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Feb 20
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Like most innovators, Ron doesn’t know the meaning of the word impossible. He knew that extracting the good stuff from herbs traditionally used heat. He was told that it was impossible to get the good stuff out without using heat. After 9 years of experimenting, Ron did the impossible.

By 1977 Ron Salley produced his first moisturizer. His aim was to create a perfectly natural, perfectly harmless, safe, and effective moisturizer. He refused to use any petrochemicals, emulsifying additives, or chemicals that no one can pronounce. In other words, everything he uses is edible (though you will probably not like the taste). If it shouldn’t go in your body, it shouldn’t go on your body.

By the end of 1981, he had perfected an all-natural skin moisturizer that had all the healing properties of the herbs from which he’d extracted the phytochemicals with his own, unique process.

He told me, “I found a way of blending the ingredients at a very low temperature without destroying the healing properties locked up inside the herbals and botanicals. This was the key for the success of the entire formulating process.” Not content with just a moisturizer, he says, “From the base formulation I went into many spin-offs of adding or deleting many combinations of herbals and botanicals in natural oil base. The products just got better and better.”

Update — December 2018

We’ve been learning how to make videos, educational videos. Nobody likes advertising and even fewer like 4 minute commercials. But people do love to “see” things and that’s what video provides. Would love to hear your feedback in the comment section (at the bottom).

He sent me some samples of his Miracle Skin™, HealonPF™. I sent them to folks to use and so far, have gotten back some good reports. I’ve seen it heal MRSA and diabetic wounds. I carry a bottle in my car wherever I go.

He also sent me some Sugarfoot™ , which I immediately fell in love with. In the winter time my feet dry out and crack something terrible. You’ll often see me limping slightly because of the deep cracks in my feet. Well, I didn’t use the products right away, after receiving them. Silly me. I’m just an airhead most of the time, always focused on something and ignoring everything else around me. But one day, I felt a crack starting in my heel. It burned to walk. When I examined the heel, I discovered that the crack was below the skin, below a callous. So I began putting on the Sugarfoot™ in the morning and at night, and within just three short days, the crack healed. I was amazed, because on the fifth day, the crack made its way to the surface. I could see it plainly, but below, it was healed, and so when I worked on it in the tub with my foot scraper (dunno what the heck they’re called, but you use them in the tub to sand down your calluses on your feet), the callous came off and the skin below was pink and healthy. My feet have never looked this good in the winter. And you have NO idea how many oils and creams I’ve tried for my feet. I remember one Christmas receiving a bag of foot products from someone. Special creams and tools and jiggermabobbers just for my feet. But nothing has come close to doing what this little Sugarfoot™ has done.

In fact, one time I got a crack that was surfaced, put Sugarfoot™ on it at night and the next morning, I got up, exercised, made coffee, went to check my mail, went back to the kitchen to get some coffee, returned to the computer, when it hit me: the painful crack was healed. I got up, put all my weight on the heal, and yes, the pain was gone completely overnight.

And for you people with cracked skin on your hands, putting this on your feet can heal your cracked hands too (unless you don’t use your hands to apply it). And if you’re a nurse, you know how bad your hands get in the winter (surgical nurses wash their hands some 50 – 75 times a day) and Ron’s received a ton of testimonials from them telling him how well Sugarfoot™ worked on the cracks in their hands.

Ron also sent me a ton of testimonials, many of them from physicians who were shocked that his premier product, HealonPF™, was saving the toes of diabetics. I read through them and everyone stated how amazed they were and how thankful they were for his products. You might not know this, but diabetics have very poor circulation in their extremities, and because of this, they bruise easily, get frequent sores that refuse to heal, and often times lose their toes.

According to the reports from users, his Healon PF™ has shown itself to be effective in as little as three days. In just three days, people see improvement. In three weeks, some have reported to be completely healed. Sores that never healed in the past are healing.

Another thing I learned from Ron is that the FDA requires manufacturers of skin care products (and the like) to keep bottles of their products shelved for many years so that over the years they can open them, test them, and see how they’ve fared sitting on the shelf. I love learning these little known facts. Ron informed me that they had reached the seven year mark, and Ron had a couple of his samples opened, and, sure enough, they were still just as pure as when they were bottled.

Ron uses only organically grown or wild crafted herbs. He adds nothing unnatural, no emulsifiers, so you have to shake them before using them. Ron’s company helps harvest the Rain Forests rather than destroy them. His tests have shown that bacteria will not grow in his formulas; it’s just impossible. On a cut or a bruise, this stuff is just as good, better in my opinion, than your antibiotic creams.

