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Feb 21
Speech Baloon: Fabuloso!

Editor’s Note: These are actually an addendum to the article: Ron Salley’s Miracle Skin Creams & Lotions.

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 I used the cream faithfully on my arthritic right thumb base with no perceptible results. Thanks.

* * *

I see a big difference but not quite clear! been using it on the back of my scalp…along hairline and in and around ears….I think using it a little longer might get it gone !!!

Let me know when it goes on sale!

* * *

This product is great, after 48 years of severe eczema finally something natural. Little shy on the relief of the deep burning itch, but I am very impressed! Finally all cleared up!

* * *

Been meaning to write and give you an update regarding the LAM cream as well as the HEALON PF™, SUGARFOOT and ASC.

I have to tell you I love everything.

LAM- I was using this on my face before My Dad came into town. He took it home with him. Wish I had more to experiment with. Let me know how much it is, would like to purchase it.

I have this very noticeable deep wrinkle under my right eye.  After using it for a few days the wrinkle formed a scab. Now it’s not as deep as it was before. I find this quite interesting, and was quite curious to see what would happen after using it for a while.

I hit my foot so bad one day and took the Lam and rubbed it on right away, the pain subsided in about a minute or 2. I kept applying it throughout the day and the redness went away and I was completely pain free.

My Dad started using it as he came. I told him to keep applying it throughout the day.  He was here for 7days.

I looked at the Psoriasis before he left and it seemed to be drying up somewhat, but the redness was still there.  Dad’s psoriasis is pretty severe. If you saw it you would gag. He started getting it on his elbows. He has it on one of his legs.

When I got the creams I did not know which one to go with first, I was so excited to try them all at once. So I have basically not been consistent except for the Lam.

I started first with the Healon™ on areas where I have problem skin, so far it works well . . . . There is a lightening of skin where the bad scars are and on my face.

ASC- I have been using on skin tags and other moley looking things and it does work to remove them but slowly. One is almost gone, the others taking a little longer.

I have used all these on my face and I really like the fact that they moisturize without making my face greasy and clogged which most creams do  for me. I don’t use sunblock because I just break out so badly with it.

So far I love these creams and by far are the best that I have ever tried and I have tried many. I feel like I have these containers of magic creams.

* * *

These are the results of our experience with the cream…..I was a professional painter for 15 years….That should give a clue to the trouble I have with my right shoulder, elbow and wrist…Normally, I take 4 Tumeric capsules daily and it handles any discomfort and inflammation nicely…With all the remodeling here, I am doing plenty of painting once again!!…I ran out of Tumeric and my shoulder flared…Were talking pain in my neck, shoulder and arm…hence…NO sleep…I had used the cream successfully on lower back so grabbed the cream and waited…Within a couple minutes I could feel the pain letting up…I reapplied in another hour and the pain was tolerable tho not gone…However, the cream helped enough to allow for sleep….My son is in training for extreme sports…He works as a tree climber/trimmer for his occupation and has a rigorous routine of running, bodybuilding, kick boxing etc…This last weekend he had a HUGE bruise on his back where his trainer landed a good one and it was obviously painful…I rubbed on the cream and he was back in just a few minutes..asking “WHERE did you get this stuff and how do I get more of it?”….Gave a jar to a friend who has severe arthritis….He stated that it lessened the ache but thus far it had not done anything for stiffness….He stated that the sample was too small, for the time needed, to determine if it would have eventually relieved stiffness….In a nutshell, the cream worked very well on tendonitis and severe bruising and sore muscles….Thanks for allowing us to be part of this study

* * *

So far I haven’t noticed anything significantly different, although the second day I felt less pain in my shoulder giving me a better range of motion.  I have been using the cream on the back of my neck and shoulder.

* * *

Good day to test arthritis cream.  I put some on the spot that hurt the worst on my fingers and it started to feel better almost immediately. But it didn’t last — it hurts again now, but not as bad. I also put some on my “arthritis knots” on my thumbs.  They don’t hurt, but did it to test if it’d change anything.  I’ll probably use it a few more times today because my fingers don’t like this weather at all. Used on Jack’s knee, and it quit hurting.

Regarding Healon™ – okay, I’m impressed.  I don’t know what I did on Saturday, but one of my fingers had a huge swollen black part that hurt a lot.  I used Healon™ twice.  Today I can’t see that anything had been wrong with it, and it doesn’t hurt.  How in the world does it heal something UNDER the skin?

* * *

Well more good news on the pain relief cream! It’s helping the arthritis I have in my hands and feet and get almost immediate relief after applying it to my joints. I actually thought it was a fluke, and didn’t believe it could help so quickly, but it did! Thanks for sending it! When I run low I WILL be looking for more!

* * *

Last night I had a searing pain running from my neck down through the shoulder blade area…The cream did relieve 95% of the pain on contact.

The cream … seems to numb the pain that runs across my back, neck and shoulders while cooking and doing housework. It relieves the pain on contact about 90-95%. The length of time varies on pain relief from a few minutes to an hour. Id reapply and it would continue to block pain for a short time, possibly a bit longer after reapplication. It’s not obnoxious to use, only a slight menthol scent. It looks like hummus.

* * *

It helped my pain & eczema on my shins.

* * *

I have arthritis in my hands, and feet. My one little finger seems to be affected the most. It hurts all the time in the joint. I have already noticed a dramatic decrease in pain when I use the cream in the morning and night. With working fulltime now, and having to wash my hands often, I can’t use it during the day. I rub it all over my hands as I had been waking up with very stiff sore hands. I can’t believe the difference it seems to make!

