Mixing Erythritol and Stevia


Sep 27

Over ten years ago we learned: When you mix erythritol with stevia, they cancel out each other’s aftertaste. The only time you will notice it is if you drink water (maybe other things too) right after eating something with this mixture in it. Otherwise, and we’ve been told this by nearly everyone who has tried it, it tastes like sugar. 

Corporate America discovered this about two years ago and started selling this mixture.

But you can make it yourself at home and have it ready when you need it.

But you must start with “powdered” erythritol. The granular just does not dissolve well. When we first started making recipes with erythritol, we told everyone to put their granules into a blender and powderize it. Then we found that you could buy it in a powdered form and then we started getting ours from Simply the Best when we began making our Keto Chocolates.

Most of our recipes that mix the two together tell you to mix them together at what amounts. However, you can mix them together when you get them home and keep them that way. What you will have is a mixture that is twice as sweet as sugar. So if the recipe calls for two cups of sugar, you will use one of your mixture.

It’s very easy to mix, but you must make sure you do it thoroughly or your recipes will be hit or miss. So first you need a darn good Tupperware container with a tight sealing top.

You will mix one cup of powdered erythritol with “slightly less” than a level teaspoon of stevia (believe us about the slightly less).

Mix as many together as you can so that you fill at least half the Tupperware bowl, and then blend thoroughly. Use a fork or an immersion blender but make sure you have thoroughly blended both substances. That is the real secret. When you put the cover on your bowl, you can continue to shake it up. You just want to make sure that the stevia is spread throughout the mixture thoroughly and evenly.

Then you are ready to use this as mentioned above: whatever the recipe calls for in sugar, you will use half.

And it’s smart, every time you pull out the bowl, to open it and mix it up again, thoroughly.

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