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Jan 12
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When commercial, processed American food arrived in Africa, Dr Albert Schweitzer, that famous humanitarian, noted soon afterwards that the food had brought with it something new, something hardly seen before in that land, something very devastating: Cancer.

Editor’s Note: This article is from our book Bypassing Bypass, published in 2002. The entire book is here, free, just click on the subjects to the right dealing with cardiovascular health. 

At that time, pesticides were in use here in America, but hardly as they are used today. The processing of foods was hardly as destructive as it is today. The food additives weren’t as prevalent as they are today. Dr Schweitzer, in his journal, proclaimed one very powerful cause. He wrote: “It’s the salt.”

Salt is one thing we Americans like pure. It has to be pure white, devoid of any moisture, and perfectly shaped. This is not natural.

Did you know that the salt companies actually don’t make their greatest profits selling salt? Most of the salt sold goes to chemical laboratories and manufacturing companies. Selling salt is actually a side line for salt companies; they make most of their profits pulling out the minerals and selling them back to us through health food stores and to companies like Kellogg’s® that take a naturally healthy food, process the proverbial pee out of it (till it’s worthless) and then add back some minerals and vitamins. The minerals come from the salt companies. This is called “fortified” food.

In animal experiments, the test subjects were fed the same grains they normally eat, however, they were processed and fortified. The control subjects were fed the whole grains. To make the study even more interesting, one group was starved. Now you might find this cruel to starve an animal to death, but listen to this:

The starving animals outlived those fed fortified foods.

Naturally sun dried sea salt is charged with energy. The minerals are charged minerals; charged with radioactive properties. From the book,  Seasalt’s Hidden Powers:

Natural sea salt dried by the sun’s rays contains elements that enhance the human organism by their radioactive properties. It is possible to follow the path of radio calcium as it heads straight to the site of a bone fracture or lesion of an organ upon entering the body. Other radioactive isotopes work in the same manner, such as radio-manganese, radio-phosphorus, or radio-magnesium.

Charged minerals go right to where they are needed.

Drying out salt reduces immediately the magnesium salts which are needed to orchestrate all the most minute functions of the body: building healthy bones, building healthy blood cells, etc.

You can now see that it’s not just what’s in processed salt (chemicals from the processing) that would cause Dr Schweitzer to conclude as he did, but it’s what is missing from the salt as well.

What is in salt?

Celtic Sea Salt

Macrobiotic Salt

Refined/Processed Salt

84% Sodium Chloride

98% Sodium Chloride

97.5% Sodium Chloride

16% Charged Minerals

2% Minerals

2.5% chemicals from the processing that prevent water absorption and some iodine.

To take an even more in-depth look, we need to print Dr Langre’s entire chart comparing these three salts:

Comparison of the Mineral Elements in
Natural Celtic Sea Salt vs. Other Salts

Minerals Celtic Salt Partially refined Sea Salt or mined salt Refined –  Table Salt
Group 1
Sodium & chlorine (NaCl = Sodium Chloride)
84% 98% 97.5%
Group 2
Sulfur, magnesium, calcium & potassium
14% >1% none
Group 3
Carbon, bromine, silicon, nitrogen, ammonium, fluorine, phosphorus, iodine, boron, lithium
1.9997% 1% none
Group 4
Argon, rubidium, copper, barium, helium, indium, molybdenum, nickel, arsenic, uranium, manganese, vanadium, aluminum, cobalt, antimony, silver, zinc, krypton, chromium, mercury, neon, cadmium, erbium, germanium, xenon, scandium, gallium, zirconium, lead, bismuth, niobium, gold, thulium, thallium, Ianthanum, neodymium, thorium, cerium, cesium, terbium, ytterbium, yttrium, dysprosium, selenium, lutetium, hafnium, gadolinium, praseodymium, tin, beryllium, samarium, holmium, tantalum, europium
0.0003 % none none
Group 5
All chemical additives which bleach, prevent water absorption, stabilize iodine additives, maintain free flow
none none up to 2.5%

This analysis compiled by combining the research of University of Nantes, the work of Prof. L. C. Kervran, and the book by RenB Quinton, Seawater, OrganicMediwn, published by Library of the Medicine Academy, Paris, France.

What I would like you to note from this chart are the Group 1 and Group 2 minerals. In Celtic Sea Salt, this composition looks nearly, very nearly like the composition of amniotic fluid.

Dr Langre, in his book Seasalt’s Hidden Powers,  makes the following points:

  1. Our bodies are like the ocean and at the level of our biochemical function, we either get the nutrition we need to maintain this “ocean atmosphere” or we suffer.
  2. Violent prisoners given Celtic Sea Salt in their diets showed improved behaviors within a few short weeks.
  3. Salt is needed for digestion.
  4. The sodium of Celtic Sea Salt acts differently in your body than the sodium in refined salt.
  5. People who dislike salt or have a phobia or intolerance to salt do not realize that they are, in fact, ill.

Let’s take a look at these one by one.

