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Omegasentials Label
Apr 30

The Resurrection of Omegasentials™


Integrity Direct came into being in September of 1998. For the previous 10 plus years, Stan Mann had been researching the work of Johanna Budwig (in the original German) and experimenting with cofactors that could not only copy the action of Budwig’s flax oil recipe, but improve upon it. When finished, he took his product […]

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Van Gogh's Starry Night
Jan 24

The Disease of our Time

Cardiovascular Care , Nutrition

As you sit reading these words, there are 6 septillion (that’s a 6 with 24 zeros) biochemical/physiological events taking place in your body. That’s more than there are stars in the universe. Fortunately, the “things” controlling these biochemical events are few. The brain could not possibly handle all of them and still have enough “brain […]

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