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Nov 17

The Correct Way to Detox

(Originally published in 1994, and updated since.) 

Max Gerson claims, in A Cancer Therapy, that for a cancer therapy to be successful, it must fulfill two fundamental components:

The first component is the detoxication of the whole body which has to be carried out over a long period of time, until all the tumors are absorbed and the essential organs of the body are so far restored that they can take over this important “cleaning function” by themselves. . . . Secondly, the entire intestinal tract has to be restored simultaneously; with the restoration of the intestinal tract, the most important secretory functions will be repaired, as well as its circulation and motility regulated by the visceral nervous system. . . . Immunity does not mean here that the body is protected against a special bacterium; as in an infectious disease, it means that no abnormal cell can grow or develop in the body with normal metabolism. For that purpose, the degree of restoration of the liver plays a decisive role.

We see here the roadmap of our journey to heal cancer (and a multitude of degenerative diseases): we must detox the body and get our colon and liver functioning at 100%. However, when most people hear “detox” they run out and buy a detox tea. This is the worst thing you could possibly do, tantamount only to suddenly changing your diet.

Frank Charles, of Natural Wellness Group in Minneapolis [now defunct], pointed out to us that detoxication always puts a strain on the weakest organs. Additionally, if your liver is clogged, where do the toxins go when your tea pulls them from your cells? A sudden change in diet forces good nutrients into your starving cells that must release the crud they’ve been holding, and where does that go?

When it comes to absolute Wellness, this is one of the most important articles you will ever read.

In natural (holistic) wellness, we have three focal points: the body, the mind, and the spirit. When it comes to the body and the mind, lifestyle is the controlling factor; lifestyle and diet. As for your spirit, well that is between you and your higher power.

In natural medicine, we concern ourselves with two thing: what comes in and what goes out. Since what comes in doesn’t always come out, we need to detox. Since much of what comes in today, considering the 80, 000 organic chemicals created since the fifties, we must be even more aware of what we put in our bodies, and what we can pull out.

Physical exercise or just movement, is a part of every healthy body, and there’s one more thing discovered by the Chinese some 6,000 years ago: energy. Our body needs a flow of a negatively charged field. Do not associate this “negative charge” with negativity. In the world of the electron, the terms negative and positive do not connote good or bad, but in this case, a body with a positive charge is bad. (See also: The Lost History of Medicine.)

Also, for the story of your body’s life force energy, see the articles on Qigong,(I.Link) and related articles on self massage and meditation.

We live in a toxic environment. Proper detoxication and proper nutrition (whole, organic foods) are nearly the only means to surviving in this environment. Even those of us who eat organic foods get our fill of toxins.

This article is going to lay out for you the correct way to detox your body and boost your immune system without putting additional strain on weak organs. All too often we hear of people who attempt to detox and report feeling really lousy. This will not happen if you follow these instructions, and please remember, no matter how safe something seems to be, you are a unique individual and you must find a professional health care provider to oversee your detoxication process.

This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical care, and is presented as information only. Top

There is an Order

If you detox the blood with a clogged liver, where do the toxins go? You must detoxify the liver before you detoxify the blood (and cells throughout the body). Next, if you detoxify the liver, but forget about your toxic colon, your liver will just get clogged again. Because of our American diets, our colons are, for the most part, stuffed with toxins that are straining our immune systems.

Therefore, first you will detoxify the colon (and we’ll work on the kidneys at the same time), then the liver, and then the rest of the body and blood. This is the most intelligent order to follow.

Edgar Cayce developed an acronym to explain his plan to live a healthy life: CARE—Circulation, Assimilation, Relaxation, Elimination. Two of these, assimilation and elimination have to do with your digestive system. With a blood and liver detox, circulation is improved, enhancing the pathways for transmitting hormonal messages and communication between the various organs of the immune system. Poor circulation restricts the flow of enzymes that can devour cancer cells. Relaxation, it should be noted, also involves exercise. Exercise and relaxation improves the flow of all systems, and improves liver function. [An Overview of the Edgar Cayce Material]

We are going to clean house, and in doing so, you will be well on your way to defeating any degenerative disease, as long as you promise to keep it clean. Top 

Kidney Health

If you have kidney problems or cancer, you will want to cut back on your salt intake, if you are eating white salt. We recommend only Celtic Sea Salt, and you can read about that also at this site. And learn to read labels. There is far too much added salt to our food supply.

Stones and gravel are a problem that many natural herbal preparations can clear up, but you will first want to determine the type of stones, oxalate or carbonate, you are dealing with. You will need a good chemical analysis to determine the type of stones.

According to Dr Julian Whitaker [Health and Healing, April 1993, 3:3], a study at the Harvard Medical school showed that in patients with a “history of recurrent kidney stone formation,” 300 mg of magnesium oxide combined with 10 mg of Vitamin B6 produced a 92% reduction of stone formation after one year.

One of the best products we’ve run across to clear up stones (once you know what type they are you will be told whether to use this product) is called Stone Free which is sold in most health food stores.

If gravel (not stones) is your problem, you can flush this with an herbal tea made of hydrangea root.

To flush the kidneys and bladder, there are many herbal teas, and Frank Charles happens to like watermelon juice. He says it’s a great general flush of the kidneys and bladder. Other herbs good for flushing your kidneys are: uva ursi, buchu, and corn silk. Dr Schulze’s Kidney and Bladder Tea is one of the best tasting teas I’ve ever had, and you can make it up in batches and even drink it cold.

Note: We focus quite a bit on Dr Schulze’s products and methods in this paper, mainly because he is a student of old Dr Christopher, and Schulze has more experience in this particular area than anyone on earth. His products are good and his advice is great. And no, he does not have an affiliate program and we don’t make a nickle off of any links to his site. We just love his products and his experience.

Vitamin E will help dilate the tubules so that everything passes on through. And hydration! Always drink lots of clean water; eight to ten glasses per day is recommended.

Also, check out the Appalachian Kidney Stone Flush (I.Link)at the bottom of this page. Top 

Colon Health

A good reliable set of bowels is worth more to [us] than any quantity of brains.

Henry Wheeler Shaw

The established medical profession has yet to connect colon health to degenerative disease, and as Teresa and Tom Schumacher point out in their book, Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier and Healthier You, this is probably because there are no patented drugs—the only way to cleanse your colon is with natural ingredients and proper diet.

Dr Norman Walker, in his book Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life, refers to constipation as “the number one affliction underlying nearly every ailment; it can be imputed to be the initial, primary cause of nearly every disturbance on the human system.” He points out that the blood vessels lining the colon extract available nutrients missed by the small intestine. “Obviously, if the feces in the colon have putrefied and fermented,” just one result of our American diet, “any nutritional elements present in it would pass into the blood stream as polluted products. What would otherwise be nutritional becomes, in fact, the generation of toxemia . . . a condition in which the blood contains poisonous products which are produced by the growth of pathogenic, or disease-producing bacteria.” Is it any wonder that the disease of the twentieth century is immune system dysfunction?

