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French Ambulance during American Civil War
Aug 17

History of Medicine 1800-1850


“Nearly all men die of their medicines, not of their diseases.” Moliere The Revolutionary war is ended, a new century is begun, our first president has passed away and we are the freest society in the modern world. So, what are your options if you become ill? If you lived in the cities your first […]

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Aug 08

Stubborn Hypertension

Cardiovascular Care , Miscellaneous

Sometimes no matter what you do, you just can’t bring down your blood pressure. But if you are over 60, perhaps you should know that the new guidelines for blood pressure (from the famous SPRINT Study [Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trail]) tell us that 150/90 is the new normal. You can read more about this […]

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Snake Oil Poster
Dec 07

The History Of Quackery

History of Medicine

Mercury, the element, not the planet, was nicknamed “quicksilver” because it is silver in color and a liquid at room temperature. In German, the word is “quacksalber.” Mercury is a toxic heavy metal. In the fifteen hundreds, physicians were a highly untrained lot, having learned most of their trade as apprentices. Herbalism was the medicine […]

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Road Sign: Do No Harm
Nov 28

Rational Medicine


Sometimes an idea is just too simple, too rational, and makes way too much sense to be put into practice because we are complicate, irrational, senseless beings most of the time. Just look around you.

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