The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius: The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife


Nov 30
DVD Cover 2 Disk Set on Royal Rife

This double DVD set is the best thing I’ve seen in all my years of health research. It is so thoroughly researched and documented—containing 1999 audio that was thought to be lost and films taken by Rife himself through his miraculous microscope—that I don’t know how it could possibly be topped.

The story of Royal Rife is amazing. He was a once in a lifetime, possibly ten lifetimes, genius. We tell a good part of it here, at this site: The Story of Royal Rife —but, you really have to see watch the DVDs. They are so fascinating; you won’t want to miss one second, and you’ll find yourself rewinding often, saying to yourself, “Did I really just hear that?”

The authors cover the story of Roy Rife without ever going into a “conspiracy theory” mode. What happened to Rife was not a conspiracy, plain and simple; it was what happens when medicine has a monopoly. The goal of any monopoly is to gain market share while destroying all competition.

Roy’s microscope is shown in this story, and you get to actually look through it, as Rife made movies of what he saw.

The extra DVD is filled with interviews of people who knew Roy. This set of DVDs will just amaze you, shock you, and ignite you.

I have watched these DVDs over and over. It gives me hope that one day another genius will come along and complete Rife’s work, and it terrifies me that medicine can be so corrupt as to waste human life for unearned, ungodly profits.

Welcome to Wall Street Medicine.

Every one of you should order this testament to Royal Rife’s work, watch it and get angry; angry enough to stand up for your rights and demand a non-profit-based health care system for every one of us.

We suggest you read our article on Rife to get an introduction, then run out and buy this set immediately: