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May 02

The Spanish Flu

History , History of Medicine

The image above is from the hospital at Camp Funston, in Fort Riley, Kansas, or “ground zero” for America’s greatest pandemic. Go ahead and forget that “fact,” because you’re about to get one heck of an education. What is Influenza Commonly known as the flu, it is a viral infection of the respiratory system. It […]

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French Ambulance during American Civil War
Aug 17

History of Medicine 1800-1850

History of Medicine

“Nearly all men die of their medicines, not of their diseases.” Moliere The Revolutionary war is ended, a new century is begun, our first president has passed away and we are the Democratic Republic in the modern world. So, what are your options if you become ill? If you lived in the cities your first […]

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Beginning of the Low Carb Diet
Apr 25

William Banting and the First Low Carb Diet


William Banting (1796 – 1878) was a London undertaker. Undertaker you say? And why would an undertaker be found on the pages of a site devoted to health and wellness? Though it is true that Frank Lloyd Wright said, “The physician can bury his mistakes.” that is not why we want to tell you about […]

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