There’s a New Omega Fatty Acid on the Block


Nov 21
Anchovies, the source of omega-7


Omega-7: Palmitoleic Acid
Products: Cardia-7 & Flexinol

In our article Chronic Inflammation, I touch on this fatty acid and I’ve been telling our newsletter readers that I will someday write a complete article about this wonderful supplement. Well, that day has come.

If you, like me, get wellness newsletters up the ying-yang, you’ve probably already heard the sales pitch that starts out: Did this Cleveland fry cook accidentally stumble onto the heart health discovery of the century?

As the story goes, the fry cook’s deep fryers were constantly getting coated with fat. Cleaning them was no easy task, so he contacted a friend (Al Jenkins, a bio-chemist) and asked if he knew of anything that could cut through the fat and clean his fryers easily. Al eventually came up with something that worked like magic, followed up with a study at the Cleveland Clinic and, La voilà, we have a new heart healthy oil on the market and everyone’s trying to get in on the action.

The oil has a name. It is called Palmitoleic acid. It comes from a variety of foods: salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, and trout, with a few noteworthy vegetable sources: macadamia nuts and sea buckthorn berries. The thing is, all the sources of palmitoleic acid also contain a not-so-nice oil called palmitic acid, a saturated fat that is somewhat inflammatory.

This whole scenario reminds me of the Steven Wright routine in which he says: “For Christmas I got a humidifier and a de-humidifier. I put them in the same room and let them fight it out.”


Recent studies have shown that palmitic acid stimulates metastases in people with cancer. And seeing how everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, this news is not good.

Here are two articles that talk about the results of these studies:

Researchers identify a way to stop cancer from spreading

Tumor cells are dependent on fat to start metastasis

Cardia-7 and Flexinol contain the only purified form of Palmitoleic Acid, with no Palmitic Acid and is sold by the company that researched and patented it.

In the buckthorn berry, the palmitic acid content is pretty high, however in the macadamia nut, it’s quite low. This is why macadamia nut oil became one of my favorite oils. I’ve invented a mayonnaise from it, for which every tablespoon of mayo gives you a quarter teaspoon of palmitoleic acid.

Bottom line here is this: palmitoleic acid is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, and when you consider that today it is felt that most of our chronic and degenerative illnesses begin with inflammation, this is something you’ll want in your diet.

After just 30 days on a supplement of a “purified” omega-7 fatty acid, the experimental group realized a 50% drop in their C-Reactive Protein levels, while the control group’s levels did not change. The experimental group also realized a 17% drop in triglycerides and a 7% drop in total cholesterol. [Source: Martinez, L. Purified Omega-7 in the reduction of hs-CRP: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study. Proprietary Research Report, 2013.]

I am not one to worry about cholesterol levels, however I would be worried about rancid cholesterol levels. Cholesterol goes rancid because of oxidation. Maintaining proper levels of anti-oxidants is important, and besides taking my C, A, E, etc, I take Ecklonia Cava Extract.

When I had read that omega-7s lower my cholesterol, that did not excite me. What excited me was something many of our newsletters of the year 2013 focused on: insulin and glucose metabolism.

Two studies on palmitoleic acid have shown conclusively that it reduces insulin insensitivity maximizing your metabolism of glucose.

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This is great news for people with type two diabetes, and for those who are dieting, but even better news for dieters is that palmitoleic acid induces satiety (makes you full faster) by releasing/stimulating the two satiety hormones: ghrelin and leptin. Additionally, if you are insulin resistant, you are leptin resistant; thus palmitoleic acid’s ability to fight insulin resistance will also help you fight leptin resistance by reducing CRP which has shown to be responsible for leptin resistance. This simply means, you’ll feel full faster while supplementing with omega-7 fatty acids.

But for those watching their weight, the good news does not end there. Animal studies show that supplementing with palmitoleic acid turns on your fat metabolism. Instead of your body wanting to store fat (lipogenesis), fats are directed toward making and expending energy. So if you are working out, you will want to supplement with palmitoleic acid. It was discovered in studies out of Harvard (on mice, of course) that not only was their fat metabolism cranked up with palmitoleic acid, but it sent signals to the other organs telling them not to store dietary fat. Henry Ginsberg, an endocrinologist at Columbia University said, “Definitely, a lot of people should be looking at this.”

Additional Health Benefits

Skin, hair, and nails: recent studies have shown that Omega-7 provides key building blocks for skin, hair, and nails, and also helps combat wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, dryness, and nourishes the skin. It boosts collagen production, protects against sun damage, environmental stress, toxins, and oxidative damage. It rejuvenates the skin cell membranes, enhancing its ability to retain moisture, and restores resilience to aging skin cells.

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Gastreo-intestinal Health: three studies discovered that palmitoleic acid has a soothing effect on our internal linings, or mucus membranes. It helps to nourish and hydrate internal organs combatting stressors such as stomach acid or chronic inflammation. Palmitoleic acid actually “plumps” up those linings. One study showed it could relieve inflammatory bowel disease.

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Which Brand is the Best?

Like every new product on the market, suddenly everyone has a version for sale, claiming theirs is the best. Pages and pages (and silly non-video videos) will tell you everything you want to hear (and more) and make all the claims in the world.

I discovered Cardia-7. I contacted them. They sent samples. There are other products out there, but the Cardia-7 people were the ONLY ones to send us samples. Their product is purified (none of that palmitic acid) and it works. Then they sent me lots of original research and helped me understand their product. Service is important, so this is and will be my favorite brand.

I originally helped Simply the Best get wholesale prices on it and they sold it to our readers at a 20% discount, no limits on your order. However, with the creation of Flexinol, that is now the only form of this fatty acid Simply the Best carries. It’s the most potent anti-inflammatory from fatty acids you will find. And Simply the Best first sold it at a 50% discount because the batch had gone past its expiry date, and until they run out, they’re giving it away and selling it dirt cheap.

In a recent study involving Flexinol®, the following benefits were seen:

• Subjects taking Flexinol® exhibited longer time to reach maximum pain level

• Flexinol® intake increased the duration of exercise prior to experiencing maximum pain level

• Flexinol® intake greatly increased range of motion

• Benefits of Flexinol® were seen within a 7 day time period

P.S. I recently had my CRP levels checked along with the my entire “inflammation index.” Though I had put on some belly fat over the winter, everything was in the normal (perfect) range. I take Flexinol daily.

We Just Got Our First Testimonial

This might just crack you up.

This operation has been a one person operation for far too long. As I told our newsletter readers, “I’m doing the work of 9 people and 3 of them are starting to become incompetent.”

So, we got a new CEO of Minnesota Wellness Publications (a registered charity) and she also took over Simply the Best because that CEO ran off to get a better job.

Su Beutz

Su Beutz

Our new CEO is Su Beutz, a very creative person who used to invent soft toys for Mattel®, suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and has retired. She was bored being retired, and so now she’s helping out.

After a meeting we had, I gave her two bottles of Flexinol. Last week I called her and she told me she was just about to call me and tell me how her wrists and ankles were a thousand times better. She said she was going off her methotrexate and soon wanted to get off the steroids. Then she asked me, get this, “Where can I get this stuff?”

So I said to her, “You’re the CEO of a company that sells it. I’m pretty sure people won’t mind you taking a couple of bottles now and then from inventory. You’re getting paid squat. So, there’s at least that benefit.”

I love a happy ending. Don’t you?