Ron loves helping people. He’s probably sent out more free samples than he’s sold so far. He just feels good getting word back that he’s helped someone. His products could easily be sold for twice the price listed now. After using his Sugarfoot™, I know I’ve spent a lot more on so many products that didn’t come close. I was really amazed and so are people who know me. My feet are usually gross in the winter time! But no more.

Ron also has a few products that he didn’t send for us to test, but I read about them in the testimonials. One is called A.S.C. Ron makes no claims, but people have written back that it works wonderfully on Squamus Cell carcinoma and Actinic Keratoses. Please Note: Ron’s suppliers of Tea Tree Oil in Australia have gone out of business. He cannot find anyone to create his Tea Tree Oil using his methods. Ron no longer makes ASC. I have the last of it.

Every day Ron gets calls and letters from people who have tried his products. One fellow told him that he’d nearly cut his finger off, put some of his Healon PF™ on it, wrapped it up, and a year later, you can’t tell which finger was cut. There is no scar.

Before we leave Ron, we should give you a list of maladies that Healon PF™ has been healing according to the testimonials we’ve received. First off, here are two before and after shots sent from people using the original Healon™ formula (not the PF). The first shows how it works on scrapes, and the second shows how it reduces scarring (after surgery).

Testimonials show people using Healon PF™ successfully on: bed sores, cuts, scrapes, bruises, sores that do not heal, scars, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, plantar warts, ingrown toenails, deep seated splinters, road rash, burns, boils, some moles, skin tags, hangnails, split fingertips, blisters, poison ivy, oak, and sumac, canker sores, sore gums, and mosquito bites.

LAM (Like a Miracle, we call it) was produced to fight laminitis in horses, and since it worked so well, he sent samples to people for arthritis and tendonitis. One person who used it on his elbow noticed something very strange. The psoriasis on that elbow began to clear up overnight, and was completely healed within three days with new pink skin.

I’ve seen it work on tendonitis right away; within five minutes of using it (add a little heat and it will work even faster) but this new development was just too much. Ron sent me samples that I gave out to nearly 30 people, and we found that it cleared up eczema and skin rashes like nothing on market. One person wrote to me that she’d had eczema on one spot for over 20 years, and within a week it was gone. All of the testimonials are right here: LAM Cream Testimonials.

Ron’s Acne Lotion is very powerful. You need very little. Use it on moist skin, twice a day, and you’ll see results very quickly.

Another miracle product (miraculous product) is Ron’s Sunburn Lotion. He got a lot of requests for this from flight attendants. They often visit warmer climates and love to hit the sun but don’t realize how quickly they can burn. They take his Sunburn Lotion along and the pain is gone within minutes and if you use it regularly, the skin never peals.

Ron’s Ultra is one of his latest miracles. It’s the best moisturizer on the planet. I now make my own soap, using an organic plant soap base and add Ron’s Ultra. You can purchase it at Simply the Best. It’s called Simply the Best’s Bodywash

Ron sent me some lip balm for Christmas and I told him, Ron, everybody loves this, why don’t you sell it. He told me that it’s too time consuming to make and the cost is ridiculous. I told him to sell it for $15.00 per. He did, and Simply the Best tells me it’s a great seller. Also, Ron’s got such a big heart, that on many orders, he’ll just toss one in for free.

Ron’s just redesigned his Anti-Wrinkle Cream putting even more vitamin E in it. I just love it. A little goes a very long way.

But the really miraculous product he’s just invented is a Nail Prep. He got a call from a woman whose nails were thin and brittle. He sent her a bit of his new Nail Prep and she wrote back within a week telling Ron that a miracle had occurred; that her nails were thick and hard again. She couldn’t thank him enough.


This first is from a physician:

I hope you have been impressed with the pictures of Richard M that I sent. Richard is a yard worker who had modified a weed eater tool; when he started it, it literally “blew up” in his face. This occurred on May 30, 2005. He came to my office on June 1, 2005 (see picture [note: we’ve put both pictures, the before and after, together]) and sought treatment for the burns to his face. He refused referral to a plastic surgeon for treatment and stated that he would only allow me to treat him. I was grateful for his confidence but, at the same time, I was fully aware of the seriousness of his injury. An injury to the nose, with its underlying cartiliginous structures, can, sometimes, provide a poor prognosis; cartilage does not heal well and, in fact, he was facing the possibility of a loss of a body part.

I chose to treat him with the product (Healon PF™) by having him apply it twice daily and return to my office in two weeks for follow-up. I informed him that he could return at any time if necessary. He returned to my office three weeks later (the “before & after” photos) and I was absolutely astounded! He has had no adverse effects from the product and, as you can see, in his eyes, he is quite happy. I spoke with him today and he is overjoyed that the product was available to him. I feel blessed to have the product for my patients. I will continue to use the product and will send other photos of “before and after.”