* * *

I’m having a flare up because of the storms, and woke up this morning with “fibro neck”.  I put some on, and it seems to be giving me at least partial relief.   Didn’t work on the arthritis in my lower back tho.

As for my knees, I have tilted patellas PLUS arthritis, so it’s a complex problems.  Maybe that’s why it didn’t work.

* * *

When I got the product, I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and was very though there might be a hint of sesame..I shared the cream with a dear friend…the cream helped soothe my friend’s aching wrists (arthritis).

It also protected my skin from being blistered (from a severe scald) as  I had been using it for 3 days it didn’t do much for nerve pain (whiplash) I think I need something a little more potent for the type of pain I am experiencing.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

* * *

I decided to try the arthritis stuff on the swollen parts of my hand that hurt the worst and were the most stiff (where there weren’t open wounds).  It definitely helped a LOT! Still hurts, still can’t bend my fingers much, but nevertheless it’s MUCH better!

* * *

Just want to update you on my progress with the cream.  I know I already told you how it has helped my shoulders and upper arms.  They are doing so much better and I have a better reach.  I still feel in awe every time I get something from my top cabinets.

Now, here is something new to report.  I get bad bad bad charley horses in my feet, calves, inside my thighs from the groin to my knees, ribs and occasionally I get them in my neck.  I have never found a way to prevent them or make them feel better.  So, a couple of days ago I had killer cramps in the upper side of me foot and into the side of my calf.  I have cried with these things!  Anyway, I applied the cream to the top of my foot and up alongside of my leg.  Within minutes the cramp was gone!  Now, someone said it was the massaging rather than the cream that helped.  Not True!  I always massage without relief.  So, I am totally loving this cream!  I can’t thank you enough for sending it to me.

* * *

I am painting the whole inside of my house and just slathered some of that stuff on my shoulders, neck and wrists. I will say that it has helped my hip quite considerably.

* * *

It’s working good for Jer. That’s why I wanted it. He’s got tendonitis in his shoulder. And he said that his shoulder is feeling much better when he uses that. He does want to know what if any fragrance is in it. He says it smells good. Don’t ask me. I can’t smell it.

* * *

I’ve used it on arthritis in my shoulders which causes great pain in my upper arms.  Used it at bedtime the last 2 nights and slept uninterrupted all night long!  It was great!  I have also used it on the tops of my feet and my calves.  I get terrible “catches” in them and they can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour.  This cream has worked almost immediately.  I am going to try it on my hips tonight.  It’s definitely good stuff.

* * *

I hope that guy changes the looks, textures and smell of it…ucky… but so far when I have used it on my hip…it doesn’t ache as much and seems to last maybe 4 hours. My wrist is another story…helped a little bit but not a whole lot.


The following testimonials were called in, so I’m relaying them to you from my notes:

A guitar player in Louisiana had not been able to play for over 12 months and after using the LAM for less than one week reported he could play again as if he was 25 years old. He timed the application and found that after he woke up in the mornings and applied the LAM it took a total of 22 minutes for the tendons to relax and he could be normal again. [This was Ron Salley’s brother who is definitely his worst/best critic.]

An elderly German lady who suffered from leg cramps said her legs would almost double up under her for ten to fifteen minutes and were very painful. She applied the LAM and in three to five minutes the cramps were gone and did not return for long periods of time.

A professional baseball pitcher had nagging finger and hand pain. He called me from the first tee box on the golf course to report that he had used the LAM about ten minutes earlier and that all the stiffness in his fingers and hands had completely gone away.

A man in Colorado had reported to me he had eliminated hamstring cramps after applying LAM to his leg. He had just gotten out of a hot tub and still had the pain until he applied the LAM.

A nurse who was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery of her wrist reported she used the LAM and in less than one hour the pain was completely gone. In two days the pain returned with a vengeance. She again applied the LAM and the pain has not returned in over one month. Goodbye surgery.

A lady in Missouri reported to us that her niece who has had major health problems and has to use crutches to move about. Her hands constantly hurt her to the point of not wanting to walk because of constant crutch pressure on them. She has lived with a pain index of 8 for all the years she can remember, which is a horrible number. After using the LAM for a time (we don’t know how long) her pain threshold was reduced to a 4 according to her doctor.

A lady in Miami, Florida who is the administrator for a large health facility had to use a cane to navigate the stairs and had great knee pain. After using the LAM for approximately one week the cane was discarded and she can now move up and down the stairs with no pain and no help from a cane.

Best Practices

Today, best practices in testimonials means we need a name, at least an initial and a name, and even better, a photograph. We apologize because we had some 20 people who wanted to test the Lam Cream and we promised them that we’ve keep their responses anonymous (thus they could say whatever the heck they wanted). We first posted these some 10 years ago at our previous site. We promise to follow best practices in the future.

Oh, and you can get the LAM Cream here: Ron Salley’s Miracle Skin Creams & Lotions.

One final testimonial:

“David hooked me up with Lam cream. I had been suffering terribly from eczema on my right hand. I couldn’t even use my hand for months. It was cracked and bleeding continuously despite several visits to the best dermatologist in the area and pricey cortisone creams. Absolutely nothing worked that I tried or that was prescribed. David told me about Lam cream and sent it all the way over to Belgium for me. After TWO days there was a HUGE improvement. After two weeks, you could only see tiny traces of dry skin. So after nearly a full year of terrible suffering, LAM cream had me on the mend after two days! I’m SO grateful for this recommendation and with conviction ask everyone to try it.” ~ Lisa Troch

Below are the before (left) and after (right).