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Apr 03

Because there is no search on our homepage for mobile phones, we’ve had to make this page so you can navigate our pages on your phone.

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You’ll find a search after every article, down at the bottom after listing other articles of interest and comments. You can also use this page, because afterwards, you’ll find the search. We apologize, but we had no idea that this template wouldn’t work for mobile phones after we chose it and set it up.

So, when you come to our home page, you will find this page listed, and those that our readers love most, and the three on the bottom seem to be the ones opened most. But on this page, you’ll see what we’ve recently published or modified, because we do modify our pages when we try something new or find new info we want to pass on.

A Small Piece

I wrote something you might get a kick out of: The Memorial.

Soft Coconut Milk Bread

We’ve made this a few times. I’ve just had dental surgery, so crunchy is out for a while. And since I substitute coconut milk and coconut cream for recipes calling for dairy, this worked out just fine. But we found out, the hard way, that sugar alternatives do not assist yeast at all. In fact, they retard it a bit.

Tomato Bisque with Basil Summer Update

Yes, this year we’ve been experimenting with an old favorite. If you’ve got some suggestions, post them in the comments.

Stupid People Are Loud and Proud, Really?

This is something that needs to be said. Sure, science gathers data and produces theories and tests theories and makes studies . . . etc etc etc. But still, there is something you have to know about “humans.”

Noam Chomsky’s 10 strategies of manipulation through mass media.

When we first found this, two things stuck out:

  1. It was unreadable.
  2. It was important and edifying.

So we went to work making it readable and understandable. Take a look.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Facts vs Bullshit

Please, people. Stop getting your information from politicians and Fox News. There is real science out there. But you won’t find it in a political movement.

OMG He’s Baking Now

Yes, folks, at 71 I’ve decided to learn to bake. You’ve heard that man cannot live by bread alone, but man oh man this has been delightful.

And as always, I will pass on recipes and tips just as I’ve always done, and you’ll enjoy some great breads, desserts even, and, get this, I’ll even teach you how to make pita (pocket) bread. Today is Labor Day, 2021, so expect some baking pages to be up soon.

First Baking Recipe!

French Baguettes . . . took weeks to get this recipe to work out . . . and now, I have to make it all the time. To get started, I bought a bread machine. A month later, I gave away a bread machine. It was just too restrictive and suddenly I loved getting my hands in the dough and flour all over my body. I used teachers from the local co-op and the farmers market. I used videos. I searched recipes. Someone sent me a video in which the guy let the dough rise FOUR TIMES, and I thought, no way. Yes, way. It just makes a better bread. And since we use only Celtic Sea Salt (Simply the Best now carries the fine ground version), instead of two teaspoons in this recipe, we used three, or one tablespoon. We did make one shortcut by ordering a baguette baking pan and we used one of King Arthur’s specialty flours . . . it turned out heavenly. All the tricks and tips we learned are there, including a link to the video we mentioned, but our recipe is just slightly different than the one in the video. You have to make a starter the day before! Fun!

French Baguettes

Deep Fried Chicken

Just had to do it. It turned out great. Here’s the page: Fried Chicken.


Back by popular demand! Or since this is its first appearance, Here By Popular Demand.

To find fiction, we’ve created that category, and from any article, you’ll find categories on the right.

As we add new pieces, we’ll post a link on this page, and put the date it was loaded. Your author will be loaded at a greater frequency.

Warning: these stories can be crude, vulgar, or weird. If you are the sensitive type, change the channel.

A Remote Encounter” posted 5/28/21.

Big Brother BiPAP” posted 5/28/21

Updates From Our Original Site


An amazing history of something Ulrich Abel (a German epidemiologist and biostatistician who had collected more data on chemotherapy than anyone in history) called a “dull weapon.” Yes, this was back in the eighties, but biostatisticians today still have to fudge the numbers to get better results.

The History of Quackery

It’s rather interesting. The first great quackhunt in America was started by the biggest quacks.

The History of Medicine in America—The Beginnings

History of Medicine — The Revolutionary War

History of Medicine 1800-1850


What Is — Homeopathy, Allopathy, Naturopathy?

Is Modern Medicine Science (with a capital “S”)?

How to Quit Smoking

A Brief History of Human Experiments

The History of Vitamins


Yes, we’ve been working on (perfecting) recipes. We’ve a page of cookies (the first two have no gluten or allergens) and the last one is a “lower carb” chocolate chip cookie. Take a look: Cookies!

Chile Rellenos Casserole (Hotdish!)
We’ve made three versions and finally got it down to two: one with regular meat or hamburger and hot sauces and pickled peppers, and another with chorizo and raw peppers.

Pasta Primavera Alfredo

Another Bachelor recipe in that parts are not measured (though the Alfredo Sauce is measured but has options) and options depending on your tastes.

I Keep Seeing Peeps Everywhere!

This is the history of marshmallows, which is quite interesting since they started out as a medicinal.

You Must Have Holes in Your Head

Trepanning? Well, now you’ve heard of it.

Credit Scores

Written from confabs on Twitter. If you want to talk about “keeping the man down,” then we must talk about credit scores.


Dr Nicholas Gonzalez. However, this isn’t exactly a biography. It’s an invitation to read one of the most exciting biographies I’ve read in a long time. He was an amazing man, an amazing physician, and he had amazing outcomes.

Elizabeth Blackwell, MD

After we’d finally published this (it’s been at our old site for years), a friend sent me this meme:

She was an amazing doctor, who brought us true preventive medicine, hygiene, and nutrition.


French Salad Dressing

Falafels (and everything else you need for a good one)