Chicken & Green Bean Hotdish


Sep 05

I’m going to have to write an article on the history of hotdishes, especially since we’re a Minnesota company/charity. I mean, we can’t let Garrison Keillor have all the fun, don’tcha know?

When I found this recipe, it wasn’t quite what I had wanted because it was too liquidy and not easily made because you had to refrigerate cans of coconut milk to let the cream rise to the top. That’s insane. If you want creamy coconut milk, use coconut milk powder and just add more. You’ll see how we do it below. And because we’re not using Cream of Mushroom soup (undiluted) we needed to add something to thicken the recipe. Then there are the mushrooms.

Oh and since it’s not the fifties and sixties and our food supply is being poisoned, it’s not just the ingredients health conscious people are interested in, but the toxic crap that doesn’t go on the labels, like glyphosate. So we don’t use Cream of Mushroom soup anymore. We don’t use it, we won’t eat it, and we won’t write anything nice about it.


  • 4 Tablespoons coconut oil, to cook with
  • 2 chicken breasts, diced
  • ½ onion, peeled and chopped
  • 1 lb green beans, chopped
  • 4 cloves of garlic minced/crushed
  • rehydrated mushrooms (shiitake, maitake)

Note that the ingredients are separated into two groups. One you’ll cook up in a nice sized frying pan and the other you’ll blend together in a blender or shaker.


First fill a jar with water, add some Celtic Sea Salt (it’s the only salt anyone should ever use with few exceptions) and rehydrate your mushrooms. This takes only about half an hour or so.

While doing that, in a shaker or blender mix up your thick coconut cream, Green Banana Flour, and salt & pepper.

Crush or mince your garlic and put it aside (takes about ten minutes for the enzymes to go to work and make all the great phytochemicals garlic is known for), then chop up the onion, put it in the skillet where you’ve melted your coconut oil, then dice the chicken and add that, and finally chop up the beans and add that.

Sauté until the chicken is white and solid and the beans start to soften, then stir in the garlic.

Grease a baking dish (we use a coconut oil and liquid lecithin combo) and preheat the oven to 350. (We never cook anything over 350.)

Stir in the mushrooms and then fill your baking pan. Take the liquid concoction in your shaker or blender and pour it evenly over everything in the baking pan, put her in the oven and bake for at least 25 minutes.

The bulk of your carbs in this dish comes from the coconut cream. That’s around 48 grams. So you can cut back by using less coconut milk powder and/or thinning the concoction. The beans have about 10 grams net carbs and the onion around 5. There are carbs in the mushrooms too, around 10 grams per four mushrooms. Again, how many you use is up to you. But keep in mind, the carbs you take in depend on the serving size.

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