In his article, “Eliminating Toxins and Disease through Colon Health,” reprinted in Immune Perspectives, Michael Dye talks about mucus build up, its benefits and its drawbacks:

In an effort to minimize toxins absorbed into the blood stream from the colon, mucus is created to encapsulate the waste of certain foods such as meat, dairy, white flour and other processed foods. This mucus build-up is a natural defense mechanism, and could be efficiently eliminated through the colon if it occurred only rarely. But people who eat mucus-producing foods every day create a toxic build-up of layers and pockets of mucus and decayed fecal matter, remnants of which can stay in the colon for 20 to 30 years or longer.

It is, in fact, the length of time fecal matter sits in our colons that we, as Americans, must worry about. Dr Schulze, in an interview, pointed out that in foreign countries where processed foods are nonexistent, people have one bowel movement per meal. He also decried the LA county high-school health books that state that 2 to 3 bowel movements per week is normal. Fecal waste products should stay in our system no longer than 24 hours, though 6 to 8 hours is optimal. In America the transit time averages from 72 to 96 hours. This gives the fecal matter time enough to putrefy, ferment, and build up toxins that can affect every part of our body, especially the immune system.

Schulze also points out:

The Merck Manual is the medical industry’s standard text for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. This prestigious reference work reveals that colon health is degenerating fast. Diverticulosis, a major colon disease, has increased dramatically over the last 40 years. In 1950, only 10% of adults over the age of 45 had this disease; in 1955, it rose to 15%; in 1972, it doubled to 30%; and by 1987, it rose to 50%. The current edition (1994) of the Merck Manual includes an alarming statement about the incidence of diverticulosis, “. . . every person will have many diverticula.” In other words, virtually every American adult will have diverticulosis in the large intestine if he/she lives long enough.

(We should point out that the Merck Manual always refers to the “average person” in its statistics. The secret here to avoid being average.)

Diverticulae are herniated sacs that protrude through the colon wall caused by a sluggish, constipated bowel. These pockets fill with old fecal matter, causing the bowel to retain up to 20 pounds of toxic, putrid waste, and as stated above, many experts believe this to be the cause of most illnesses since the strain on our immune system begins here. Our colon problems in America (we lead the world in colorectal disease) are the result of our lack of dietary fiber, and the only thing doled out by the medical profession is Metamucil® which is 60% psyllium and 40% sugar.

In his book, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, Dr Norman Walker claims that studies in England have not been able to link a single “germ” to the common cold. Dr Walker believes that a toxic colon combined with a germ (the straw that broke the camel’s back) produces colds and, after years of clinical studies, concludes that enemas and colonics plus a little juice fasting will clear up a cold.

It should be noted that aloe vera has been studied for its effects on the bowel, and Dr Bruce Hedendal, a chiropractor and PhD, concludes:

Specific gravity of the stool was reduced on the average of 0.37, with decreased stool transit time without diarrhea. Stool cultures were generally more normal, especially in the two-thirds of test subjects that had, prior to the trial, high amounts of bowel yeast (Candida albicans). Aloe promoted a more favorable balance of gastrointestinal symbiotic [favorable] bacteria and decreased yeast populations. All subjects who had indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and gastritis reported symptomatic relief after seven days. [Immune Perspectives, Fall, 1994.]

In this case, aloe is being used to treat symptoms. To get to the root of the problem means cleaning the bowel. This happens in three steps:

  1. Get the bowel regular (one bowel movement per meal).
  2. Clean the toxic, putrid waste from the pockets, bends and folds of the colon.
  3. Daily maintenance. (This is where drinking Organic Aloe Vera helps immensely.)

Dr Schulze readily admits that after 20 years of clinical experience, he’s found that 80% of all maladies, whether acne, arthritis, multiple chemical sensitivity, or cancer were cleared up within two weeks of cleaning the bowel. Top

Detoxicating the Bowel

There are many products on the market to clean the colon, yet as Dr Schulze tells us: “Most of these formulas are 175 years old. They might have been good for Buffalo Bill and Billy the Kid, but they didn’t have fast food restaurants on every street corner back then.”

Many recommend colonics to clean a toxic bowel, however, again Dr Schulze points out that with hard, toxic fecal matter locked in the folds and diverticulae of the colon for years, a colonic just cannot get it out. It has been discovered that the average middle aged meat eater can carry around a colon with five to fifty pounds of impacted fecal matter. Most Americans, because of poor eating habits (not enough roughage), have fecal matter in our colons nearly as old as they are. Dr Schulze had a client who, while cleaning her colon, had a “rainbow” bowel movement. She found out later from her mother that, as a child, she loved to eat crayons.

We received from the American Botanical Pharmacy a formula created by Dr Schulze that, after trying others, seems to be the singularly best colon cleanse on the market today. It is called Intestinal Corrective Formula (#1 & #2). On the phone, I told the good doctor how much I loved it, but that four others I’d given it to reported that they just couldn’t take it—it was too painful for them in most cases; it tasted terrible for another. He replied, “Isn’t that just like Americans. We sit around watching TV all our lives, and then finally run down to a health club to work out, and the next day when we hurt a little, we expect it. But after years of lousy eating habits and very little colon workout, we finally exercise it and we scream ‘It hurts,’ and give it up.”

Yes, it did hurt a bit, and admittedly Formula #2 was hard to get down, but it works. We repeat: Schulze’s clinical experience showed that 80% of all maladies cleared up within two weeks of using his colon cleanse formula.

The Intestinal Corrective Formula (the American Botanical Pharmacy address and phone number are listed below) comes in two parts, thus Formula #1 and Formula #2. Each part, by the way, is marked “For External Use Only” to comply with the FDA regulations (Dr Schulze has been locked up in jail for saving lives). The first part, Formula #1, is designed to regularize your bowel movement. How many do you take? As much as needed to get to the point where you have one bowel movement for every meal.

Start with one capsule of Intestinal Corrective Formula #1, and take it with your evening dinner. You might notice a change by the next morning. If you do not notice a dramatic difference, the next day at dinner increase your dosage to two capsules. You can keep increasing each day till you notice a very dramatic change in your bowel movements (it should not be diarrhea, but very soft and freely produced without any strain). Once you’ve noticed the change, continue taking the dosage that got you there for one week. By the end of that week, you should be having one bowel movement per meal. If not, continue that dosage for another week.

If you suffer from an overactive bowel already (such as a spastic colon) and have loose stools, you may skip formula #1 and go directly to #2. (You can order them separately.) I have personally known only one person whose stool was unaffected by this formula, even after taking five or more capsules per day. If this is your case, a laxative may be needed, or soak some prunes over night in water, and eat them each morning.

The main ingredients of this first part are senna leaves and pods, cascara sagrada aged bark, and cape aloe leaf. They contain a substance called emodin. When emodin comes in contact with the nerve cells of the bowel, it causes the muscles of the colon to contract. It even causes dead colons to contract: in the laboratory, emodin sprinkled on a colon removed from a cadaver will cause it to contract.


Since first publishing this article in 1994, I’ve had the honor to review many products sent to us by the manufacturer. One of these is Oxy-Powder.

