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Sep 06

There is a book out that everyone needs to read. Why? Because it’s a whack upside the head and once in a while we all need a good whack upside the head.

It’s about a man who cured cancer, Dr Nicholas Gonzalez.

Dr Nick, as he was called, always sent us a check when we published our directories in the old days, and by old days, we mean BG, or Before Google. Our directories listed many functional physicians; physicians who used nutrition, lifestyle changes, enzymes, and detoxification. They treated many patients conventional medicine had given up on, many who were considered “terminal.”

Nicholas Gonzalez M.D. is a once in a lifetime genius. We’ve written about these sorts of geniuses in our past. Royal Rife, Sammir Chachoua, and Max Gerson are among them, and the things they all had in common were the bankrolls spent on lawsuits that tied them up in court, defamation by conventional medicine and so-called quackbusters, and even insults deriding them at Wikipedia.

Dr Nick too suffered lawsuits, and the rest of the ignominy hurled at him by “big medicine.”

Mary Swander has written a beautiful, insightful, and tender biography of this healer. It should anger you. Allow me to show you why.

She writes that, “The conventional medical model lost cancer patients all the time . . . More radiation was aimed at body parts targeted with black magic marker strokes. More multi-million-dollar research grants were allocated for yet another chemotherapy drug. But if I lose just one patient, Nick acknowledged, just one, I’m sued, taken to court, and vilified as a charlatan.”

This particular lawsuit he’s referring to concerned a woman who was still alive, “years later than was typical for a survivor of her kind of aggressive cancer.” Ironic.

He fought the system constantly, realized successes where conventional medicine had failed, and was finally able to create a clinical study that would demonstrate, once and for all, that no one should fear terminal illness, that with a little help, the human body could beat the death sentences medicos handed out like so many prescriptions.

Dr Nick worked 17 years to finally get a large-scale clinical trial, but the attacks didn’t stop. At one point he received a phone call warning him that someone, someone high up in medical research, was going to poison him.

It was most intriguing to learn that Nick had studied journalism and approached medicine like that of an investigative journalist. Mary writes: “He didn’t so much reject the science taught to him, he simply questioned everything.”

Finally, this is not just a biography of a brilliant man. It is an encyclopedia of alternative approaches to cancer.

There are websites and websites, books and more books about Cancer Alternatives, but I’ve seen nothing like this volume that displays the history of this movement as evocatively.

This book is a treasure. A treasure you need to experience and share.

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Something of Interest

As I said above, this book is a treasure trove of the history of alternative approaches to cancer, and of all those people involved.

You will learn, as I did, things you’ve just never heard in the past.

For example: I’ve read One Answer to Cancer, by Dr William Donald Kelley, a dentist. It’s free at that link. It was an eye-opener. I’d also read that Steve McQueen had used Dr Kelley and his therapy to beat his cancer, having one last tumor removed surgically, and then mysteriously dying of a heart attack that night will in recovery.

But Mary Swander revealed exactly who Dr Kelley was, how he responded when he learned he was dying of pancreatic cancer, and a whole lot more.

I learned that Kelley was a junk food junkie. I learned that it was his mother who whacked him upside the head and got him on the road to recovery.

You see, his mother came from a poor family and grew up using traditional folk medicine and nutrition. It was his mother who showed up and trashed his kitchen, tossing out all the junk food she could find. Even though Kelley had studied Weston Price’s research and knew about how diets affected teeth and the structure of the jaw bone, he loved his junk food.

It was his mother who got him eating raw foods, taking supplements, doing coffee enemas (to detox his liver), and even taking enzymes for his digestion. She knew that pancreatic enzymes attacked cancer and she told him so.

It was her influence that got Kelley to start studying the Gerson method and others, and eventually beat his death sentence.

Again, it’s an amazing book.