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Dec 29

Mammography — Myths & Alternatives


Please check for updates at the end of this article. I’m sure by now, most of you (if you’ve been on the internet long enough) have received the tongue-in-cheek essay on preparing for a Mammogram (something about slamming your breast in a drawer repeatedly). If you’ve been paying attention at this site (have perused our […]

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Johanna Budwig
Jan 14

Johanna Budwig Revisited

Cancer , Cardiovascular Care , Nutrition

This could be one of the most important articles on cancer you can read. Just recently I sat and interviewed a genius who has continued and expanded on Johanna Budwig’s work. I returned to my office to do some homework (research, reading, etc.) and finally, I fully understand what’s going on, and I’m passing it on […]

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