I look forward to working with you in the future and I will make every attempt to convince my peers to give the product a trial in their practices.


Anthony L Hall, MD
Hall Wellness Institute, Inc

The second is just before and after pictures of diabetic sores. They are gross, but as you can see, in just one month, toes that were ready to be surgically removed, have improved immensely and are staying put on the end of the foot they came with: Before & After.

Dear Mr Salley,

Just wanted you to know that I was suffering with carpel tunnel pain for about a month. I had already called my orthopedic to schedule an appointment, when you mailed me this sample of LAM. I used it as directed for the next week, and about day 3 my numbness and tingling had almost subsided, and about day 8 it was completely gone.

Now when I feel any sort of tingling, I go back to my LAM. Much better than surgery, and from what I have seen, more successful.

Many Thanks!
Bonnie Daugherty

Here is another:

Sam is an 11 1/2-year-old dachshund that is a little bit overweight. I came home from grocery shopping and found Sam unable to walk. His left front leg was sticking out as though he was signaling for a left-hand turn.

A trip the vet showed very severe swelling. It was swelled so bad that it looked like the spine and shoulder were fused together. An anti-inflammatory was prescribed; but after giving the entire [prescription] to Sam, it didn’t help. Sam was bed-ridden for three weeks and Sam looked as though he was at death’s door. Sam couldn’t put his foot down.

I received this stuff from Ron Salley called LAM & Healon. I started to rub [them both] on Sam’s inflamed shoulder joint and within a few days the swelling was gone and Sam was walking and looked healthy once again. To this day, Sam is doing well.


P.S. Lam and Healon work on people too. I had a stiff neck and used LAM and Healon on myself and my stiff neck went away. Also, it healed my hemorrhoids, saving me a $1200.00 operation.

The next letter is from a Podiatrist who now dispenses HealonPF to his patients with diabetic wounds.

Concerning a patient with a very painful lesion:

I dispensed a bottle of Healon, with instructions on how to use it, and asked her to return in two weeks. She did and the wound was at least 50% close to closure. She said most of the pain was gone and she said it felt better than it had in a year.

The patient was due [the next month] for a check on [the] lesion, but sent me a letter stating that … she no longer needed us. The wound was completely closed and she was pain free.

We now believe in the power of Healon as well!

Jared Reeves, DPM

This next testimonial is from a physician who had to quit is practice because of his MRSA infection. He sent us photos, but they were so gross I really could not post them here. I will post two so that you can see the improvement from week one to week four:

After One Week

After Four Weeks

One of Ron’s customers (using HealonPF™) sent us these photos taken about three weeks apart:

This final photographic testimonial concerns a Brown Recluse Spider bite. The person tells us that he did not know it was a spider bite, didn’t feel it, but after a few days went to see a doctor who gave him antibiotics. The bite just got worse and worse till he found a bottle of HealonPF that had a few drops left in it. He tells us that he put the HealonPF on the sore and within two hours it felt better; it stopped hurting. He had just three days of it left and ordered a new bottle. He also reports that he stopped the antibiotics on 3/26 because the pain was gone and he could tell it was beginning to heal.

The following are the photos he sent us, each taken just two or three days apart. The one on 4/7 uses different lighting, but it’s the same bite.

This last note is from a physician, an MD:

I recently tried [HealonPF] on one of my patients who had the misfortune of having a recluse spider bite on her right cheek. This was devastating to her and left a huge crater defect . . . about the size of a half dollar. . . . She has been applying the Healon to the wound. . . . and the crater has filled in and the defect is superficial and the size of a dime. All this after only two weeks. . . . It really works!

Bob Brueck, MD

Latest on LAM Cream

We’ve been flooded by testimonials on LAM cream. Tales of eczema and psoriasis vanishing are abundant. However, the most drastic results we’ve seen are from women with breast cancer who went through radiation treatment. The pictures are just too horrendous for me to publish, but they’ve been treating the burns with LAM cream and within a week or two they heal up miraculously. Another use we’ve discovered came to us from horse owners. They use the LAM cream on their horses hooves, and it heals us small cracks and makes their hooves shine. Additionally, it protects the horses from laminitis, which can be deadly in horses, as there is no cure. Ron thinks that his LAM cream will soon be taking over as his number one seller. Everyone is raving about it.


The reason is very selfish. We don’t want to lose his creams. I have a bottle of HealonPF™ in every room in my home and in my car. Sugarfoot™ is right next to my bed, and ASC™ is in the bathroom next to his moisturizer and lip balm. If there were a line of creams and lotions better than his, you can bet we’d use them in my home, but the fact is Ron’s products are just the best, and why they are sold at Simply the Best.