Oxy-Powder is sold as a colon cleanse. It is perfect for anyone suffering from constipation. Oxy-Powder is backed by clinical trials. We received six bottles from the company and from this, we tested it on over 30 people. Four pills taken at night on an empty stomach is the recommended dose. Does it work? Not a single failure was reported. Most reported that they should have taken Oxy-Powder on a Friday or Saturday night, and not on during their work week.

Oxy-Powder simply liquefies the contents of your colon. It is truly amazing, and truly powerful and no one complained about any pain.

I’ve detoxed my colon using Oxy-Powder alone, and then six months later I detoxed using both the Oxy-Powder and Dr Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1 & #2. (We’re about to talk about Formula #2 below.)

This second detox was the most thorough. You can take the Oxy-Powder without Dr Schulze’s Formula #1, but I would not take Oxy-Powder without the Formula #2. In four individuals, we discovered we just got better results. How do you know? When your colon is cleansing thoroughly, you will notice that your odor while on the toilet changes for the worse. This tells you that you are eliminating something toxic. Again, the best results were gotten using both the Oxy-Powder and Dr Schulze’s Formula #2 together.

You can use the Oxy-Powder alone for maintenance and for occasional constipation. You will not be disappointed, and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you click the link to see the Oxy-Powder, be sure to check out all their detox aids. We were pretty impressed when we found them.

Dr Schulze’s Formula #2

Once your bowel movements are regularized and everything is nice and soft (or runny), you will start Intestinal Corrective Formula #2, the actual cleaner. Because this part can be constipating, you might want to increase your intake of the first formula (keep taking it while taking the second) or the Oxy-Powder. You will take one heaping teaspoon in a glass of juice five times a day. At breakfast, at lunch, between lunch and dinner, at dinner, and before going to bed. Be sure to drink at least 8 oz. of liquid after each dose of formula #2. Do this for two weeks.

Editor’s Note: Since originally writing this, Dr Schulze has come out with his Intestinal Corrective Formula #2 in pill form and it’s much easier to take.

Formula # 2 consists of pharmaceutical grade bentonite clay, apple fruit pectin, flax seed, slippery elm bark, fennel seed, marshmallow root, and activated willow charcoal. All of Dr Schulze’s products are either wildcrafted or organically raised. Dr Schulze personally goes out to get the clay, and he’ll tell you that it is so powerful that once when he put it on his face he thought his brains were going to be sucked out his nose. He guarantees his formula will draw all old fecal matter off the walls and out of any bowel pockets. He guarantees it will draw out poisons, toxins, heavy metals like lead and mercury, and even remove radioactive materials like strontium-90. He guarantees it will also remove over 2,000 known chemicals and pharmaceutical-drug residues. If you are not satisfied, send it back.

When using this second part of the formula, you will notice that your bowel movements produce a foul odor. It is not the formula producing this odor, but rather the toxic matter that has been locked up inside your colon. When you perform this cleanse six months to a year afterwards, you should not notice as foul an odor.

Once you have cleaned your colon, a great finish is a colonic. As for continuing maintenance, a diet high in fiber is the best advice anyone can give you. And one of the best fibers we know of, that also will “lubricate” your colon and feed your good bacteria is a non nutritional sugar called Inulin. And we get ours (we put it in our smoothies and popsicles) from our favorite affiliate store, Swanson.

There are some products on the market for colon maintenance; Dr Schulze has one you can inquire about (below is the address), and there’s always Metamucil®, but eating grains, fruits, and veggies should do it. Just avoid the processed foods and too much meat.

We have contacted the people at to review their highly hyped Colinx® product but they’ve not deigned to answer our queries. Top


The USDA tells us that the average cubic inch of beef contains up to 1,200 larvae. If you do not wash your vegetables, larva can get into your system. It is estimated that 80% to 92% of our population suffer from parasites and don’t know it. When symptoms appear, they have probably been in your system for 10 to 12 years. What we once thought of as a disease of third world nations, is now the disease of Americans.

We’ve reviewed a book that we must mention here. The book is Dr Hulda Clark’s, The Cure for All Cancers. Before we discuss it, we must make a little stand here. The title (and gist) of this book is irresponsible. For one thing, doctors cure, the body heals itself. In alternative health care, we build and cleanse the body to let it heal itself. In her book, Dr Clark claims to have discovered the cause (and cure) for all cancers. She states that in all the people with cancer who she’s examined, she found parasites and propyl alcohol in their livers. Since 80% to 92% of Americans have parasites, finding parasites in cancer patients is not surprising. Additionally, to demonstrate that you have discovered a cause of a disease, there is a very strict scientific protocol you must follow (a four step process called Koch’s law). Clark’s book does not show that she followed this protocol, and her methodology is open to attacks from the established medical community. Finally, in this day and time when alternative health care is just beginning to find its way back into the mainstream, we do not need people making unscientific or outlandish claims that are open to attack. An attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us. Her next book is called, get this, The Cure for all Diseases. Hopefully she will some day assume a more humble approach to healing.

Having said this, we must also tell you that The Cure for all Cancers contains some very valuable information, and is a must for anyone fighting a degenerative disease.

Editor’s Note: As of late, after discovering that the human body is actually a huge biome filled with viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast and, let’s just call them critters for now, that certain parasites might actually be healthy for us. Here is an article worth a gander: Intestinal Parasites are Actually Beneficial. So, where do we stand on this particular issue? We just don’t know. We will have to research more and more and follow the science until there is a consensus.

Dr Clark discovered an electrical frequency that her “flukes” (the parasites she discovered) are sensitive to, and developed a simple device you hold in two hands for a couple of minutes to kill them. Her book contains information on where to buy this device, and instructions on how to make your own. She also designed a device to test for flukes, but it is sold with a stamped message claiming it to be for animals only (the FDA will not authorize devices that they have not been paid millions to be tested). She also lists for you an herbal preparation for parasites (which is very close to one of Dr Schulze’s that you can order from the American Botanical Pharmacy), and has some of the best advice for cleaning up your home, office, and environment, for if your immune system is already at risk, you must be very careful of the chemicals and toxins in your life.

A good de-worming formula consists of wormsage (wormwood is listed in most herb books, but the FDA has something against this—it takes too much money away from the pharmaceutical companies they’ve been sleeping with), black walnut inner hulls, pomegranate root bark, and garlic. The American Botanical Pharmacy sells this one and you can take it with your colon cleanse or just before your liver flush.

Other natural, non-toxic methods of deworming are as follows:

A garlic enema: crush up five or six cloves in eight ounces of distilled (or filtered) water and let sit overnight, strain in the morning and insert. Hold it as long as you can (it might burn) but it will clean your colon of parasites.

Remember that if they’ve been in your system for any length of time, they are going to be in other parts of your body, like the liver, so caring for your colon is just one part.

Papaya enzymes: I’ve personally witnessed this one work. A friend who was suffering from anemia (she had been diagnosed as having intestinal parasites by a psychic two to three months earlier) was placed on iron supplements by her doctor. Then one day she expelled worms. I’d read in The Nature Doctor about papaya enzymes, and picked up a large bottle. She took a couple in the morning when she arose, with meals, in between meals, and in the evening. They’re quite tasty. Within two weeks, her hemoglobin count was back to normal, and when she revisited her physician, she (the physician) was quite impressed with her story.

