Press Release 9/12/18 — Clinical Trial Fibromyalgia


Sep 13
Clinical Study
All of us at EpicGenetics are proud to announce that the FDA just approved the clinical treatment trial for the first ever direct treatment of fibromyalgia.

We have partnered with the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard regarding this clinical treatment trial.  EpicGenetics is funding the trial which will be using immunotherapy with bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) to reverse the biology of fibromyalgia.  Candidates for this trial need only be confirmed to have fibromyalgia.

Therefore, we are contacting every person who has had the FM/a® clinical test and received a positive test result to consider volunteering for this treatment trial. Volunteers must be at least 18 years-old. There is no upper limit in age. EpicGenetics is covering the cost of the BCG treatment drug.

Enrollment for this treatment trial is planned to transpire as soon as everyone who desires the opportunity to become a volunteer has had a confirmed diagnosis of fibromyalgia via the FM/a® Test. Therefore, the many people who waited for this announcement before undergoing the FM/a® Test are now being encouraged to move forward and arrange for their own testing.

As to our desire to identify the potential cause of fibromyalgia, our related genomics research study at the University of Illinois is progressing. Once we have a determination regarding its findings, we will announce the results.

Several years ago, we developed what remains the only objective, university medical center developed, highly accurate, award-winning blood test capable of diagnosing fibromyalgia, but more importantly, we also proved that fibromyalgia is indeed an actual medical disease and one that afflicts men, women and children. This discovery, the FM/a® test, is now the “gold standard” in the scientific diagnosis of fibromyalgia. However, as you now see, our efforts did not stop with the FM/a® test.

We will continue to keep you informed regarding this FDA approved treatment trial.

Please monitor our website at and our emails as we make further announcements. We understand everyone is interested to move forward as soon as possible, and we will be doing everything we can to make that happen.

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