How I Cured My Skin Cancer


Aug 02

I’m tired of a lot of things. I’m tired of idiots tied together by their hatreds and prejudices. I’m tired of morons thinking they’re smarter than the experts. I’m really fucking tired of climate deniers who won’t even open their eyes to people dying from the very thing they’re denying.

I’m especially tired of profits being more precious than people, than human life, than life on earth.

I wrote a book about substance that shortly after it’s invention, was poured into a hot tub to see if it killed germs as well as chlorine. I also wrote about a neighbor who came to hot tub with everyone, who had refused medical treatment for his malignant melanoma. And then I wrote about his malignant melanoma vanishing in just a few short weeks.

In that book I also wrote about Claes Nobel, the grand-nephew of Alfred Nobel, who came to the inventor of this substance wondering if it would help him. He suffered from fourth stage esophageal cancer. Nobel began sipping it, breathing it in, etc, and cured his cancer in three days.

There are others. Of course there are. The inventor found out before he died that his substance cured cancers it could touch, and he also received reports that it “seemed” to help others who were undergoing cancer treatments, but then, he mainly discovered that no one wanted his substance, except for a drug company that offered him $20 million, but not research it and eventually use it, but to bury it.

I was recently diagnosed with a form of basil cell carcinoma on my face. I knew it was something. It had been there a while, but wasn’t deep, didn’t hurt. My skin specialist scheduled me for mohs surgery.

I decided to use the “substance” we’re talking about, and so I filled cotton swabs with it and held them over the cancer with band-aids. During the day I’d wet the swabs with the solution. I’d change the swab and band-aid every other day. And one day as I removed the swab, the cancer fell off onto the ground.

Knowing I had a surgery coming up, I called my skin specialist and asked instead to be seen again. Also that I wanted to have a full body look-see for possibly any more interesting growths.

So I’m chatting away with the nurse, sitting in on a cold chair, that paper gown that opens in the back barely covering me, and in walks my skin specialist. She’s short, but not that short. Had I been sitting up on the examination bed she’d had have to use a stool to examine the side of my face, so she had her scope out and from the corner of my eye I watched her head tilt, left, then right, and then she took a half step forward and turned her head to look me in the face saying, “Ya know, David. You’re one of my more interesting patients.”

The cancer was gone. I should have put another swab over the area, for a bit longer because upon her examination, she said she did find some “questionable” cells around the area of the cancer, and instead of waiting to hear my options, I just said, “Let’s freeze it.”

One more checkup and it’s gone for good.

I figured I should write this up just in case someone was interested in reading the book that took me over 20 years to write.

You can download your copy here: BACO — A Blessing and a Miracle.

  • Elda Costigan says:

    I had a basal cell carcinoma on my forehead which was removed by the Mohs technique in 2017. During COVID I got a second lesion which looked exactly like the first. But I did not want to see the dermatologist during COVID so I started spraying it with BACO twice a day. It took about ten months but there is no longer evidence of that lesion. Thank you David! Thank you BACO!

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