Garlic, lots of it, is great for expelling worms, whether eaten or used in enemas. Pumpkin seeds (they’re great in salads) are also good, as well as dried figs (they stun them). Almonds too seem to battle parasites.

And don’t forget to read about Coconut Oil, it is one of our favorites for dispelling all parasites, and recently we’ve added to our favorites Pomegranate Juice. Our sister store, Simply the Best has the best organic Pomegranate Juice Powder at the best price anywhere.   Top

The Small Intestines

According to One Answer to Cancer (free online book), by Dr William Donald Kelly, DDS (with over twenty years experience in nutrition), the small intestines can get filled with mucus from pasteurized milk, junk food, and the like, and there is only one way to cleanse it. He recommends taking two comfrey-pepsin tablets after meals for 30 days. The FDA recently outlawed this combination, but we’ve discovered a product called Comfree® which has aloe vera and pepsin, and will probably do the trick. Aloe Vera juice daily, mixed with digestive enzymes can also do the trick.

If the small intestines do get filled with mucus, then your body is starving; it simply isn’t going to get all the nutrition it needs. However, this is the one and only reference in which we found this piece of information, so we cannot substantiate Dr Kelly’s claims.

Now you are ready to cleanse your liver. Top

Cleansing the Liver and Gall Bladder

I had a biology professor in high school who said, “The liver is the most important organ in your body. It performs over a thousand tasks daily and filters every drop of blood that flows through it. Don’t tell your girl you love her with all your heart. Tell her you love her with all your liver.”

The liver is truly the master organ of the body, the master organ of the immune system, producing chemicals to combat viruses and bacteria, supporting phagocytic function, and producing antihistamines to neutralize substances that promote the growth of cancer. It is such a powerhouse that scientists estimate that up to 80% of the liver can be damaged without producing any symptoms and it regenerates itself every six weeks. In addition to cleansing the body of toxins, it also counterbalances hormonal excesses.

In his article, “The Liver, Laboratory of Living,” Dr Leo Roy (MD, ND) states: “No disease, especially degenerative diseases including cancer and AIDS, could survive longer than a few weeks in the presence of a healthy liver.” [Immune Perspectives, Summer 1994; 2: 2]

Max Gerson, in his book A Cancer Therapy, states that restoration of the liver is the real goal in fighting cancer. He quotes Dr Kasper Blond of Vienna, an Austrian surgeon, “Cancer is a mutation of somatic tissues caused by chronic damage of the liver.” In other words, cancer is a symptom of a malfunctioning liver.

In his book, The Liver And Cancer, Dr Blond claims that the liver is the gateway to disease: “No other stimulus is necessary [for the growth of cancer] than a metabolic toxin which has not passed the liver filter or has not been neutralized owing to liver failure.” He also states, “Cancer of the lung is not caused by nicotine, but by the alimentary toxins having bypassed the liver filter.” Need we mention Mickey Mantel, who was diagnosed with lung cancer while awaiting a liver transplant?

We should note that a malfunctioning pancreas too has been attributed to cancer simply because of the statistically significant number of diabetics who come down with cancer. We will discuss cleaning and rebuilding the pancreas in the last part of this article.

From Ayurvedic medicine we get the Picrorhiza Kurroa herb (grown on the slopes of the Himalayan Mountains) commonly referred to as PK. Studies conducted since 1985 show that it protects the liver from toxins, including alcohol damage, supports liver recovery, cleanses the liver of stored fats, and helps flush out possible gallstones. [Pharmacological Toxicology 71(5):383-87, 1992]

There are many ways to clean and maintain your liver, and we will discuss two of them, a quick liver flush which (according to our people in this directory) seems to come in many variations and one of Dr Schulze’s that he’s shared with us. Top

Liver Flush #1

This liver flush is probably the most difficult cleanse you will ever perform, and you’ll see why as we go on.

For three days, you will drink a quart of organic, unprocessed, apple juice (not cider) each day. You need not fast during this period, however, a juice fast on apple juice is wonderful for your liver.

Sam Biser, in his booklet Ancient Cleansing Formulas That Work—After Vitamins and Medicines Have Failed, recommends Dr Christopher’s (one of Dr Schulze’s mentors) addition of 90 drops of Ultra Phos, now called Liqu-Phos (phosphoric acid) to each quart of apple juice, however, this is really overkill in most situations, and you should check with your own health care professional. People with liver disease should avoid the phosphoric acid. (The address for ordering Liqu-Phos is at the end of this article.) Keep in mind that this will steal minerals from from body, so remember to supplement.

Additionally, you may take 500 mg of Magnesium daily. This will help open the bile ducts. It may also cause diarrhea. Again, this is an option, depending on your needs and, as always, your health care professional.

On the evening of the third day (here comes the hard part) you will drink 8 ounces of organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. There are a couple of suggestions to help you get this down; one recipe calls for 8 ounces of Coca Cola ®; another calls for 8 ounces of grapefruit juice. Personally, I thought 16 ounces of any olive oil mixture was asking too much of me, so I added a couple shots of apple cider vinegar. No matter which you choose, add the juice of one lemon. Stir it up and drink it down quickly. Then grab a large bowl and lie in a fetal position, curled up on your right side for one half hour, and don’t cheat. The bowl, by the way, should be by your face, for you will grow vomitose. I’ve never heard of anyone actually vomiting, but you will certainly think you will. So keep it there for security reasons, and just relax.

In the morning, check your stool. If you are like most Americans, you should find a few small green or black objects in it. These are stones. Gall stones. One more thing to note: for the next week or so, your trips to the bathroom will leave an oil slick.

Dr Schulze has a less difficult form of this flush: 8 oz of citrus (with at least one lemon) added to 8 oz of olive oil, taken in 4 oz. doses every hour right up till bedtime, when you can crawl into bed and lie on your right side. Top

Liver Flush #2

This is Dr Schulze’s week long liver flush, and according to him, he’s never had a patient come to him with gall stones who wound up in surgery.

You will begin this flush on an empty stomach upon arising in the morning. The ingredients are:

  • 8 oz. citrus juice, fresh squeezed
  • or 8 oz. apple juice (if you are sensitive to citrus)
  • 1 lemon, fresh squeezed (optional)
  • 8 oz. distilled or filtered water
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 chunk ginger (as big as the tip of your thumb)

Mix it all up in a blender and drink it down.

The following may be added (in equal parts) to the mixture—a half teaspoon if dry, 60 drops if fresh:

  • barbery or Oregon grape root bark
  • milk thistle seed
  • wormwood leaves and flowers
  • burdock (any part, or root)
  • bitter greens (such as dandelion, chicory, beets, parsley, kale)
  • any organic citrus peel

Dr Schulze recommends following this flush fifteen minutes later with two cups of peppermint or ginger tea, or try his detox tea (ordering address listed at the end of this article). Top

Continued Liver Care

Once you’ve cleansed your liver, you must learn to care for it every day, especially if you are battling a degenerative disease. Before we go on to cleansing your blood, we must talk about caring for your liver and the foods and moods that protect or damage it.

