Baked Radishes With Cheese and Bacon


Aug 05

This one surprised me. I’m trying to keep my carbs down, and I’m not that much a fan of radishes. But, like Vasco da Gama, when it comes to food, I’m willing to explore all routes to lowering my carbs.

This is a bachelor recipe, so no measuring.


  • 3 or 4 bunches of radishes
  • Cheese (we used a sharp cheddar with a sprinkling of Romano.
  • Bacon (our co-op sells “uncured bacon ends” which make some nice bits when fried up)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Note: this is an air-fryer recipe. You can make it in an oven by lowering the temp (about 35) and baking for 45 – 50 minutes.


Clean and quarter the radishes, place in the air-fryer (salt and pepper at this time) that is set on Roast (375 degrees) for 25 minutes.

With about a minute left, sprinkle cheddar cheese (or another) over and then sprinkle bacon bits (real bacon bits) over that, close the top and let the cheese melt.

This is perfect for people who are missing their potatoes. It’s a great substitute.

And if you’re thinking of getting an air fryer, we suggest one with ceramic insides. They’re easy to clean and those chemicals from “non-stick” crap won’t get into your food. Just made sure you’ve got kitchen tools (spoons, tongs) with silicon tips so as not to hurt the finish.