Updates and Testimonials

Editor’s Note: This site is not yet fully up. The thumbnails of the letters below will be hooked up to the the actual letter when we learn how to do that. Please be patient. We’re learning as we move this site.

This is where we will post updates as they come in. Check back, or send us yours. Personally, I’m beginning to like the LAM cream more than the HealonPF. It’s just my personal choice. To avoid crotch rot in the summer, I apply it before my five hours of grueling tennis. It just works.

The Most Amazing Testimonial You’ll Ever Read! A woman who lost her toenail in her youth, grows one back. Just click on the thumbnail photo to enlarge:

As an aside, Ron has approached businesses that do nails and showed them his products, especially nail prep, and they don’t want a thing to do with him. The better the testimonial, the quicker they want him out of their business. One of the Nail technicians told him that this kind of stuff could put them out of business.

This just sent to us (Jan 2016):

We would really love more LAM it’s amazing!!!!!!! Getting low on Healon too but not gone yet this stuff is liquid gold!!

I am so BLESSED to have found these products they are TRULY MIRACLE PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!! I have a very special cocker spaniel who has had a blackish rash on her belly for over a year we couldn’t get rid of it. The very first time I applied Healon I literally watched the black start to melt away!!!!! After 3 days applying 2x a day there is no rash!!!!! Just a pretty pink belly!!!!!!!!!!! This stuff has been amazing!!!!!!! The lam has gotten rid of eczema strong steroids struggle to control!!!!!! And it feels truly heavenly when I rub it into my knee and hip I feel a warming and my pain melts away!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY to have found these products they have 1000% changed my life!!!

Ron’s LAM Cream

I call it Like A Miracle because it works so fast on rashes. Also, since I play tennis a lot during hot days, I get sweaty in my shorts. This LAM cream is the best preventive for “crotch rot” I’ve ever found. I put it on before, and I need nothing after.

However, LAM stands for laminitis, something horses get that often leads to the animal being put down.

Here is his first testimonial on his LAM cream:

Ron has received many thanks for his LAM cream from women undergoing breast cancer radiation. The LAM just clears up the burns faster than any oncologist has ever seen them cleared up. Here is her testimonial.

Click here for: Tara’s Testimonial

Another quick testimonial for Ron’s Healon PF:

2/26/2016 Update
Testimonials Using Healon PF on Pets

This from a veterinarian.

Dogs will lick it off your finger.

You need to sneak it into your cat food, or put a drop on its nose and it will lick it off.

Amazing results in pets.

Was near death.

One final testimonial:

“David hooked me up with Lam cream. I had been suffering terribly from eczema on my right hand. I couldn’t even use my hand for months. It was cracked and bleeding continuously despite several visits to the best dermatologist in the area and pricey cortisone creams. Absolutely nothing worked that I tried or that was prescribed. David told me about Lam cream and sent it all the way over to Belgium for me. After TWO days there was a HUGE improvement. After two weeks, you could only see tiny traces of dry skin. So after nearly a full year of terrible suffering, LAM cream had me on the mend after two days! I’m SO grateful for this recommendation and with conviction ask everyone to try it.” ~ Lisa Troch

Below are the before (left) and after (right).

  • William A Boffa says:

    How do I get rid of toe fungus-lamb cream or heal on-how many times a day do I apply-I am trying to avoid sugar
    THX, you

    • David says:

      Bill, as one really smart physician once told me, “it’s just cosmetic.” Advertising tries to convince you that you’ve got something wrong systemically.

      Soaking in apple cider vinegar works, and you don’t need much. A cup or two per gallon of water. Cleaning them out before and after a vinegar bath is good too,.

      We’ve found that Healon PF is antifungal (antiviral too) and if the “crusty stuff” is cleaned out under the nail, that can be used. In fact, I’d add to it a bit of DMSO or hyaluronic acid to increase penetration. It sure helps me ear fungus. And Ron also makes a Nail Prep that is great after a foot bath. People have told me it works against toenail fungus if use with baths. LAM is great on rashes, eczema, and sweaty parts.

  • Elda Costigan says:

    I have been using Ron Salley’s wonderful Wrinkle Cream for about six months now, first the original and now, for the last month or so, his New Wrinkle Cream. I love it! I love how it makes my skin feel and look. I am a highly sensitive person, with a lot of allergies, but this Cream works beautifully with no allergic reaction or sensitivity. The Cream leaves my skin feeling dewy and fresh, even by the next morning. I did not have many wrinkles to begin with but what wrinkles I had, mostly on my forehead, are gone! I’m 67 yet look so much younger!

    Thank you Mr. Salley for a most wonderful product! And thank you, David Bonello, for having found such incredible products! I’m so grateful to you both. You are Simply The Best!

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