You can check your liver health simply by watching your stools. Dr Frank Charles says it’s all in the color. Your stools should be dark brown. If they are gray, yellow, pale brown or dry and hard, your bile is low and your liver (and you) are in trouble.

Moods, like foods, affect your liver. Anger is the emotion that will put more strain on your liver than a week’s binge on Champipple (beer & Ripple).

Fasting gives your liver a rest. So do small meals eaten throughout the day rather than two or three large meals. Overeating puts a strain on it.

Exercising exercises your liver. When you take a breath deeply, you flush the liver of toxins and newly created nutrients. If you think the muscles of couch potatoes are in poor shape, you should see their livers. Along with exercise, you need sleep. Eating before going to bed doesn’t give your liver much rest. If you must eat before bedtime, choose fruit.

Over processed foods are deadly to the liver: they lack enzymes, are usually overcooked, and contain additives. The liver expects fresh, unadulterated foods, and oftentimes prefers them live (and kicking).

Foods that are bad for the liver: caffeinated foods, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, processed nuts and seeds (salt), fatty foods, rancid oils, processed flour products, alcohol, preserved foods, smoked foods, lunch meats and saturated (animal) fats .

Foods that are good for the liver (the more organic the better): whole grains, raw seeds and nuts, live veggies, lightly steamed veggies, soups, raw fruits (especially apples), animal proteins (low fat), monounsaturated high quality oils (it thrives on omega-3s), free range eggs, fish.

Dr Schulze claims our diets are just too sweet, that we must get some bitters to stimulate the bile flow, and he recommends eating some parsley or kale (or any bitter herb/green) just prior to a meal to get the bile flowing.

Beet juice, alfalfa juice, wheat grass juices are a treat for the liver. Alfalfa, besides containing vitamin K (helps absorption of vitamin C), is the liver’s best friend. Finally, there’s black radish which is a source of liver enzymes. Feeding the liver enzymes gives it a vacation (it doesn’t have to make its own).

Liver extracts are the best way to replenish the liver of anything it’s missing, but they have to be from organically processed and raised animals.

Dr Julian Whitaker [Health and Healing, April 1993, 3:3] recommends milk thistle (silymarin) to clean and rebuild your liver. Silymarin (silybum marianum) is a powerful antioxidant, and according to Whitaker, it not only protects the liver with its own properties, “it also stimulates the liver to produce increased amounts of SOD (super oxide dismutase), another [very powerful] free-radical scavenger.” He goes on to state that silymarin “prevents the depletion of—and may even increase—the amount of glutathione in liver cells . . . .”

Whitaker recommends taking 200 to 250 mg of silymarin daily for about a month (two to three times a month for continuing liver care) and 200 to 350 mg of the herb three times a day for three to four months to repair a damaged liver.

Animal studies in India have shown that black pepper facilitated detoxification of the liver and lowered the oxidation of fats. [The Cancer Letter, 1993;72]

And never, never, never forget this: when you are healing, it is your liver that is doing most of the work. If you keep this in mind, you’ll automatically know what’s best for your healing process. Top

Cleansing Your Blood

Now that you have cleansed your colon, eliminated parasites, and flushed your liver, it’s time to detox the rest of your body. There are many fine detox teas available on the market, but we’re going to mention our favorites.

The Essiac formula, if nothing else, is a great detoxicator. It also helps to regenerate the liver and pancreas (I told you we’d talk about the pancreas) and has been known to have the side effect of reversing type II diabetes. It consists of burdock root, sheep sorrel, turkey rhubarb root, and slippery elm bark. If you look these herbs up in an herbal guide, you will find some of them are antimutagenic (protects against cellular mutations) or immune system enhancing, and together they are very cleansing. Dr Brush, JFK’s personal physician, modified the Essiac formula, and healed his colon cancer. This formula is sold in health food stores under the name Flor-Essence.

Dr Schulze has created a detox formula you can order from the American Botanical Pharmacy, and there are many others consisting of combinations of: burdock root, cascara sagrada, black walnut hulls, red clover blossoms, licorice root, peach bark or leaf, Oregon grape, stillingis, sasparilla, prickly ash bark, buckthorn bark, dandelion greens, and goldenseal. Some of you will see parts of the Essiac formula and the Hoxsey formula listed here ins Dr Schulze’s formula.

Then there is Jason Winters Tea. Jason Winters was an actor in old Cowboy & Indian movies. During breaks, the Indians on the set drank a tea of Indian Sage (chaparral). The natives told him that this tea cleanses the blood. The FDA has a warning out for chaparral, as it has, according to their info, caused liver damage. However, we’ve yet to run across anyone injured by Jason Winters Tea. Years later, when Jason Winters was dying of throat cancer, he traveled around the world looking for teas to cleanse his blood. Nearly dead, his final leg of his journey placed him in India where he added the final ingredient to his tea, and the next day, he’d realized a 50% decrease in the mass of his tumor. Today he is alive and well and gives lectures on healing cancer by detoxifying the blood, thus allowing the immune system to attack the cancer cells. Top

A Special Note on the Pancreas

The pancreas creates enzymes that digest proteins. Cancer is a foreign protein that the pancreatic enzymes attempt to digest. But the cancer is creating its own chemicals that destroy pancreatic enzymes. Battling cancer can overwork the pancreas, and if it is too weak to begin with, then, as Dr William Kelly states, “a pancreas that cannot metabolize protein cannot protect the body from cancer.” [Biser, Sam. Curing Cancer with Nutrition: The use of diet and enzyme therapy to cure Cancer. Charlottesville, VA: University of Natural Healing, Inc., 1994.]

You must aid your pancreas in its battle with cancer. You can do this by drinking green juices, cutting back on meat proteins, occasional fasting, and by supplementing your diet with pancreatic enzymes. Take pancreatic enzymes when your system is most alkaline: when you awake, and between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. Also be sure to take them with your meals; they are, according to Dr Kelly, the cheapest insurance against cancer. Top

Retention Enemas

If you are going to do a retention enema, your colon must be thoroughly cleansed or you will send toxins back into your blood and, eventually, to your liver.

Prior to a retention enema, you should do a quick elimination enema to clean the colon. Physicians suggest doing two Fleet enemas in an hour. However, natural medicine has a few more suggestions.

A basic lemon (cleansing) enema consists of the juice of three lemons in two quarts lukewarm pure, filtered (or distilled) water.

For candida (yeast infection) you can add two table spoons of acidolphilus. An alternative to the lemons is half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Chamomile can be added to soothe the colon and relieve gas (and constipation); catnip is often used for fevers (as well as drinking raspberry leaf tea). Best for a fever is a cleansing enema and then a retention enema to absorb the liquid, as fevers are very dehydrating.

The best position (for self administering) is face down, on your knees, butt in the air. The tip of the enema applicator should be lubricated with vitamin E or aloe vera. If someone else is administering the enema, they must hold the enema bag above your body. If you are self administering, hook the bag to something and use the lock device found on the hose to release (or stop the flow). Massage your abdomen while accepting the liquid. Then roll over onto your back, continuing to massage. Then roll onto your left side, still massaging your colon and then to your right side all the while massaging. Try to hold the enema in for about 3 – 4 minutes. The massage, as you probably know, helps to loosen fecal matter (but not anything like Dr Schulze’s colon cleanse).