One: Maintaining an ocean atmosphere. It is hard to find someone who has not tasted her/his own blood. We cut our finger and immediately put it to our mouth. It’s almost a knee jerk reaction. Our blood tastes much like sea water. If you believe in evolution, then you believe that life came from the sea. If you are a creationist, then you marvel at how much like the ocean our creator made our fluids. The most basic functions of our body, the most basic messages sent either electrochemically or via our hormones rely on a medium that is chemically balanced. Celtic Sea Salt puts our bodies back into this balance.

Two: I recall from an advanced psychology lecture in college in which the professor loudly stated: “The difference between a violent, aberrant mental patient and you people sitting here is two cents worth of lithium.” Bipolar patients are often prescribed lithium, however, the side effects of this medication can be nasty. Celtic Sea Salt contains natural lithium salts. Unlike supplementing with medicinal lithium, the lithium in Celtic Sea Salt is absorbed naturally, in quantities nature intended, and they are untreated, unprocessed, and as natural as the earth itself.

Three: Meat eaters naturally get more salt than vegetarians. Meat (blood) contains natural salts. Vegetables and fruits contain little to none, celery being a rare exception. A fruit dipped in salt will stimulate the flow of digestive juices. The more natural the salt, the more minerals contained, the more natural digestive juices are sparked. All digestion breaks food into basic sugars, at least it should. If your food is improperly digested, the sugars (the glyconutrients) are not manifested by your digestive process and you develop sugar craving.

Four: Sodium is sodium, right? Not so fast here. If you pull Sodium Chloride from any salt, whether sea salt or salt from the Dead Sea or salt from Salt Lake City, you have simply Sodium Chloride and that is just that: Sodium Chloride. So, if you buy sea salt that has been processed, yes, you are getting plain old Sodium Chloride. However, the Sodium Chloride in Celtic Sea Salt, besides being balanced with Potassium, is in a highly charged state and like things in a highly charged state, it is not static, will not store itself in your organs or affect your kidneys, but pass on through you as natural salts are meant to do.

Five: Years and years of processed salt intake results in kidney damage and kidney stones, muscles and organs are brimming with sodium chloride, bones are brittle (or brittler than they should be) and many people just don’t like salt. I often tell people about salt and many times their first response is: “Oh, I don’t use too much salt” meaning, they don’t use any salt. They don’t like it, they blame the cook for putting too much salt in this and that, and they certainly don’t buy most canned soups that are mainly salt. After reading Dr Langre’s book, I now know when I hear someone tell me that they don’t like salt─I know this person is sick. This person might not know s/he is sick, but this person is sick. Every body needs salt. And the body of someone who hates salt most probably has too much Sodium Chloride attached to organs, muscles and tissues. Years agon I sat in chat rooms, cancer support chat rooms, and I listened. I’d hear a lot of people say that they had perfect health right up till they were diagnosed with cancer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is impossible. In Western Medicine disease begins with symptoms. The main symptom of cancer is cancer. We have many, many tests to give you to determine if that lump there is cancer. In TCM, the physician tests for energy imbalances; these energy imbalances occur many many steps before visible or palpable symptoms appear, and one symptom of disease in TCM is an aversion to salt. Think about it.

What is Celtic Sea Salt good for? Besides overall health, it has been used traditionally to aid in healing burns, relieving mental disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, aggressive behavior), and even helping to reverse heart disease. Yes, amazing stuff, especially when we are told to avoid salt when we have heart disease. Again, years of processed salt builds up in organs (and in the heart) and you’re ripe for edema (the collection of fluids). The only person who has to watch her/his salt intake is the person with a high degree of renin in her/his blood stream. If you have hypertension, there is a 10% chance that it is caused by a high amount of renin in your blood. Afro-Americans, for some reason, suffer from this more than any other line of heritage.

Celtic Sea Salt is “guiltless salt.” Use it on everything. I go pick tomatoes with a little bowl of ground Celtic Sea Salt and most never make it back home. Get yourself a mortar and pestle and order the coarse salt and grind it up. Then put it in an air tight container to retain the moisture. Yes, it contains moisture and sticks together. Consider this a benefit, for it shows you that it is charged with mineral salts, especially magnesium, which a healthy body needs.

I order my salt from Simply the Best . (With shipping, they have the best price on the web.)

You can find a copy of  Dr Langre’s book, Seasalt’s Hidden Power, at Scribd and download a copy after you join up, or you can pick up a copy here at AbeBooks.

One more thing: Celtic Sea Salt is perfect pickling salt.

Update 2022

I found this in the news, put out by the USDA. The Standard American Diet does put a lot of strain on our kidneys and they recommend cutting your daily intake of salt to one teaspoon.,

The thing about the recommendations (above) is that they are referring to regular table salt that has been stripped of its minerals.

And you should have learned above that the sodium/potassium ratio in Celtic Sea Salt creates the most natural environment in your body, so when it come to USDA recommendations, if you are using ONLY Celtic Sea Salt, and carefully read packaging labels, you have no worries.

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