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Charts and statistics
Feb 22

This Study “Proves” I’m Lying to You!


In our paper, “Studies Show,” we focused on what makes good science and those things that can influence an outcome and turn good science into junk science. Please Note: We are a 503(c)(3) educational charity and subsist on donations and affiliate programs. We sell nothing except our publications. All of our affiliate programs come from companies we […]

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Speech Baloon: Fabuloso!
Feb 21

LAM Cream Testimonials


We got these testimonials from people who had used Ron Salley’s LAM Cream. Contrary to “best practices,” at the time we told them that they would be anonymous. Thus, because we did not follow (or even know of) best practices back then, feel free to doubt them all if you want. We’re just re-posting them here because they exist.

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