Should you experience discomfort as the liquid is being delivered, stop the flow for a few moments, relax, and then resume when the discomfort passes. Some of you might not be able to accept two whole quarts the first time you do this, but it will come with time. Take as much as you can, and check below for the little trick we’ve discovered (below in the purple) on how to hold in the enema while guaranteeing that it goes up into your colon.

There are different herbs and additives that can be used in the enema fluid – all of which have different purposes. Catnip Tea is good to reduce fevers. Acidophilus helps relieve gas and helps the body fight yeast infection. Apple Cider Vinegar is a cleanser. Honey is soothing to sore tissues. Chamomile is soothing and helps relieve gas and is good for constipation too.

For administering a retention enema, some recommend using a colon tube (don’t faint when you see one) that fits well up inside your colon. However, we shall give you instructions (below in purple) for getting your retention enema to flow up into your colon so that you may hold it there.

The two best enemas that have been recommended for fighting cancer (and aiding the body’s detoxification process) are coffee enemas and chlorophyll enemas. Both are made up of a pint of water that is held inside you for 15 minutes. Prepare your coffee using fresh, organic beans that have been just ground up and pure, filtered or distilled water. (Because coffee has volatile oils, it is best to be store it in your refrigerator until grinding.)

Add six heaping teaspoons of coffee (one recipe calls for eight teaspoons, or two per cup; twice that of regular brewed coffee). Bring it to a rolling boil for at least ten minutes, though fifteen minutes is optimal (as we are burning off the oils), and let it cool to body temperature and strain. Again we have found two forms of this enema: one says to use one pint (two cups) of this solution straight while another says add eight ounces of your brewed coffee to eight ounces of filtered water and use this solution.

Personally, I prefer the straight coffee enema (though if someone can tell me for certain which is optimal, we’ll change this section). Place the rest in your fridge in a closed container and use it again tomorrow. Take it out two hours before administering the enema to let it warm to room temperature. You can set it in warm water to make the enema even more comfortable, but never much hotter than your body temperature or you’ll really regret it. Coffee enemas are great for stimulating and cleansing your liver and gall bladder.

I realize that the subject of “Coffee Enemas” lends itself easily to ridicule, just by its very nature. I too enjoy a good laugh: when I’m on this regimen and friends ask me out for coffee, I usually respond, “Sure, but don’t ask me how I take it.” However, a coffee enema instigates serious healing. The effects of caffeine taken orally and caffeine taken rectally are at two ends of the spectrum. Rectally, caffeine “…is absorbed through the rectal mucosa and is transported directly to the liver, where it causes a dilation of the bile ducts. This increases the elimination of toxins from the liver.” [Hildebrand, G., “How The Gerson Therapy Heals”, Healing Newsletter, 6(3,4):37 (1990)]

In a Max Gerson’s A Cancer Therapy, we see:

“Recent research shows that certain chemicals in coffee called palmitates stimulate an important liver enzyme called glutathione-S-transferase, which is capable of removing a variety of free radicals from the bloodstream. A coffee enema increases the glutathione-S-transferase enzyme activity in the liver from 600 percent to 700 percent above normal. During the time that the coffee enema is being held in, all the blood in the body passes through the liver at least five times, since all the blood in the body goes through the liver every three minutes.

“Other chemicals in coffee, including caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline, cause blood vessels and bile ducts to dilate, increasing the elimination of toxic bile. Additionally, some of the water absorbed through the intestinal wall goes directly to the liver, diluting the bile and increasing bile flow.

“A choleretic is any substance that increases bile flow. The coffee enema is the only pharmaceutically effective choleretic noted in the medical literature that can be safely used many times daily without toxic effects.”

Coffee enemas (and cleansing enemas) are particularly important when fasting, as the flow through the intestines is then greatly reduced and toxic bile products would otherwise accumulate in the intestine, causing the toxins to be reabsorbed rather than being eliminated. See below under Product Information for an organic blend of coffee especially made for coffee enemas or click on the banner above.

With alternative cancer therapies, one finds that with tumor regression there is often a buildup of toxic products from the destruction of tumor cells. Detoxification, or increased efficiency of bile elimination, becomes important under these conditions, as Gerson discovered in his work.

A chlorophyll enema, made with Chlorella, is the great detoxicator. Mix between 5 and 10 tablespoons of chlorella with one pint of warm (pure) water. That’s it.

For intestinal parasites (or added to your acidophilus enema for yeast build up), you’ll want to do a garlic enema. Place 5 or 6 cloves in eight ounces of water (some say grind them first, others say just slice them up) and let it sit overnight. In the morning, filter out the garlic, and try to hold it inside (burns a bit) for as long as your can. Then, for you who don’t believe we have parasites, take a look at your stool. Because garlic has anti-tumor properties, garlic enemas (and aloe vera enemas) are highly recommended for colon cancer patients.

Now, how do you hold it in? Lie on your back, and with one finger, press down and inward just above the anus (an area called the perineum), pressing the rectum closed. Hold this for a while and you will feel the liquids backing up into your colon and you will soon feel you could hold it there all day (fifteen minutes to half an hour is long enough, though).  Top

Anti-Candida Probiotics

We’ve touched on using probiotics for candida, but there’s a problem with most probiotics and that is “delivery.” How to get them from the bottle to your colon has always been the problem. They don’t survive digestion well. Of course there are a few ways such as taking with ice water on an empty stomach and surrounding them with curdled milk products (but not everyone is lactose tolerant).

We’ve found a product at our affiliate store, Swanson called Candida Balance. Take two in the morning on an empty stomach.



Special Treat!

In our travels we ran across this Appalachian Kidney Stone Flush.

Required: 6 pack of Classic Coca Cola ®, one 1 pound can of Asparagus.

Directions: Drink 1 can of Coke every 20 minutes (takes two hours). Eat the can of Asparagus and drink the juice immediately after drinking the last Coke. Retain all fluids for as long as possible before eliminating. Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of pure filtered/distilled water throughout the next 24 hours.

The naturopath who shared this with us has seen some dramatic successes using this folklore recipe.

Update: We had a reader write us that this was the best thing she’s ever done. She was just ecstatic over her results. Asparagus is very alkalizing and you should really check out the Asparagus Cancer Cure.(I.Link)   Top (I.Link)

Master Cleanser

[This cleanse has been published at this site for about 12 years. Then Oprah discovered it. After she mentioned it on her show, you couldn’t find a lemon in America, and even the adult cartoon program South Park picked up on it.]

This is one of the most powerful detoxication programs you will ever come across. However, you must first detox the colon and liver before trying it! Understand?!?

2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice.

1-2 tablespoons 100% maple syrup

1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper

8 oz filtered or distilled water

(To make a quart, use 32 oz water, ½ cup lemon juice, ¼ – ½ cup maple syrup, a smidgen less than half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.)

Drink 6 to 12 glasses per day. This is a fast. Never fast without supervision. You can go on this fast for a period of 3 to 10 days. Actually, as fat as we Americans are, I’m told that we could, on an average, survive 54 days without food, BUT DON’T TRY IT. If you want to do this longer (and you will soon realize that after the third day you actually lose your hunger), please don’t go it alone. Always have someone monitoring your progress.

