Max Black formula.

Primal Max Black Ingredient #10:

The Secret Behind the 16th Century Food That Brothels Served Their Clientele to Keep Them Going All Night Long
Oysters are a powerful aphrodisiac.

In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine…

But in 16th century London, brothels gave out complimentary oysters.

And it was a genius strategy.

Oysters gave their clients the stamina they needed to have a good time.

A good time that lasted well into the morning hours. 

Oddly enough, the oyster wasn’t what gave the average Englishman that long-lasting sexual stamina.

Instead, it’s a special mineral inside the oyster the brothel girls couldn’t have known.

But thanks to science, you can have this same stamina advantage. 

At the University of Michigan, researchers examined the serum testosterone in two groups. Group 1 had low testosterone and were given a supplement of this mineral while eating a regular diet. Group 2 — which had normal testosterone levels — were put on a strict diet that was low in this mineral.29

After five weeks, they measured the testosterone in both groups.

And further legitimizing why oysters are a powerful aphrodisiac.

The serum testosterone in Group 2 had dropped drastically.

Their testosterone was so low, they became candidates for testosterone replacement therapy.

Group 1, the group that had low testosterone and supplemented with the mineral, saw their levels shoot back up to the “normal” category for testosterone levels.

With those results in mind, you may be wondering why their testosterone dropped at all?

To answer this, we have to go back to the study.

You see, those in Group 1 were elderly men — some well into their 80s — all started out with low testosterone and over time, their low zinc levels have not only decreased their testosterone levels, but it’s increased their endothelin levels, chocking off their libido. 

What happens though, when you re-introduce this mineral back into your diet?

Your testes wake up, testosterone production ramps up, and endothelin levels start dropping.30

Soon, your erections start coming back stronger, firmer, and you’re shocked how long they last now. 

What is this mineral?

Zinc. Making it a perfect addition to Primal Max Black.

As you’ve seen any ONE of these nutrients…

From either the Primal Max Red… OR… Primal Max Black formula would make you a bedroom champion.

And when you combine them all together?

The results are like turning back the clock and having the sexual power of a 30-year-old again…

Almost instantly.

That’s what many of my patients are saying about Primal Max.

9,462 Men Have Used Primal Max

…sex three times in one day…

I have the energy to have sex three times in one day, WOW! That has not happened in years. Thanks, Primal Max. Oh, by the way I am 62.”

— J.K., Birmingham, AL

…substantial boost of my libido.

“I just wanted to try Primal Max out of curiosity, without expecting too much. I was really shocked by a substantial boost of my libido. After my results with Primal Max, I am learning to believe everything by Dr. Sears. Thank you.”

— S.A., Florence, Italy

…I can get an erection more easily…

“I am 57 and still ‘strong’ sexually, but not as strong as I once was. Since taking Primal Max, I have noticed that I can get an erection more easily… On the non-sexual side, I have noted a subtle change in body shaping without change to my workout routine. (I am a Chinese-style Martial Artist.) I am a health care professional and I am aware of the placebo effect… this is not!”

— J.D., West Palm Beach, FL

Now it’s your turn.

Get the nutrients you need to
enjoy your sex life again.

Just one convenient scoop a day of Primal Max Red delivers a heaping helping of the raw ingredients you need to:

  • Create more nitric oxide on-demand.
  • Defeat the nitric oxide “glitch.”
  • And finally experience the true power of nitric oxide to give you quicker, stronger, and
    longer-lasting erections.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably as excited as I am about this next generation of nitric oxide. And what it can do for your sex life.

But remember, this is NOT some artificial sexual stimulant. Rather, it gives you nutrients needed to restore nitric oxide to youthful levels.

Many of the ingredients in Primal Max Red are clinically shown to immediately boost levels of nitric oxide up to 360%…

…and the special delivery system of powerful antioxidants helps them get through your blood vessel wall.

But after a lifetime of use, arteries don’t become youthful again overnight.

And while you’ll start experiencing stronger erections from day one, all of the clinical studies show you’ll get better and better results with continued use.

You can get a 1-month supply of Primal Max Red for $99.95 plus FREE shipping and handling…

And this comes with a FREE full bottle of Primal Max Black! (retail price, $49.95).

But if you want to give yourself the best shot at getting the results experienced in the clinical trial, I recommend a 6-month supply.

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The Nitric Oxide Revolution

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Discover every top nitric oxide boosting breakthrough I’ve ever come across… and its power to supercharge every aspect of health. You’re already getting the best nitric oxide boosting ingredients known to man in Primal Max. And this e-Report reveals the top nitric oxide boosting foods… therapies… and an exercise routine proven, in clinical studies — to boost nitric oxide a whopping 250%.

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Now, I know regaining the sexual performance you had in your 30s may seem like a pipedream…

And I’d hate for your skepticism to get the better of you… and for you to miss out trying Primal Max for yourself.

For this reason, I’m happy to take ALL the risk.

You have absolutely nothing to lose — and an opportunity to experience first-hand the new nitric oxide technology that gave 70-year-old men the sexual prowess of 30-year-olds.

So, why not order today.

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD, CNS

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When I first tell my patients about the many benefits of nitric oxide, they’re floored.

It’s not just America’s No. 1 sexual performance enhancer.

Nitric oxide opens up blood vessels in every square inch of your body… increasing blood flow everywhere… delivering vital nutrients keeping every organ young and virile.

Here’s a snapshot of what new research shows more nitric oxide can do for you…

  • Aides memory and brain function
  • Plays a key role in physical endurance
  • Supports healthy insulin levels
  • Keeps energy levels high
  • Optimizes kidney and liver function
  • Maintains brain volume
  • And supports healthy arteries, by keeping blood pressure and cholesterol within normal ranges

Simply put, without it your blood vessels would collapse… your organs would quickly starve… and you’d die.

Which is one of the reasons why you feel worse and worse as you age. And which is why I recommend it for all of my patients.

That’s why I’ve created a special e-Report that reveals the quickest way to keep nitric oxide levels sky high.

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The No Diet, No Exercise, No Supplement Nitric Oxide Trick

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  • Reduce chest pain by 95%
  • Improves heart stress tests by 80%
  • Reduces frequency and length of hospital stays
    by 46%

…and is so effective men who receive it at my clinical frequently get spontaneous erections in the middle of treatment!

In this must-read special e-Report, you’ll discover why Ivy League doctors said “this should be offered as a first-line treatment for heart disease,” and how to get your insurance to pay
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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