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Sep 28

Dr Bruce West


While researching cardiovascular health and wellness, I came across a newsletter that I liked, bought it, and it came with a cardiovascular supplement that made the claim that Congestive Heart Failure is actually beriberi of the heart. I consumed those pages quickly and then began going through studies after studies to confirm this guy’s assertion. […]

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Jun 03

COVID-19 Vaccine: Facts vs Bullshit


I have a friend who keeps sending me horrific bullshit about this vaccination that I told her people must stop spreading. “But it’s all true.” Her go to line is, “Check it out.” Obviously she didn’t. The first thing I saw at the top of her next email concerned the number of people who have […]

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HIV virus
Sep 10

The CAEV Virus — An HIV Vaccine

Therapies , Vaccines

People who know me know I am not a conspiracy nut. I’m a journalist and I deal in facts. Facts have contexts and once the facts are dug up, they must be put into context. What is amazing about journalism today is that bullshit is published everywhere and readers are bombarded with it daily through […]

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