When fasting, make sure you move your bowels. A catnip enema is wonderful. The catnip will relax your sphincter muscle. A laxative tea at night or in the morning is also good. And to stimulate the skin and help it to eliminate toxins, brush with a dry loofa twice daily. Exercise and work up a sweat. And LISTEN to your body. You may get a headache the first couple of days. Just relax. This is normal, as are skin eruptions and bringing up excess mucus. Your teeth and tongue will probably get coated. This is normal. When the color (of your tongue) comes back to normal, this is a sign that the detox has completed. Listen to your body and pay attention. Your mental clarity and senses will sharpen like never before. Issues that used to frustrate you and drain you will be handled quite easily in this condition. And stay away from the TV as much as possible, because the first thing you will notice is that nearly every commercial is about food.

And come off this and all fasts S L O W L Y! First a few fruit juices diluted with clean water, then some fruits. Next add some raw vegetables. Chew your food thoroughly. Continue to pay attention to your body, for as you again begin eating, different foods will send you different messages. You will learn which foods to avoid, which ones cause you harm, which ones drain your energy, and which ones your body responds best to. Have fun!

Fenix DX™

This is very much related to the Master Cleanser above, but instead of cayenne pepper, the secret ingredient is the reishi mushroom.

Below is the nutritional label, and if you can figure out what’s in this that causes the body to detox, please tell me. However, it’s vitamin packed, has that magical mushroom, referred to as the Ganoderma. And if you search this site you’re sure to find the paper I wrote on this particular mushroom. To purchase the product, just click on the picture above. Keep in mind that this is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing company) and we here on this journey to wellness, dislike profoundly MLMs. The only problem is, with all the research we’ve done on mushrooms, we never published our research on the Reishi mushrooms because it tasted horribly bitter. This company has spent quite a bit of money to grown an organic form and remove the bitter taste, serving you only the good stuff. So, we’ll give them a break. Here is the nutritional label:

Nutritional Label for fenixDX

Ayurvedic Cleanse

Here’s one Deepak Chopra personally told me about. This is a simple one day fast (for those of you on the go). Heat filtered or distilled water, and sip on it all day. By the end of the day, the coating that developed on your tongue should disappear as your body tells you the cleanse has worked. If not…well then you’re got more detoxing to do.

Detoxing Radiation

People tell me that their oncologist specifically informed them that the radiation they were undergoing for their cancer was nontoxic and local.

Science hasn’t faired well with radiation, of any sort. The amount of radiation a woman gets during a mammogram is approximately 15 times that of a normal chest X-ray. Then there are the dentists, who being told that X-rays are harmless, who used to hold the film in their patients’ mouth, that is, until their fingers and thumbs fell off. Going back even further are the people who painted the radium glow onto watch numbers; they licked the tiny paint brush tip to make it fine and pointed, till their tongues fell off. (See Medical Fraud: Radiation.(I.Link))

Madame Curie’s second greatest contribution to modern science was her death due to radiation poisoning. She showed all of us how dangerous this stuff can be. However, like many of the toxic substances we are offered by conventional medicine (and by some alternative practitioners), once radiation is in your body, you’d be very smart to detox and get it out. That is the absolute truth. (Trust me; I’ll be no richer for telling you this.)

So, how do we detox radiation? All of the above detox methods are a great and necessary start: you must detox your colon, kidneys, pancreas, liver, blood and other organs. Then, since History is supposed to be our best teacher, how did the Japanese handle the effects of nuclear holocaust? Simple: miso soup with sea vegetables; every day for three months. The secret, some scientists feel, is the iodine from the sea vegetables.

The best iodine we’ve used (and had the privilege to review) is a product that Edgar Cayce came up with. It’s now made by John Brookshire. The original formula was called Atomidine,(I.Link) but John calls his Magnascent. How to take it? One drop on Monday. Two on Tuesday…five on Friday. Just add it to your water first thing in the morning.

How did Russia handle the mess caused by Chernobyl?  DMG (Dimethylglycine) was one very important factor. For the past fifteen years Russians have been restoring immune system function due to radiation poisoning using DMG. Athletes use it for performance, because it allows your tissues to hold more oxygen. It supports a healthy immune system and can balance and raise a person’s mood. The best variety is the sublingual: place one under your tongue and let it melt. Do this all day long for a period of three to four weeks, or as prescribed by your health care professional.

We’ve found three very different supplements that use DMG mixed with other supplements for a specific result. I’ve tried only one of these, but I’ll let the company that makes them describe them for you.

Behavior Balance DMG Liquid by Food Science of Vermont – 12 oz

BENEFITS: Behavior Balance-DMG Liquid is an advanced, Phenol free, nutritional supplement that combines our patented N,NDimethylglycine (DMG) with Betaine, Folic Acid, Vitamins B6 and B12, Zinc, and Magnesium in a great tasting, natural black cherry flavored liquid. These nutrients work synergistically to balance behavior patterns and socialization skills, support stress coping mechanisms and immune system function. SUGGESTED USE: Shake well before each use. As a dietary supplement take: Under 6 years old: 1/2 tablespoon daily. 6-12 years old: 1/2 tablespoon, twice daily. Over 12 years old: 1/2 tablespoon, 3 to 4 times daily. Product can be mixed with a small amount of water or juice if desired. INGREDIENTS: 1/2 Tablespoon (approx. 7.5 ml) contains: Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) . . . . .30 mg Folic Acid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .400 mcg Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) . . . . . . .10 mcg Magnesium (as Magnesium Malate) . . . . . . 30 mg Zinc (as Zinc Citrate) . . . . . . . . . . 1.5 mg Dimethylglycine HCI . . . . . . . . . . . .200 mg Betaine HCI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 mg Other ingredients: USP purified water, xylitol, natural cherry flavor (phenol free), potassium sorbate, natural color (from red cabbage extract). Behavior Balance DMG Liquid by Food Science of Vermont – 12 oz.

Maitake DMG Liquid by Food Science of Vermont – 120 ml

BENEFITS: Maitake-DMG Liquid is a combination of two well-researched nutrients for immune system support. Maitake PD-Fraction is a standardized extract of Maitake mushroom that contains the DFraction, one of nature’s most comprehensive immune support compounds. This extract combined with our patented Aangamik DMG, which is well-known for its immunoproperties and may play a significant role in maintaining health by supporting the body’s immune system functions. Together these two potent nutrients help support immune system function and help maintain optimal health. SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 ml, 6 times daily for 3 weeks. Then reduce to 1 ml, 3 times daily. INGREDIENTS: Each ml contains: Maitake PD-Fraction (Grifola frondosa)Fruit Body Extract . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 mg yielding D-Fraction . . . . . . . . . . . .9 mg N, N-Dimethlyglycine . . . . . . . . . . . 450 mg Other ingredients: ascorbyl palmitate, glycerin, water. Maitake DMG Liquid by Food Science of Vermont – 120 ml.

