Blueberry Pomegranate Beet & Mangosteen Vinaigrette


Mar 03

This is a very heart healthy recipe, and tasty enough to get your kids to eat their veggies. This is also the “lite” version; less oil, stevia or erythritol for sweetener.

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Something Special

We’ve made a video of this salad dressing which lists all the benefits of of the ingredients. It’s quite amazing and not a bad video for beginners.



Warning: If using a NutriBullet, this will fill it up near the top. Be careful.

In your NutriBullet or blender, put all the ingredients, making sure you put the Xanthan Gum last, because it can quickly clot. Blend thoroughly and serve.

This recipe is even heart healthier than is previous form. Adding the Mangosteen pericarp just turned it into a powerhouse of nutrition. (And you will be able to get Mangosteen Pericarp powder soon from Simply the Best.)

Because oil and water do not blend well, shake well before serving.

Editor’s Note: all of the ingredients are discussed at length at this site. All of them. Because the fruits are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and hypoglycemic, this salad dressing is perfect for your heart and for your inflammation. We’d love to tell you a salad a day will keep the heart attacks away, but the FDA and FTC won’t let us. But we can tell you that parents write to us telling us that their kids are enjoying salads for the first time in their lives.

Questions From Readers

Q: Why do you choose to use “juice powders” rather than the juices?
A: Powders are concentrated nutrition. We are told to get 5 servings a day of fruit and veggies. A good sized salad with this dressing can be five (or more) servings.

Q: Have you ever thought of using Extra Virgin Olive oil instead. I understand it’s very healthy.
A: Yes, extra virgin olive oil is extremely healthy. However, because our mothers and spouses have always told us: “Go easy on that salad dressing! It’s where all the calories are!” we’ve chosen MCT oil, which is rejected by our fat cells and is burned off as extra energy. We just wanted our dressing to be guilt free so you can pour it on and get those servings of fruits and veggies.

Q: I see you add water and xanthan gum. Is this to keep the calories down? And if so, why use MCT oil?
A: Good question. We used to post two versions to every salad dressing, a “regular” and a “lite” version. We stopped that because if a person wants a regular version, just add more oil and cut out the water and xanthan gum. However, there are even calories in MCT oil and a late dinner will can keep you awake at night with all this extra energy. Additionally, MCT oil is anti-inflammatory, and that is much of the purpose of all our recipes.

Q: Your salad dressing is anti-inflammatory. Have you ever considered using montmorency cherries?
A: You bet we have. We first searched for a powder, but they are ridiculously expensive. So we decided to use the concentrate that we used in Dawn’s Amritam. We had to cut the amount of water, because we were again shooting for concentrated nutrition and here is a recipe that substitutes the tart cherries for the pomegranate juice in this recipe. We also created a Blueberry Tart Cherry Vinaigrette, but because of the overwhelming flavor of the cherries, we increased the amount of oil to cut the flavor and it worked out well.

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