Lebanese Garlic Sauce


Oct 23

This is a steak/meat sauce used especially for shishlik (what they call shish kabob in the Middle East).


1 Cup and a quarter peeled garlic
1 Cup oil (try the MCT Oil)
1 Tablespoon Celtic Sea Salt
⅓ to ½ Cup Lemon Juice

Important: The more lemon juice, the less “sting” your garlic will have. Additionally, after you blend the garlic with the salt and lemon juice, you can let it sit a bit before adding the oil. This too will take some of the sting out.

The original oil for this is olive oil, and of course the best is extra virgin. However, in my home we use a lot of MCT oils because they are burnt up quickly, give you extra energy, and your fat cells reject them. They actually stimulate fat burning.


In a blender, blend together the garlic, lemon juice (can use lime juice), and salt. Then add the oil slowly. Just pour it in a nice, steady, slow stream while the blender is on high. It’s best if it’s not on too high, or “extract” (our blender calls the highest mode “extract”).

Then refrigerate.

About Garlic

Garlic is just a super powerful herb. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine prescribed it for tumors.

Here is a list of its properties:

1. Insecticidal—kills insects.

2. Parasiticidal—eliminates parasites.

3. Antibacterial—a wide spectrum antibiotic that doesn’t kill the good bacteria.

4. Antifungal—eliminates fungal growth.

5. Antitumor—eliminates various tumors.

6. Hypoglycemic—lowers sugar levels in the blood.

7. Hypolipidemic—lowers harmful fat levels in the blood.

8. Antiatherosclerotic—eliminates clogging of the arteries and plaque buildup, lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.