by Foodscience Of Vermont

Dietary supplement to support health and circulatory functions and healthy management of homocysteine and cholesterol levels within normal ranges. Cardio-DMG is a combination of N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG), Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, Magnesium and Potassium Citrates, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, and Betaine. Cardio-DMG is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated to support heart function by maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, oxygen utilization, proper circulation, and Enhance regulate homocysteine and blood pressure levels within normal ranges. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a derivative of the amino acid, carnitine. It supports heart function by transporting fatty acids from the blood through to the mitochondrial membranes and into heart cells so the fatty acids can be converted into energy fuel called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Enhances to Beneficial Effects toxic fatty acid metabolites from damaging heart cell membranes. DMG has many properties to enhance cardiovascular health including improving circulation, enhancing oxygen utilization, supporting cholesterol and tryglyceride levels including increasing HDL levels and aiding in the reduction of homocyteine by providing methyl groups for SAMe production. Research suggests that supplementation with Acetyl-L-Carnitine, CoQ10, Magnesium, Dimethylglycine, and Vitamin B6 may improve fat metabolism. More Coenzyme Q10 is found in the heart muscle than in any other muscle in the body. In heart tissue, a Q10 deficiency may lead to cardiovascular dysfunction. Potassium is a mineral and an electrolyte. Electrolyte balance has a regulating effect on heart rhythm, so potassium is very important. Potassium has been shown to regulate blood pressure, which benefits cardiovascular function. Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid are necessary to turn homocysteine into methionine and this allows the body to recycle or remove homocysteine as needed. Betaine breaks down fat and removes it from the body to improve circulation, maintain balanced cholesterol levels, and to Enhance protect the liver from fat deposits. Deficiencies of magnesium are associated with high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and rhythm, poor muscle contraction, and cardiovascular dysfunction.

Detoxing Heavy Metals

In the 1950’s, conventional medicine commonly used EDTA Chelation therapy to remove toxic lead from kids who ate paint chips. Today, lead poisoning isn’t as common as it was then, however mercury and aluminum poisoning is very common. We get mercury from much of our sea food, and from faulty amalgam fillings in our teeth. Now, aside from the simple fact that an amalgam made with mercury is perfectly safe when it is made properly, most mercury fillings are made by dentists, who are not metallurgists, and they can leak mercury. Aluminum poisoning is epidemic. Studies show that boiling water in aluminum cookware creates a high concentration of aluminum in the water, and if the water is chlorinated, there’s even more aluminum leached into the water. We seem to love pizza in this country, but the tomato sauce is cooked all day long in aluminum pots, and the acidic content of the sauce leaches a lot of aluminum from the cookware. Ten there are those personal hygiene products that contain aluminum. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. It also suppresses your immune system.

EDTA Chelation therapy is not offered by most physicians, however oral chelation products can be found everywhere. Many of them are worthless to slightly effective.

Our favorite oral Chelation product (also Morton Walker’s favorite) is Golden Pride’s Formula #1. It contains EDTA (SHMP in Canada), fresh royal jelly, vitamin B12, vitamin C, magnesium, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients. The honey is the secret; absorbed quickly by the body, it carries the EDTA into your arteries where it is needed to help clear up arterial plaque, though in context here, EDTA bonds with many heavy metals to expell them later.

I get my Formula #1 from a neighbor, Beverly Medvecky. Bev is an organic farmer, and an organic bee keeper. You can call her at 763.444.4840 to order. Or find a Golden Pride distributor near you.

MSM (nutritional sulfur) seems to help reverse Alzheimer’s. Here is Karl Loren’s explanation:

The brain is made up of billions of nerve cells, intricately connected with each other like electrons in a electrical circuit. When you think – you send electrical impulses throughout your brain. Alzheimer’s disease is a condition where the many of these cells are coated with aluminum, causing them to short circuit and sends brain impulses to the wrong synapse creating confusion.


MSM opens the membrane that contains the aluminum, and allows the unwanted deposits to be flushed into the blood stream. The hot bath with Clorox makes the body sweat and release the aluminum. Then the Clorox leeches it right off your body.


Editor’s note: Karl Loren has passed away since we first published this. Many of his articles have disappeared completely. 

We’re not big on using bleach for anything, so see below for info on Clay Baths. The production of Clorox bleach creates dioxins, a bane to the health of our entire planet.

Recently, it’s been discovered that a simple herb found in your kitchen can pull heavy metals from your body. It’s called Cilantro. (I.Link)

In the orient, they pull heavy metals from the body with Chlorella. It’s that simple. Chlorella is a superfood. You can mix a teaspoon (or a tablespoon) of it with juice in the morning, or find it in a capsule. It’s that simple.

Clay Baths

After any detox, a clay bath is highly recommended. A good hot bath with clay will pull toxins, heavy metals, and even parasites from your skin and blood. NOW foods sells a very inexpensive form of clay to add to your bath.

New Detox and Alkalizer

To read more about alkalizing your body, read: The Lost History of Medicine and How To Alkalize.(I.Link)

As far as detoxicating the blood, I’ve personally not found anything better. One secret to quitting smoking (or breaking any drug habit) is to get the stuff out of your system. The sooner you get it out, the quicker you can end the physical addiction. People tell me they can’t quit smoking (or caffeine) because of the massive headaches they get after quitting. Drinking a quart of Alkaline Electrolyzed Water works amazingly well. I’ve received testimonials from drug users who had to take a urine test right after they’d indulged. They drank just 8 – 16 oz of Alkaline Electrolyzed Water the day before the test, and no sign of drugs was found in the urine.

The best and most inexpensive water electrolyzers can be found at Balwell: Additionally, your body needs minerals and to maintain pH, I add AquaLyte to my alkaline water. The most inexpensive place on the web to find AquaLyte (and Ionyte) is here: AquaLyte.

Disclaimer: All information provided here has not been evaluated by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration Nothing at this web site is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your own physician or other health care professional. All information provided here is for information purposes only. Before beginning any diet, therapy, exercise program, or supplement you are advised to first check it out with a health care professional (hopefully one well versed in the route you choose to take).

Product Information

Liqui-Phos: Ultra-Life, PO Box 440, Carlyle, IL 62231 (618) 594-7711,

Dr Schulze’s Intestinal Corrective Formulae, Liver Cleanse, and many more products. American Botanical Pharmacy, PO Box 3027, Santa Monica, CA 90408, Orders: (800) 437-2362 or

S.A.Wilson’s Therapy Blend organic coffee is the first coffee to be specifically blended and roasted with therapeutic use in mind (coffee enemas). Read about it and order it here:

Global Healing Center (D.Link)― Lots of great detox supplements and formulas. Lots of information.

Sites to Help Your Detox Your Lives/Homes

Seven Eco Friendly Cleaning Recipes

Green Your Home

The Eco-Friendly Guide to Cleaning Your Home

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Colon Health Handbook; New Health through Colon Rejuvenation by Robert Gray.



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Immune Perspectives. A publication of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. Annual subscription is $15: 610-642-4810. (We at the directory highly recommend supporting this center and their work. Their help has been invaluable.)

Whittaker, Julian MD. Health & Healing. Potomac, MD: Phillips Publishing, Inc. (Call 301-424-3700 for subscription information.) Top (I.Link)